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Search results

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    Why does my ignition relay keep blowing?

    Truck info. 91 Stock with the older wiring schematic that has the BAP. The Haynes book shows 91 but not the 91 I have. Must of been from the first half. This morning I had my 91 explorer idling to hookup a trailer. As I was walking to the back of the truck, it shuts off. So I went back to...
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    Old tire size

    I have an old set of tires on a IH Scout. Not shock sizing. The only numbers I can find on the tires are 11-15 So I guess that means a 15" rim and 11" wide!? Where would I found tires that wide within the tire numbering used today. Any clues? I know this is an IH on an explorer forum, but...
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    Interesting red plug - FOUND

    Other day on my 91 explorer I found a Round red male plug, not connected to anything, under the back of the alternator. Not the main plug connecter but next too it. Or part of the alternator. just coming out of the conduit. I'll load a pic in the day time.
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    HELP: Why am I having a hard time passing emissions

    1991 Explorer 4.0 Ever since I've had this truck (8-9 years) I've always had a hard time passing emissions. I live in TN near Nashville we have to do emissions for the counties that touch Nashville. So not all people in TN might not know this. For me they do a tail pipe probe. Every year...
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    Wanted Radial arm Crossmember (Stock 91-94)

    I'm in need of the Radial Arm Crossmember for a stock 91. Looking for both sides. If you have the passenger side it would be a great start. They need to have great holes. Nothing worn out, bad. As long as they're sound. Tell me what you got.
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    Door locks after you let go to handle.

    Basically you open the door from the outside. You let go to the handle, the lock will drop down, causing it to lock. Not like a free fall, like being push down in normal use. No, this will not do this with the inside handle, only the outside. This is all happening only on the passenger side...
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    Types of Gasket Sealant You Use

    I've used many types of gasket sealant. Do anyone know if there is a such thing as gasket sealant in a caulking tube?
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    Keyswitch not sending power to the solenoid

    I have a problem that just pop up. All at once if you turn the key to start the starter would never turn. Every relay clicks like normal. You can turn the key to ON and touch the two post, which would start it fine. If I put a test light on the wire (slide on) that is from the key switch, you...
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    Help with passing emissions in TN

    I have a 91 explorer. Last year I had trouble passing the TN emissions because of high HC. Rebuilt the engine, valves and all. Doing that made the HC to 64 and passed. Now again this year it failed again. Put new wires and plugs. Clean the intank, TB, MAF, IAC, intank air temp sensor. Checked...
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    How many bulbs go in a dash cluster "for gauges only"

    I'm working on ordering led bulbs for my 91. What is the right number of bulb just for the gauges not the indicators. Here is a link of what a 91 looks on the back. This is a picture from this site, so I haven't ripped mine out yet. I know what most of them are but some don't need leds...
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    4x4 / Low Range button amber lights always have faint light. (no engaged)

    I having trouble with the 4x4 / Low Range button amber lights always having a faint light glow, when not engaged. Also with running lights off. Everything will work as in shifting. If you do engage the buttons will light the right way. I've switch the switch with another switch still have the...
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    What does the ECM need to know to shift?

    I have a 1991 explorer A4LD and I'm having trouble not going into OD. Here is what I know (thanks to Maniak): The TCC locks up. All shifts work but OD. Have checked ohms on both TCC and the 3/4 and both read good ohms. I have connected wires to the RED , orange/yellow drove it to see if...
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    Has anyone used the Gabriel Load Carrier Shock on the 1st Gen?

    I'm thinking about changing my shocks on the rear. Looking on autozone's website for shocks I notice these Gabriel Load Carrier Shock with coil over. # 43172 Has anyone tried those before? I do carry a heavy load on a trailer thought out the winter hauling firewood.
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    Engine is missing on cylinder #4???

    I have a 1991 explorer. The truck will not pass emissions because the HC is too high. The engine has a miss, if you remove the #4 plug wire, with the engine running, than the motor will smooth out. Replace the #4 injector. Engine still has a miss. Check compression in all cylinders, all read...
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    Drive in OD, but does not go into OD

    1991 explorer 4X4. The transmission has been rebuilt about a year ago. Ever since then only runs in the gear before overdrive. I drove in 'D' and then shift into [D] when the truck should go into Overdrive, but no change. Yes it will take off in [D] and the other gears without overdrive kicking...
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    engine use alot of oil 2qt 300 miles

    I have a 1991 Explorer 4X4 all standard. The truck started using oil alot lately. About 1.5 - 2 qts to a tank full (300miles). I'm using 20w-50 oil. The engine doesn't smoke, but you can smell it sitting at idle. I didn't think there is any new links. I have replaced the valve cover gaskets and...
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    Are my "rpms" too high?

    I have a 1991 ford explorer 4x4 all standard. With an automatic transmission. I travel everyday in the highway which is 70 mph. I mostly go 65 mph and my rpms stay at 3,000 rpms if I stay at that speed. 55 mph is 2,500 rpms. Is this normal? Increase speed rpms increase. 70 mph 3,500 rpms. I...