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Search results

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    Considering a 96 Explorer XLT

    I'm thinking about buying a 96 4x4 Explorer with a manual transmission. Haven't had a chance to drive it yet but it looks good from the outside. Was wondering if there was anything to be leary of or watch for on that year of Explorer? As far as I can research it sounds like it should...
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    Replacing steering gear difficulty?

    Unfourtunately I have to sell the exploder to help pay for my contracting van. The steering gear is shot and needs replaced. How hard is it to replace? I can't imagine it being more than a couple of bolts, the power steering fittings and the pitman(if that's the right term).
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    How much damage from low oil presure?

    My girlfriends 97 Saturn SC had the low oil presure light blink on and off for a week or so. I had assumed it was the low oil light. Stupid car doesn't have a low oil light. Just a low oil presure light. I'm wondering how much damage it could have done to the engine? Anyone have any insight on...
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    Transfer case compatibility help!

    Will a manual transfer case from behind a automatic bolt up to a manual transmission? Will the shift linkages from the manual/auto setup work with a manual/manual setup? Donor is a 91-94 automatic. Vehicle getting the parts is a 95 Ranger with a manual transmission. Thanks!
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    Brakes are pulling ! Ongoing problem..

    I'm still screwing with this problem. I get a occasional pull to the drivers side when braking. Very rarely I will get a very mild pull to the passenger side. Things I've tried: New front calipers and pads. Swapped front rotors. Swapped front tires. RA bushings. Drivers side ball...
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    Need help getting lower ball joint out !

    I got every torn apart but I can't get the lower ball joint out of the axle/knuckle. Is there a tool for this? I beat the last one out but this one is stuck and I don't want to damage it either. How do you guys get em out? Talking about the knuckle attached to the truck.
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    Is 1/8" play on rear axle normal?

    My rear drivers side axle has about 1/8" of play in and out. Is this something to be concerned with? Normal?
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    Need help rear brakes!

    I'm still trouble shooting the intermittant pull to the left(drivers side). I had replaced the rear brake shoes recently after purchasing the X. I can't remember when the pulling problem started. Is one of the shoes thicker than the other one? If so which way should this shoe be orientated...
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    Brakes redux, part 2!

    My brakes have had a intermittant pull to the left for some time now. I've replaced: Front shoes and calipers Rear shoes and cylinders(let them auto adjust out) 4WD ABS unit with a junkyard unit To no avail. Symptoms have not changed. The right rear drum looked a little glazed(minor...
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    Anyone ever rebuild a 4R100?

    I might be getting a 97 Econoline van that has tranny problems. It supposedly drives but OD has failed. Haven't rebuilt a transmission yet. I think the van probably has a 4R100 or a E40D in it. Seen rebuild kits on fleebay for around $200. Manual runs about $25 for rebuilding one. Thinking that...
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    Back browser button not working

    Not sure what changed, my browser or the forum but I can't get the back button to work when using the ExplorerForum. Just a heads up!
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    Changing ABS Hydraulic Unit HCU

    My brakes are annoying me so I'm going to swap this out with a junk yard unit. My question is about bleeding. Will I be able to bleed this out myself or will Ford have to do it? If I use the the drive on a gravel road and lock them up then bleed them a few times will it work? Sorta looking for a...
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    Is there a upgrade to lighten the clutch?

    The clutch on my 93 Explorer is pretty stiff to the point that my crappy knee is feeling it when I'm shifting. I know, just take some Advil but was wondering if there is a upgrade such as a master with more leverage or something that would make it easier to shift?
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    Are the ABS brakes any better than the non-ABS brakes?

    What do you all think? I've only driven a Explorer with ABS brakes but am thinking of converting mine to non-abs. Does the ABS work well in the winter? Is it noticeably better than the non-ABS brakes on 91-92 Explorers? The reason I'm asking is I'm still experiencing pulling to the left...
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    Rust control on rockers

    I have a patch of rust I'm going to grind out. It's about 8-10" long and still in the rocker. Expecting a 8-10" X 1-2" hole. What should I paint and fill it with? The other holes in the rockers have me concerned about new rust getting a grip. Is there anything I can coat or pump into the...
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    Using different brand brake shoes

    Heres the situation, I got some loaded brake calipers from Rock Auto but they have different brand of shoes in them. I'm wondering if it will make much of a difference to use them? I wouldn't normaly do this but am thinking of giving it a try as they are free for me now and free fits my budget...
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    Need some part numbers for spindle and rotor seals

    So.. I don't think I ordered the right parts. I'm looking for the Timken part number for the large seal that is inside the spindle that seals the shaft. I'm also looking for the Timken part number for the seal that fits in the rotor that seals onto the spindle. Hope the parts I got go...
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    Got this part thinking it was something else, does it even fit the vehicle?

    So.. I ordered up this part at rock auto: Timken 722108, Front outer spindle seal. Turns out it's a 1" 1/4" to 1" 1/2" round rubber seal. Looks almost like a o-ring. Not what I thought it was but does it fit anywhere on the front end?
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    Wonder how this engine would work in a Explorer? Saw that and of course immediately thought about swapping it in. LOL!
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    Inexpensive shocks at Rock Auto

    If anyone is looking for cheap/good shocks they have some Monroe Reflex Monotubes for $20-24 on closeout. 30 day warranty but I've never used warranties anyways.
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    Cool site with steering gear info

    Since my steering gear is leaking and needed the mesh tightened to not wander I've been trying to figure out how it all works. Found this good site with lots of info: This page is just information and good information at that. If...
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    Spindle seals, inner?, outer

    I'm out at Rock Auto checking out some spindle seals and I'm seeing a inner and outer. My manual is only showing one seal on the spindle in the hub assembly. I'm thinking that the inner actually is in the differential? And the outer is the one I need to seal the shaft to the spindle? Rock Auto...
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    Is it possible to rebuild a Evap canister?

    Darn things are like $40 bucks or so and was wondering if you could just take some filter charcoal and rebuild it. Mabye I'll score one at pull n save and try it out. Pretty sure my gas smells are coming from the Evap canister.
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    Is there a 2" drop pitman arm available?

    I can't seem to find one anywhere. I'm interested in getting one for my 2" suspension lift but can't find one. Probably don't need it but it seems like it might help with bump steer some.
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    Hoses to air cleaner

    Which one goes to which side? One comes off the intake the other is part of the vacuum system. Thanks!