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Search results

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    How do you remove light scratches on rear bumper

    I've had excellent results with Meguiars ultimate black on the plastic bumpers if that's what you're seeing the scratches on. But I agree with others that the dealership should make good on fixing it seeing that it's a new vehicle.
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    Car Cleaning Rituals

    Is the Griots you're preferred product for washing? I've never tried it but I know a lot of people really like their products. Meguiars products are everywhere and I've never really been disappointed with them so that's why I've usually stuck with those, but I'm always looking for something new...
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    Car Cleaning Rituals

    Much respect. Now thats how you clean a vehicle. I'll check out the pictures for sure. I've never tried the simple green but I know people who swear by the stuff for multiple different uses. I will usually go through the touchless wash to get the underside of the vehicle but there's no way it...
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    Car Cleaning Rituals

    What's yours? Favorite products? Methods? Etc. I like to give it a good soak to loosen everything up. Currently using Blue Coral wash and wax as it was a Christmas gift and it actually does a nice job. Usually like the meguiars gold class wash though. Always a microfiber mitt with a few passes...
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    Explorer Paint Quality

    Yes catching it immediately is what I am glad happened because like you said when you hand wash your vehicles you have a chance to see every thing up close. Like you're currently experiencing with the paint bubbles is what I'm hoping to prevent because there is no way that paint will last in...
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    Explorer Paint Quality

    The matching and blending scares me too but I figured I'd tell them when it's only a few days old because it looks like after a winter with road salt and such that if the paint does chip off then it becomes my problem. Idk. I guess when you buy something new you expect it to be perfect. Perhaps...
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    Explorer Paint Quality

    Hi all. Just purchased a 2017 shadow black Explorer Sport and a few days after owning the vehicle I noticed paint bubbles on the bottom of the rear drivers side door. Thought this was the appropriate thread for this as it deals with paint quality. Dealer says they will fix when body shop at new...