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Search results

  1. J

    Truckhaven Potluck

    Appitizer - Peal and Eat Shrimp.
  2. J


    Sorry for the late reply. I've been very busy with setting up my squadron and such. No He still has his explorer but it's REALLLLY Tired and he is replacing it with the sport track. he will most likly keep it for a little bit. Joel
  3. J

    Last Sunday of the month run

    Some guys from My Jeep Rocks and I are doing Calico, Ca this sunday. Hope to see some of you there. Joel :salute:
  4. J


    Pencil Thunderhorse and I in. I will (as usual) be in my Jeep and thunderhorse will be in his new 2001 Explorer Sport Trac. Thanks Joel
  5. J

    Johnson valley december 26-28

    Here are some pics of the Bullfrog Trail that we did on Saturday the 13th with the Johnson Valley Fun Ride. It was an awesome trail. Joel:salute:
  6. J

    Return from the Mojave Trail March '08

    I posted a few pics (224) of them on my website last night. You can see them at The camera I used for the shots was a Nikon D40 DSLR with a 18-55 AF Zoom lens with 2 or three pics taken using a 55-200 AF Zoom Lens. The Jeep finished the trail and got me...
  7. J

    Return from rubicon 2005 Death of the explorers

    Well, for me and My Father (Thunderhorse), the trip started off on a bad note. On the way down the grapevine we blew a breakline. Let me tell you there is nothing like blowing a breakline coming down a steep grade into a 30 mph turn in a 3300 lbs vehicle and towing a 3100 lbs vehicle. Dad did...
  8. J

    Big Bear Run June 24th - 26th

    Okay, so have we decided where we are going to meet up. I like the Discovery Center idea. Also what trails are we planning on running. Joel
  9. J

    Big Bear Run June 24th - 26th

    Need to know where we are meeting and what time to be there on Saturday? Let us know. Joel
  10. J

    MPG's to DVD Video in Linux

    Here's a question for all the linux experts here. I use TMPGENC Plus and TMPGENC DVD Author to turn my MPG's into DVD watchable movies. Is there a program that is as simple to use in Linux or should I stick to Windows for this. Joel
  11. J

    automate copying files?

    I use a program called Save-N-Sync. it seems to work great for me. as soon as I modify a file it sends it to the backup directory. no scheduling or anything past initial setup. it will even send to multiple places or CD/DVD-RW if they are formatted ahead of time. Joel
  12. J

    Death to all spammers and open relays

    On My server, the Mailer installed a Catchall mailbox that catches all the mail that doesn't match any name in the domain. I went and deleted the box so now it points to <Site_Blackhole> or \dev\nul I never get spam to that domain. Joel
  13. J

    Funny Movie about MAC's

    Came Accross this movie about mac's while surfing it is very funny Sorry Forgot to post the page link JeepMaster
  14. J

    TRUCKHAVEN 2004!!! Jan 17-18

    Lol. I will definatly pass that on to him. Really don't want to miss this. it will be the first major 4X outing I've had since prior to going to Iraq in Jan. Really jonesing for some good 4Xing. jeepmaster
  15. J

    TRUCKHAVEN 2004!!! Jan 17-18

    Well it looks like you won't have the JeepMaster and Thunderhorse at this run, due to Thunderhorse's Explorer not going into 4WD. The motor works but some how he isn't getting a signal from the computer to the motor. If it gets fixed today or tomorrow we will be there. if not maybe we'll...
  16. J

    Ham Radio Guys

    Call Sign KF6PBX - Tech No-Code