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Search results

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    VA/WV ohv trails/forest roads

    I like Stoney Run (aka balk Knob Trail). In May if you catch it at the right time, the Mountain Laural and Rhodendrens are in bloom and it can be like drive througth a pink cave. There a bunch or trails around Harrisonburg. Second Mountain, Dictums and Long Run. There are also the ones beside...
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    2017 George Washington Forest Spring Run

    The last year has been a bit of a blurr, too much work. I have been in contact with Spike (Fishfood). I believe that he will be up for a run this spring.
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    2017 George Washington Forest Spring Run

    Brandon, Glad to see you are still one of us. We have not finalized a date or destination. But spike place is a good one to start. I don't think you have done the newer river trails. They can be quite challenging when it is wet.
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    2017 George Washington Forest Spring Run

    It has been some time since we ventured deep into the forest. My buddy Spike (Fishfood) says he is up for it if we can get a gang to go. My favorate trail is Stony Run (Bald Knob Trail). There are others. Mid May is nice because the flowering trees are in bloom. Lets see if there is any...
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    What is the average age of EF members? 2015 edition...

    I was looking at the pool again and noticed that the two biggest groups are the 20-30 and the 50-60. I find that to be ironic because when we do our offroad trips, those two groups are usually the two who show up. Then, my wife says it is funny to see the two different generations together...
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    Lift Laws?

    JD you are such a criminal (LOL). When lifted trucks are outlawed, only outlaws will have lifted trucks!
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    Lift Laws?

    In Va. a four door explorer has a gross vehicle weight above 5000-pounds (light truck). That allow you the 28-inch bumper/frame height. If you had a two door, then it would be the 23-inch height (passenger vehicle). I have a two door and once got stopped by a cop. We had a discussion about...
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    Beach Modifications

    Onboard air is a good idea. At least a small compressor. I like the Harbor Freight unit, but get the best one they sell. Tire pressure gage. The tire filler air down things. I forget what they are called, but they let you air down quickly without removing the core. A bigger transmission...
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    Engine swap for the Pumpkin

    Good t see Rick still has his sense of humor. Perhaps the site should get renamed Prius Explorations. The Aztec Explorations thing really did not catch on.
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    Wheel offset/backspacing help!?!

    Backspacing is a measure of the distance from the back of the wheel to the mounting plate of he wheel. 4-inch backspacing on an 8-inch wide wheel means the mounting plate is in the middle of the wheel. Offset is a measure of the mounting plate measured from the center of the wheel. 12-mm on...
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    factory posi?

    Yea, I am still around. Glen Allen is on the other side of Broad Street (west end) from me.
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    new fuel pump selection

    I used the Carter pump from Rockauto. My mechanic says it is the actual stock pump manufacturer.
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    Ready for Snow!

    You should see what they can do with some modification. My 91 Sport has 33-inch mud tires and a front limited slip diff. It just loves the snow (18-inches at my house). But even my 04 Ranger Level II with stock BFG all terrain tires and torsen limited slip rear did great.
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    Newer Ranger 4x4?

    My 04 Level II Ranger has about 160,000 miles on the clock. I have not had any engine problems. The 4.0 SOHV engine is the same as used in most of the Gen II, III and IV Explorers. I have not heard many problems with the engine on this site. 4.0 SOHV is a better motor than the 4.0 OHV...
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    New Ranger ?

    The last article read was a reference to the UAW contract with Ford. They are moving production of Fusion, I think, to Mexico from Michigan. The production facility in Michigan will begin producing the new Ranger based on the international Ranger for sale in 2018. The Bronco would be...
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    New Ranger ?

    It is really going to happen. The new Ranger in 2018 and the Bronco in 2020. Will Rick need to rename the site?
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    25-Year Anniversary

    This week makes 25-years of Explorer ownership. It was late in October of 1990when I bought my first car (91 Sport). It has been spanked, rode hard and put away wet on more than one occasion. It has been a great toy. Now I can get and antique license plate. Any others in the 25-year club?
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    Rear end scraping noise when coasting

    Sounds like you need to replace the differential. Search this site, there is lots of info and options for repair.
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    Labor cost for engine replacement?

    An engine swap (same engine) is not to difficult. It is a lot of physical labor. There are a bunch of short cuts that really save time. Remove the hood, having a torch to cut exhaust pipes heat stuck bolts, air tools and someone who has done it before all help. I had a guy helping me...
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    New Ranger ?

    The stale ass argument that Ford keeps making about potential Ranger buyers buying a 150 bothers me. Yes, I bought a 2013 150, but the Colorado was not available, and the other small pick ups had the same problem as the Ranger. But the real reason I bought a 150 was value. I know a...
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    New Ranger ?

    Am I the only one to see the internet chatter about Ford resurrecting the Ranger? I swear that I am not high! I even saw one about a 2016 SVT Bronco. Anybody else see this stuff?
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    FA600 pitman arm

    I do not know how long it is. I could measure it. I believe that ther is some discussion here on the forum about pitman arm length. ' Let me know if you want me to measure it.
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    FA600 pitman arm

    I have a superlift 5.5-inch lift pitman arm. I think it is better suited the 4-inch lift. I put a skyjacker FA 600 on my explorer.
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    Spring 2015 GWNF Run

    We were up in the Forest on Wednesday at Crabtree Meadows , the trail head of Shoe Creek. There was a sign indicating that the trail has been gated and closed by property owners, kinda sad. I will have to do some more research to find out if it is a temporary or permanent closure. It is...
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    Spring 2015 GWNF Run

    We made it home. Thanks again to Stacey an his wife.