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Search results

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    Installed Upgraded Transmission Mounts...what a difference!

    You'll feel a little coming through the steering wheel, nothing bad at all.
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    STEEDA Sway Bar Installed!!

    I've ran just the bar, bar on H&Rs, and bar on H&Rs with Bilstein B6s. My recommendation: Stock springs and struts, middle setting. Upgraded springs only, middle setting. Springs and Bilsteins, max setting.
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    2017 sport shifting slow

    Remove the garbage "tune" and you should be fine
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    Larger Tires on OEM & Aftermarket Wheels

    275/45/20 on stock sport 9" wide wheels works just fine.
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    MTM power pack - SCT X4

    Justin (MTM) is a legit seller, and the GH tune he sells is one of the best (if not the best) around
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    Side Mirror Sequential Turn Signal LED Lamps

    Follow that 2nd YouTube video mguy13sport posted.
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    Side Mirror Sequential Turn Signal LED Lamps

    You can do it without taking the entire assembly apart, I did.
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    Can 2020 Explorer 2nd row seats fit in a 2017 Explorer?

    Considering they're built on 2 totally different chassis, I doubt it.
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    Installed Upgraded Transmission Mounts...what a difference!

    Strange, mine didn't have the "frame side" mount, only the mounts on the trans itself.
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    Installed Upgraded Transmission Mounts...what a difference!

    Yes. We only have a single mount, the rear-most one (2018 owner also)
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    Running Board Delete

    Unbolt the 3 bolts, then the running board will need to be pushed up toward the body slightly and will dislodge
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    Those looking for other brake options...

    I'm on the edge, just the brake line concerns me (don't want to have to source all the parts myself) as I know the SHO one won't fit our Exp.
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    ecoboost_xsport consolidated build/maintenance thread
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    ecoboost_xsport consolidated build/maintenance thread

    Ya, i meant Aaron's kit, should have mentioned it beforehand. We've treaded a bunch of messages on the SHO page, but he was unsure if the line he provided would fit. I'm coming up on needing a brake job so I was looking into his kit as an option, so I'm guessing I'd need that adaptor or...
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    FINALLY!!! An off-the-shelf intercooler upgrade is available!!!

    Off hand, do you know if this IC will direct install to the EPP dual intake and hot pipes, or are extra parts needed?
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    Aftermarket Intercooler

    I sent Nick a message on IG just now.
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    Aftermarket Intercooler

    Matt had told me December-ish for the IC last time we talked. End of summer would be much better of course lol
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    2018 Explorer Speaker Install

    No worries. I would recommend a 200 microfarad (iirc) one to cap the low bass to the woofer. At least i know the crossovers aren't inside the amp
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    2018 Explorer Speaker Install

    Funny the rear doors didn't have caps, good way to blow the woofers on them. I would imagine the front doors had caps too, but I'll look for more into on them Thanks for the reply
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    Need some updated advice on shocks

    The Bilsteins finally came back in stock about a month ago, but seem to be out of stock again. I ordered mine last year August and got them installed in June. I don't know what you can expect if you use the B6s with stock springs (you didn't mention if they were stock or aftermarket), as the...
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    2018 Explorer Speaker Install

    So the individual speakers had capacitors on them? I'm guessing the stock amp is just full range pass through, and the caps limit the bass on the speakers? Did the tweeters in the doors have caps on them too?
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    2018 Explorer Speaker Install

    Stock sub if anyone wanted a pic of it. Dual 1.2ohm voice coils.
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    Billet turbo wheel

    Everything I've read says it's not worth it. Troll the SHO forums and FB pages and you'll find a lot of info