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Search results

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    Engine/trans removal AWD 97 5.0 Explorer

    Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to part-out my 97 Explorer. Is it possible to remove the engine/trans together? Any tips or tricks when doing the engine by itself and/or the combo being pulled at once? Thanks, Clint
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    97 AWD 5.0 4404 transfer case issues.

    I need some advice on the 4404 transfer case issues/rebuilding. I've got a 97 Explorer 5.0 AWD with 150K miles that has been making a popping noise for about 2 months only under decent initial acceleration. (Just since winter started here in Michigan.) I finally got around to some "diag" and the...
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    Blend door repair?

    Plenum assembly. How much is an entire plenum assly for a mid 90's explorer? CR
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    97 Explorer AWD front driveshaft question

    Anyone know the socket needed to get off the 4 front driveshaft bolts at the front u-joint? They look to have been Torx at one time but someone looks to have butchered them long ago. None of my sockets will fit, looks like I'll need a thin-wall socket, just not sure which one (or set) to buy...
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    P0133 Controversy??

    O2 sensor issues. Well, my Explorer is doing the same thing as yours is now. I replaced the one right side, downstream sensor and reset the engine light and about 2 weeks later a code came on for the left side downstream sensor. ( I KNEW I should have done both when I had that console out! I...
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    P0133 Controversy??

    5.0 O2 issues... Well, first off, to even get at the connectors for at least two, (maybe 3!), of the O2 sensors on my 97 5.0 EB AWD, I had to take out the center console to be able to remove an access panel with 4 bolts to be able to access the O2 sensor connectors. I saw no way to be able to...
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    1997 Explorer factory alarm questions??

    I have a 97 Eddie Bauer with the stock factory alarm. It has the theft light in the cluster. It's not the PATS system since the key is skinny and I know the older PATS keys were fatter. I don't have any issues with the alarm but what does the factory alarm do exactly? Does it have starter kill...
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    Need help: Factory sub suddenly sounds horrible

    Sub question. Are the factory JBL 6.5 subs 4 ohms?
  9. C

    Need help: Factory sub suddenly sounds horrible

    Ford radio parts link. Both the 6 and 8 inch subs at the bottom of that link aren't available anymore. What subs (and part numbers) have you guys been replacing your stock 6.5" JBL's with?
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    Need help: Factory sub suddenly sounds horrible

    Same subwoofer issue... I might as well join in too, I got a 97 Explorer with the JBL system that I just bought and the subwoofer is blown, (sounds awful). I bought a scrapyard one for $5 that was totally blown, (no sound at all, ohms out at infinite resistance). I bought an extra sub amp too...
  11. C

    1997 Eddie Bauer wheel moulding and front bumper questions.

    Anyone ever paint either the front bumper and/or the big wheel mouldings on an Eddie Bauer? I wonder if sanding and spraying with spray paint and then a coat of clear would look ok versus paying a body shop to do it. Thanks. Dave
  12. C

    Hello again all, vehicle found!!

    Hi again. I bought an Explorer (finally!). I had introduced myself a few weeks ago here. I didn't get the vehicle that I was originally looking for, but I'll be ok. I flew into Florida and looked at cars for 2 days, got frustrated, checked into flying back home to Michigan and trying back again...
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    Michigan Newbie-wannabee Explorer owner.

    Newbie continue #2... Yeah, I used to be a tech but a bunch of stuff contributed to my downfall.. Ford, (and a lot of the other companies from what I hear), whacked the hell out of the warranty times we used to get back around 2000-2001 so we lost a bunch of income there. Then 9-11 hit and we...
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    Michigan Newbie-wannabee Explorer owner.

    Newbie continued. Yeah, the 5.0's do have a lot better tow rating when you look at that one specs page for towing capacities. I think that pop-up I have only weighs about 2200 pounds but by the time I load the bikes, food, camping equipment, etc. you know the weight goes up. It's cool to know...
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    Michigan Newbie-wannabee Explorer owner.

    Hello all. Just joined up. I'm looking into purchasing a used Explorer to hopefully tow with occasionally, (a small pop-up), and hopefully get some decent gas mileage with. I used to work as a tech at a local Lincoln/Mercury dealer as well. I remember the recalls for the timing chain tensioners...