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Search results

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    Various - Rims, Roof Racks, Limited Steps, Torsion Bars (Local Pick up Only- Miami)

    Been a while since I came on here. I have a bunch of stuff I just found all piled up. Prefer local pickup as I'm just trying to get a few bucks for the stuff. Torsion Bars (From a stock 96 2WD Pretty sure they are D or F) - $40 for both Gold Limited step sides from a '95 Limited, they have...
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    I sold him my EE swaybars. He send me the money order for the total immediately. We had some issues with UPS scaring us with a lost package(which turned out to not be lost at all, and fully intact), but he was understanding. Good guy to deal with. :thumbsup:
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    Mountaineer Headlights

    I did a mountie swap on the my explorer, but I apparently didn't get all the hardware. Each light had three pins. One of them has an orange clip that secures it, but the other have two black things that don't fit snug. I'm pretty sure I'm missing some time of bushing for that. Could...
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    Why is there a navajo stalking me?

    See my name? See the navajo? (It's scary)
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    Torsion Bar Question About Lifting

    How do I lift my truck two inches, and what size tire can I fit? Just kidding. I have a set of t bars rated A, and set rated F. I'm gonna lift the truck a couple inches(tt). Which am I gonna get the best ride out of? Should I just stick with the Fs at stock height and get lift...
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    A/C Valve? (help me name it)

    This part is leaking, I've had it changed before, but I don't know the name of it. this is a 4.0 ohv 1996. Thanks =)
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    The All New Econo Shocks Thread

    So I need some new shocks. It's been a while since I've seen a shock thread, and I know the VST's are no longer made and they were changed to something else. What are the new kids using these days? What are the options for explorers in econo shocks? ($30 ish)
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    The 60's Shakes

    The 60's Shakes (Vibraton Help) I'm getting some shakes an wobbles around 65. The thing is that it's only sometimes. I just replaced the inner tie rods hoping it would help, but no go. Balljoints and outer tie rods were replace 1/2 yrs ago (something like that). I had gotten rid of...
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    Free 3dCAd Software
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    Russian president gets Super gift from Patriots owner Roofles
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    Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes yay?
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    Smart Guns,1558,1828963,00.asp
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    PBS Frontline Shows In full Online

    PBS Frontline Shows in full online: Just ran into these, some intereseting documentaries on there.
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    Crash Test Mini Cooper vs F150

    Wow, I didn't know those mini's help up so well.
  15. E


    Sold him a pair of endlinks. He got the MO to me quickly. Another good guy.
  16. E


    Bought a Set of torsion bars from him about a year ago. Items were exactly as mentioned. Good guy.
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    Best Option For Car Rental?

    I'm gonna be taking a road trip from Miami to Alabama. What's the best option for a car rental?. Four people riding in. Mileage/safety.
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    $330 For Fuel Pump Change

    Fuel Pump just died on me last night. Saw it costs $210 or so at rock auto. Mechanic is gonna charge $330 to change the pump/filter. I'd try to do it myself, but I got tons of work to do. =\ Decent price? I just put a full tank in there too. :(
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    Odometer/Computer Question

    Does the onboard computer keep track of how many miles are on the truck? My odometer died a few years ago(I gotta tear the dash apart to see if it's just loose since it comes on every now and then for a few miles), So my oil changes have been every three months. I'd like to know how many miles...
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    Hosting Deals?

    Anyone know of any good hosting deals going around?
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    Fundraising Funds Need Raising =)

    Funraising Funds Need Raising =) My sister is riding a bike and needs money. :p Seriously though, She's raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Help out if you can. She's gonna be doing a triathlon in june.
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    Explorer Codes and You. (code help)

    Explorer Codes and You. (code help) *402/403/133 Fixed My check engine light has been on for ages, finally bought a little code reader for 50 bucks (the autozones in my county decided to not let people get their codes read, go miami!). Anywho, the following codes came up : 133 and 402. So...
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    Different Length Torsion Bars?

    I just got a set of B Rated torsion bars. The left hand side, however, is about an inch shorter than the right hand side. Is this normal? I only saw mention of different diamter bars, not length during my searches.
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    More Gmail Invites

    18 gmail invites up for grabs. Open links, four seperate forums.
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    Bose Suspension Video: