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Search results

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    Simple OEM air filter question

    I have a 1997 Mountaineer and it has a cone style air filter. Everywhere I go to get a replacement, the books or computers tell me it takes a rectangular filter. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    I need help finding a chipset fan

    I believe it is a chipset cooling fan. The one i have now is a CF-12410B. I am pretty sure that is is a 40x40x10 mm and is a 2 pin connection. My problem is i cant find that fan online and im not smart enough to know what will replace it. If anyone can find that fan or direct to a link of one...
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    Carb to injection

    What was the last year mustangs were carburated?
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    Gapping lifters

    351 Windsor, new cam, lifters and intake. Do i need to gap the lifters before i start it?
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    My newest ride

    97 Mountaineer
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    After lift and tires are off

    The after looks like crap because its been outside all week. It will be on Ebay next week if anyone is interested. The reserve will be way lower than my original asking price.
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    I am a wannabe

    wanna be an elite member of this site so i paid my dues. I very seldom visit the site but it pays off when i need it. I encourage everyone who is not Elite to upgrade if at all possible. Thanks to those who still help me out whenever needed!!
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    The time has come

    My explorer will be picked up by a different owner by the end of this week. I didnt want to do this but it is for the best for me and my family right now. I need a suv to travel with, since my kids live so far away from me. I put about 900 miles on it in 2 years so it was just taking up space...
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    Cat lovers I need a name

    Please post your opinions. She is very sweet but im sure the devil is in She is a trip.
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    Can you modify this pic?

    If anyone is bored, id like to have this pic the same size but the car doing a donut. I see moving pics all the time but have no idea how to do it.
  11. R


    I have searched the name and nothing came up. What is your opinion of this?
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    97 f-150 brake drum removal

    I cant get it off. I even tried a puller. Is a trick to this involved or is it just stuck that bad?
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    New shocks and diffy cover, take a look.

    I have a question. Do I have to tighten the load studs or can i leave them loose? I dont have a torque wrench anymore and I dont put alot of stress or the rear.
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    Problems playing a video

    Im trying to play a video from a nascar website. Windows media player works fine on my pc with any other site. I get this error on the screen that says something like " this slidder is null or not an object." Ive tried updating WMP, spyware and registry fixes. I dont think its the site...
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    Redrig is rising from the dead

    Well after almost selling it, i decided to open the garage door and let it see some sunlight. I finally am taking some interest in it again so im going to do some minor reapairs and upgrades. The first thing is replacing the radius arm bushings, probably this weekend and then maybe a new...
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    Need help matching a cam and carb to intake.

    I need a little help. I need your suggestions on a cam and carb to match this intake. Everything else on this 351 w is stock. Thanks alot.
  17. R


    Just wondering how you check your video cards FPS? I did a little searching but I cant come up with anything. I know below 30 sucks and about 60 is pretty decent, I just dont know how to check it.
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    IE browser has disappeared

    Im sure it worked when i turned the pc off last night but now its gone. Any ideas on how to get it back?
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    Refrigerated box truck

    Im looking for one. Doesnt matter make or model. I have been searching ebay alot and found very few. I was scheduled to drive 3 hours this morning to look at one but the truck was sold on ebay last night. Anyway they are hard to search for on the net altleast for me, I cant find many. So any...
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    How good are you?

    I have a pic that I cant find on the net. I am 99%sure it came from the internet. I was asked to find it and i cant. The reason im posting this is because I know some of you are real good at this. If you would like to try and find it, email me at and ill send you the pic...
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    Second HD?

    I just put in a second HD. It was my old one, not a new one. When i go to my computer, it is there, however when I open it I only have 2 folders. I have a documents and settings and a windows folder. How can I get my stuff off of this?
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    This is where to buy your gas.

    After reading the message below, consider also that both Hess and >>Sunocoare American-owned companies, so their profits stay in theUSA >>and they pay USA corporate taxes which support our infrastructure. >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >> >>Spread the word >>? >> >> >> >> >> >>...
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    A quick dirtbike question

    Is a Honda cr125 a 2 sroke? Is a Yamaha yz125 a 2 stroke? Is Kawasaki a kx to be 2 stroke? If you know any other decent bikes that are 2 stroke id like to know what they are and the title of them. Thanks.
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    How to stop Bios screena on start up

    I know it can be done but i cant figure it out. My pc use to start quick without them but since i put in a new hard drive and power supply i get a few of them. The one im main concerned about is the one that says, wait for IDE scan than it says drive 0,1,2,3, is not detected. My motherboard...
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    pc shuts off by itself

    I cant really search, cuz it dont stay up long enough to do it. Its shuts down upon startup. I finally got it to stay up long enough to do this. Im thinking power supply? I checked all voltages and temps and everything is ok. I unhooked everything i could with the pc still running and no luck...