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Search results

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    2016 ecoboost sport is a turd

    So I've had my explorer sport for two years now and we just hit 34k miles. It's been a complete nightmare with issues related to sync, remote start, tire wear, transmission rebuild @ 28k miles, AWD system grenade @30k miles and now I'm getting issues with sync again lol... This car has been a...
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    Coyote engine swap

    I’ve been a gear head all my life and frankly I’m getting bored. It seems like we have so many performance SUVs on the market and Ford is grossly misrepresented. I currently have a ‘16 sport and I was looking for information on swapping out the engine for a modular coyote engine. Has anyone...
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    2016 Explorer Sport Jerking/Stall Cabin oil smell

    Hey guys/girls..Newbie here with an ongoing issues related to my 16' Explorer sport...Over the past year, we've experienced some hesitation and jerking while starting from a dead stop and accelrating. Just last month my wife was heading home from her appointment and she was cruising on the...