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Search results

  1. 9

    Help smoke

    In the mornings I notice heavier exhaust kinda White not real thick but noticable soon as I drive it goes away can't see anything during the day, no check engine light running good. I just recently replaced the upper intake manifold gasket, Vale cover gaskets (PVC) a new radiator and a tune up...
  2. 9

    help driver side "sag"

    Trying to fix my driver side lean on my 1997 sport will these do the job?
  3. 9

    mileage out of a 4.0 ohv

    my 1997 sport just hit 185,000 miles, over the weekend I replaced the upper and lower intake manifold gasket, vale cover gasket (pvc vale) did a tune up plugs and wires changed all 4 rotors and breaks pads what kind of mileage can I expect to get out of a 4.0 hov and the transmission?
  4. 9

    Cold start erratic idle help

    I've cleaned the TB, mass flow air sensor and replaced the idle air control valve still doing it now I'm thinking a vacuum leak? intake manifold gasket? When it warms up it idles a lot better.
  5. 9

    Cleaned Headlights

    Just finished cleaning my headlights with turtle wax headlight cleaner and sealant WOW they look brand new 19 years worth of grim and oxidation gone!
  6. 9

    rear windshield wiper replacement help

    I feel silly but I've bought two wiper blades with two different connector's nether seem to work on the rear window HELP lol thanks. free screen capture
  7. 9

    Monroe 58617 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

    Monroe 58617 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber Just picked up my 1997 explorer put these on after reading post on here and reviews on amazon that they would fix the sag on the drivers side on mine they did...
  8. 9

    Transmission service help

    My 1997 explorer sport has 183,000 miles I bought it used its shifting fine should I get the tranny serviced? A few quotes I got where around $160-200 or should I just leave it alone? Thanks
  9. 9

    Hello from FL

    Bought this yesterday for $1000 dose have 183,000 miles but drives grate one owner an elderly couple. Primary Features Build Date: 19.08.1996 Vehicle Line: Explorer/Mountaineer Body Style: 2 Door Estate Version: Ford Series Engine: 4.0 V6 OHV 12V EFI Transmission: 5R44E/5R55E - 5 Speed...