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Search results

  1. B

    fiberglass fenders

    I want to do what rick did turn the 1st gen into a 2nd gen. I know perry's is probably the best way to go but are there any other places to buy em?? Also i cannot find the price for the whole setup, front panels, grill,hood, and the back panels. If any of you have done it i would love to hear...
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    Shocks for the 2"

    With the Skyjacker 2" what size shocks should I get. I need to get new ones but I'm not sure if they make shocks that are 2" longer than stock. I have seen some that are an inch longer but that would limit travel a little. Any help would be good. If anyone has longer ones go ahead and say what...
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    A question for all exhaust owners

    In your opinion what is the best exhaust for the 4.0 Exp. As far as money, performance, looks and sound??
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    Whats in the skyjacker

    For those of you who have it what comes in the Skyjacker 2" kit. For $150 it cant come with much. Anyone have any comments about it. I want to add that to the body lift so I can clear 33's easily but I mostly want to upgrade the stock susp.
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    List of Questions

    I have a 3" BL sitting on my floor. I was wondering what do I have to move up besides the bumpers? The radiator?? Next What is a good brand of plugs because its time to change em. And last how do i reset the computer after I clean the MAF sensor(where is it anyways) I'm gonna cram some...
  6. B

    Where Did you order your body lift????

    I was just wondering where some of you guys got your body lifts from?? Online, 4x4 shop or catalog. If I could just get some website names or something that would help. And for those who have the 3" how much did that run you and was it much more work fixing the bumpers and radiator. Also is it...
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    Quickie about 32's

    All right here's a quick one. Do any of you have 32x1250's. If so what kind are they, how much did you pay, what backspacing do you have and how much lift do ya got to fit em. Ok i guess that isn't so quick after all. Thanx for any replies. :) I've got a 93 EB in case you needed to know.
  8. B

    More Info on Warrior Shackles??

    I've been reading a lot of the posts but I can't quite pull out all the details on the warrior shackles and coil spacer lift setup. I have a 93 EB and want to run 32X1250 or 1150. I am going to do the 3in body but the shackle setup sounds like a good thing to do also. How much are the...
  9. B


    Hey everybody this site rocks!! On to the important stuff. I have decided on the 3 in. body for my 93 EB 4x4. I wanted the 3 in. over the 2 in. because for the extra inch of height its worth 10-20$ more. I have been shopping around and the prices vary quite a bit. I saw some for $50 at 4x4...
  10. B

    Anyone heard about 3"

    The Rough country 3" is on sale with all the parts for $570. Is rough country any good? I also saw a listing in my Four Wheelerabout the Superlift 5 1/2" for $599 with shocks. That wasn't with the superunner steering but that's a good deal. I just don't know how much that place charges for...
  11. B

    Yet another question about 32's

    I want to run 32x1150 BFG MT's. Initially I planned on the 4"trailmaster. Now I think I'll start with a 2" body lift and when the funds come in I'll get the suspension. Will 32's run with a 2" body lift. Oh yeah and one other thing. I...
  12. B

    Who makes dual exhaust for a 93 explorer?

    I have been looking around for quite a while and I can't seem to find any. For those of you who have it did you have it custom built? How mch does that run? I like the dual side exit like DMEIS has. Where did you get it and how much? Any replies would be great.
  13. B

    also a question about running 32's

    I want to run 32x1150 BFG MT's. Initially I planned on the 4"trailmaster. Now I think I'll start with a 2" body lift and when the funds come in I'll get the suspension. Will 32's run with a 2" body lift. Oh yeah and one other thing. I was looking in one of my 4x4 mags and saw a listing for the...
  14. B

    will the bumper fit

    I was looking at and found a cool looking bumper. It's the prerunner style with a skid plate attached. When I looked at what they could be put on they only listed a Bronco II and ranger application. Since the years of the ranger and Bronco II are about the same as my 93' EB I was...
  15. B

    WHAT will a 4" fit

    I am planning on getting the 4'(superlift) but I wanted to fit 33's. Some people have told me that 33's would fit and others said I would be lucky to get 32's. Should I get a 2"body lift on top of the suspension just in case? I am also wondering is the 5.5"(superlift) the way to go.But how much...