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Search results

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    still having idling issues and out of ideas, help?!

    Are there any diagnostic codes showing? I will have to agree with the clogged CATS. They will make an engine do all sorts of crazy stuff. Hell disconnect the CAT(S) and see if it will at least stay running. Don't forget your ear plugs.
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    Solved Got a 97 5.0 AWD that is stumbling at a stop

    I had a similar issue with but mine would do it pulling a grade. Turned out number 5 spark plug had cracked. Spark plug did not have that many miles on it maybe 5k. Good Luck
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    Mysterious drivetrain clicking sound

    Clicking noise On my 97 I have replaced both front hubs and the noise is still there. I also checked front axles and front drive shaft.
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    Mysterious drivetrain clicking sound

    Strange clicking sound My 97 AWD started a clicking noise about a year after I bought it in 2003. I have tried to figure it out but to no avail. I started having the notorious TC shudder about a year and a half ago. I do not drive it that much because I have a company truck. At any rate I am...
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    97 AWD Leaf Springs

    I have been checking into upgrading my leaf springs because any time I am pulling a trailer the back end sits really low and that is with an empty trailer. While I was looking into springs I noticed there are two types spring under axle which is what I have and spring over axle. I would like to...
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    Grabbing sensation when Braking

    The pads I put on are from Advance Auto and they are the wagner ceramic pads. I purchased a NGS tool on ebay. It came with ten cards one being a diagnostic card. I am going to go through my manual and do all the tests to see if it may be the HCU. I just have been really busy lately with work and...
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    Window partially opens and sticks

    I had this issue a while back. The track has an adjustment you can make. Take the door panel off and there is a nut for the rear track. Loosen it some then roll window down then tighten nut. This should solve the problem. Hope this helps ford_67
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    Grabbing sensation when Braking

    Response Yes, I picked a half dozen packets up at Autozone. Got extra to keep on the shelf. I also did the pad sliders as well. Thanks ford_67
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    Grabbing sensation when Braking

    Update I drove my Explorer this afternoon and when I applied the brake it did the grabbing sensation again. :( Not sure what else to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks ford_67
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    Grabbing sensation when Braking

    Well I checked the calipers pins on the front today and the driver side had some lubrication while the passenger side did not have much at all. I cleaned everything and put plenty of lubrication where needed. I also checked the caliper pistons by putting a piece of aluminum stock in so the...
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    Grabbing sensation when Braking

    Mine has all calipers. I will check the pins and calipers this weekend when the temp. gets above 40 degrees. Thanks for the help.
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    Grabbing sensation when Braking

    My 97 AWD has a grabbing sensation when braking (does not pull to either side) This does not happen everytime I apply the brake usually the first time I apply the brake after pulling out of my driveway (REALLY BAD) and then maybe two or three times during a drive. I have replaced all of the ABS...
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    Truck Studders

    I have a 1997 AWD XLT 5.0L Explorer. It has roughly 166k on it. The other day I was driving came to a stop light after coming to a complete stop waiting for the light to change the engine studdered some and then it was fine did not do it again until today same thing. Has anyone had this issue...
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    Unknown hose.

  15. F

    Unknown hose.

    There is a hose that is mounted on the driver side shock tower. I have a 1997 Explorer 5.0L AWD. Can not tell what type of fluid is coming out of it. Tried to trace but it runs under a bunch of other stuff. I am guessing it could be the vent tube for the front diff. If anyone knows what it is...
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    heat problem

    Check heater core and thermostate. I have got a couple that were bad over the years. Easy test boil some water and then pour in an old can then drop stat in. I also would check hoses too. My dad worked on a car years ago and he found the inside of the heater hose had split and would block the...
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    Anit-Freeze Disapearing

    If you are smelling antifreeze in the vehical is that when the heat or air is on or does it matter? I had a small pin hole leak in my heater core and it would leak into the heater plenum and run out the air conditioning condensation port. I found this out when I was replacing the blend door that...
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    Tune Up Suggestions

    Testing coil packs You can test the coil packs by measuring the resistance (ohms) on the primary and secondary sides of the coils. The primary should be 0.3 to 1.0 ohms. The secondaries should be 6.5 to 11.5 K-ohms. The primary side of the coil connection is - + - The secondary side of coil...