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Search results

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    ABS kicks on when it shouldn’t, possible AWD issues too

    2006 Mountaineer 4.0 awd So I left the car wash the other day after getting the under body wash and when I hit the brakes the abs kicked on for a little. I didn’t think much and kept on driving. 2 days and 100 miles of normal driving later, every time I hit the brakes slightly more than...
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    Rear axle leaking....again.

    Purchased an 06 mounty 4.0L recently with 128k on it. When I bought it, the guy told me he had replaced the drivers rear cv shaft. It was nice and shiny. 5k miles and 3 months later, the diff seal on that shaft failed. When I went to replace it, I noticed someone had tried to remove it and...
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    Swapping 4 pin trailer plug for 7 pin

    Does anyone have any information on changing out the flat 4 pin trailer plug on my 06 mountaineer for a 7 pin plug? I know the vehicle was offered with that plug as an option, was hoping to find a clean oem option. As per some searches, I can buy a 7 pin that plugs into the USCAR plug, but I...
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    Rear Diff CV Seals

    Recently changed a real differential cv seal on my 06 mounty. I was in a hurry and bought the seal from Autozone. 2 weeks later the seal is weeping just a little bit around the axle (which is newish). So I went to my dealer today and bought Motorcraft seals. They are significantly heftier. Much...
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    Rear Diff CV Shaft Seal

    Hello friends, A few months ago I purchased a new to me 2006 Mountaineer AWD 4.0 with 128,000 miles. When I purchased it, I noticed the left rear cv shaft was newish. About 3,000 miles later and after a 100 mile highway drive, I noticed the rear differential cv seal had let go on the newish...
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    2006 Mountaineer AWD or Auto 4x4?

    I just picked up a 2006 Mercury Mountaineer (I'll post pics at some point). On the back of the truck it says AWD and inside there are no 4x4 selector switches. I drove the truck in the rain yesterday and when I was making a turn I gave it some extra throttle and to my surprise the rear tires...
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    2008 v8 sloppy shift 1-2

    friends, I’m looking into purchasing a 2008 V8 4x4 with 165k miles. The truck is in great shape and seems to have been really well maintained. The only issue I found was that it shifts really sloppy from 1st to 2nd. Ex every other shift point is fine. Is this normal for the high mileage v8’s...
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    Transmission/toque convertor question

    It's been a while since i've been on the forums, which means nothing's broken in a while. Lately though on my 03 4.0 with 3.55 rears when i'm at a red light i can occasionally feel my transmission "engaging" sometimes it's real slight and can barely be felt and sometimes the whole truck bucks a...
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    6x12 Enclosed trailer from GA to NJ. I need some advice

    So before you say i searched for an hour and got nothing. With that being said, I have an 03 V6 4x4 with 3.55's. I'm looking into buying a 6x12 enclosed trailer...900 miles away. So I would have to pull this thing 900 miles with my truck at 65 mph. Has anyone pulled something similar to this...
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    I thought it was a wheel bearing but apparently not...

    So my 02 4x4 v6 had a nice hum/light rumble going on underneath. I thought it was the wheel bearing because it sounded like one. The more you turn the wheel the louder it gets(at speed obviously) but i changed the wheel bearing and the noise is still there. For the love of Christ does anyone...
  11. R

    Any one feel like photoshoping?

    I have an 03 XLS and am debating painting my wheels black or getting cragar 8 in black. If anyone is bored an good with photoshop using the pictures from my signature could you give me an idea of what they would look like? Thanks, Rich.
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    Shopping for new tires.

    So I'm in the market for new tires and I'm thinking about getting something somewhat aggressive like a general grabber at/2 but it seems as though everything in the 265/75 size is weight rated for 3500lbs. Is it just me or is that way to heavy duty for an explorer. I do some towing and what not...
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    My car sounds like santa's sleigh...

    My 03 4x4 V6 has developed a new jingle, literally. When i hit a bump it sounds like there's jingle bells in my front end. It's definitely coming from both sides. It just rolled 90,000 if that helps at all. Any thoughts? Thanks again!
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    Where to buy a replacement high mount brake light?

    So I'm trying to find somewhere that sells a replacement high mount brake light housing. I am in need of a new one due to my inability to tint taillights and sand. The old one is fubar and makes my truck look like butthole. I've tried googling for hours and can't seem to find one. I also called...
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    an occasional CLUNK when I turn.

    So I've noticed lately that occasionally when I turn, I get this nice loud clunk/thud from under the truck. Nothing in the front end seems loose or warn nor does the car handle any differently but something tells me its not good whatever it is. Any Ideas? Thanks
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    Alignment after ball joints.

    I just changed my passenger side upper ball joint. Do i really need an alignment? Everything appears to still be square.
  17. R

    Is it possible to add the outside temp to my gauge cluster w/o the message center?

    I've got an 03 XLS and was wondering if anyone has ever added just the outside air temperature to the dash. I know the X's with the info center thing do it, but I don't need all that. I just want the outside air temp. I read a thread on swapping clusters but I like my cluster. I just wish a got...
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    04 Limited rims on an 03 XLS. What do you think?

    I got a set of 04 Limited rims for a decent price, with tires. Not sure if I like em though. Let me know what you think.
  19. R

    Anyone else's ScanGauge not work when it's cold out?

    Alright, So i have a ScanGauge in my 03 4.0 It's mounted above my rear view mirror and I love it. However, Whenever it's below about 60 degrees, the gauge doesn't work until it warms up. In the heat of the summer it works great, but now in this beautiful 18 degree weather it's useless until my...
  20. R

    Sank my 03 in 3 feet of snow and now it squeals

    The other night I had to go rescue a friend in the middle of the night in the middle of that lovely blizzard the northeast got hit with. I had gotten stuck 3 times, in roughly 2 1/2-3 feet of fresh powder. Since that night, my front passenger wheel is making a squealing sound, very similar to...
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    Pics of a Silver 03 XLS with Black Crager 8's or similar?

    I have a silver 03 XLS and i'm thinking about getting some black rims. I was leaning towards crager 8's or something basic like that. Anyone got some pics of their setup? Or if anyone's handy with photoshop? You can find pics of my truck in my sig.
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    Brake Fluid Level Sensor

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the sensor on the front of the brake master cylinder for my 03 4.0? I believe it's called the brake fluid level sensor. Mines shot and no one but the stealership carries it for $54. It's the little sensor that screws right into the front of the master...
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    Whats the biggest tire I can safely run on a for 8.8" rear?

    What's up. I'm throwing bigger tires under my jeep wrangler, It's got a ford 8.8" in the rear and I was wondering whats the biggest tires you guys have slapped onto one of these bad boys. I have 38's now and I feel confident in their strength. I forgot to mention it's got a worked Chevy 350...
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    How to diagnose a wheel bearing..

    I've got a nice humming/rumbling sound coming from what appears to be the front drivers side wheel. I'm almost positive but before I go and spend $130 on a new one I was wondering if there's any way or tell tale signs besides checking for play to see if it's definitely that wheel and the bearing...
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    It sounds like there's a small plane under my truck

    So within the past 3 weeks I've been noticing a new noise from under my 03 4.0. It sounds like there's a small propeller plane under my feet. It's almost like a very light rumble or humming from somewhere in the front end. As I go faster the pitch of the noise get higher and it also gets a...