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Search results

  1. 9

    6R80 shudder

    I got an 11 F150 w/6.2L Tow Package . The 6R80 is also used in 4th Gen Ex, with a few minor differences for 2011 (mostly the valve body config). I notice a shudder in 6th gear, usually when climbing a grade but only when the trans isn't warmed up. These trucks give you two trans temp...
  2. 9

    Checked out an 08 V8

    120K. Nice stumble on takeoff. 14 codes :(. Too lazy to list them but MAF, Various 02s/heater, Evap, IMRC, VVT Solenoids My guess it is the brittle wiring.
  3. 9

    Mystery Current Draw

    I don't drive it much but noticed the battery runs down more than it should. When I charge the battery I notice my electronic charger would drop voltage for a second. Two days later after a full charge, the battery is down to 11.9V. I heard a faint relay click that happens about every 30 sec...
  4. 9

    05 Lincoln Aviator have the same trans as the Explorer?

    I know it is the 5R55S, but is it beefed up for that application, it that can be?
  5. 9

    Briggs and Stratton 20HP

    I guess it is a motor vehicle so it can go here. Anyway it is a circa 2000 20hp opposed "boxer" v-twin i/c. Ran great, about 700 hours with some oil smoke at startup. Pretty well maintained, and I believe oil was at the lower end of the hashmarks, some leaked after this incident. Starter had...
  6. 9

    Leak on drivers side rear headliner

    I probably have to pull the headliner but it seems water is draining well from all 4 tubes. Seems like a pretty big stain from behind the 2nd row drivers seat to the hatch. What else can leak?
  7. 9

    4x4 low diagnosis

    I can't shift into 4x4 low. No GEM codes, because as you will see this could never be detected as a fault. You can really start throwing parts if you don't check first... There is a relay in the dash. That is commanded when the GEM sees Neutral 4Low on switch Foot on brake Speed <5Mph. ABCD...
  8. 9

    Gas tank sticker

    I had to replace a gas tank because it got some pinhole leaks. The new one got 3 coats of paint. The old gas tank had a thin plastic sticker with with cement under it (seems the gas tank comes in contact with the crossmember). I guess it could be installed bare but I'm thinking what I can use...
  9. 9

    Heater hose lifespan

    The original heater hoses look very good, at 25, and maybe even better than the bulk stuff you can get in a parts store. Ford does still carry the prebent hoses, around $50 or so shipped for the set, but I wonder if it is best to leave well enough alone. I never really heard of them failing...
  10. 9

    Can't make this up!

    My valve covers rotted out, leaking oil like a sieve. One bolt practically has no metal to fasten. So I tear down the engine to the lower intake gasket. I'm looking in with a light. A medium size moth (maybe 1/4-1/2) does a kamakaze mission into the cam. Intake ports are stuffed with rags...
  11. 9

    Transfer case question

    From my research, the v8 AWD mounty uses the same transfer case as the Explorer, but 4x4 low is disabled in software. I read it is possible to enable the 4x4 low with forscan? Someone did it for a later year STA.
  12. 9

    Looking at an 06 V8 Mounty - P0402

    Rides very nice, lots of new parts, even the fuel filler neck.. 100K ish. It has a stubborn P0402, and the cats looks new. They will replace the cat but we all know that probably won't solve it. I doubt very much it is the cats. Looks like someone put in a ton of parts and traded it in from...
  13. 9

    2020 Explorer will finally get the front axle disconnect back

    1996 is the last year. We have a real 2wd drive mode that actually breaks the front axle. 97+ have only auto 4wd.
  14. 9

    $1700 for a 210k rustbucket

    At this age 0 warranty by state rules. SOHC engine. Not even loaded.
  15. 9

    Reading employee reviews for a local repair chain

    Better off doing repairs yourself. They messed up an alignment for me again, so I did some research on the place. Tons of reviews like this. You really have to be careful where you take you car. The only good thing is this place does not need appointments...... Forced to try and sell work...
  16. 9

    Laggy pedal on 18

    Was bored and test drove an 18 XLT recently with the 3.5L while I got mine inspected at the dealer. Not impressed with the tiny screen (I'm sure there is an upgrade, but coming from my 7" it was small). I did notice a noticeable lag sometimes when you step on the gas pedal. Not terrible but...
  17. 9

    Is a trans flush thru the cooler a total waste of money?

    Seems these transmissions have a thermal bypass. From this diagram(in the link), the torque converter will not release fluid until you reach probably 180degrees. So, you are exchanging your expensive fluid right back into waste. Would be almost impossible to keep fluid hot at idle. The idea is...
  18. 9

    Long term V8 platform reliability?

    Looked at a 08 Limited v8 with 201K. Rides very nice, has service history. Looks like it has maybe 50K on it. Anyone have one for the long haul? Price in the mid 3k's.
  19. 9

    Am I nuts to consider this?

    180K, Limited V8, Rear DVD, ~$2500. Wonder if the trans will make it home :lol: 2005 Ford Explorer limited V8 Fully loaded!
  20. 9

    V6 OHV vs SOHC Torque/HP curves

    So off the line, the OHV may have a small advantage! SOHC develops all its power at 5200RPM
  21. 9

    Those carbon fiber limited slip discs are pretty aggressive

    Skip to 17:20 if you want to see them in action and don't want to watch the install vid. I drive on steep gravel roads sometimes, it is almost as good as 4x4. Should last forever in something like an Explorer with less power. What is in the vid is exactly the same procedure for an ex, except for...
  22. 9

    9k for a 96?

    This must have cost a fortune when new. I have much more toys in mine. I mean, it don't even have a backup camera!
  23. 9

    Do we have SS fuel lines?

    I had the pleasure of replacing the trans cooler lines (trust me, not fun) but I upgraded them to the 3 piece style so I can install a cooler. If you ever have to do this a crowfoot can go thru the wheel well, in my case I had to hammer a 15mm cause the 5/8" rounded out. They are not really...