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Search results

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    Am I forgetting anything?

    I have an enclosed car hauler on order and am trying to ready the Adrenalin for its first attempt at towing. The trailer weighs in at 3000lbs and is 20x8.5', the car that will be inside weighs in at 3700lbs with a light fuel load. I have axle straps & ratchet straps on their way to hold...
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    New valve covers for my Adrenalin

    Pretty much as the title says; Library pic of the covers; Installed pics; Install time approx. 4 hours. Not fun to put in but look great, if a little too subtle.
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    Upgraded the factory Subwoofer

    After changing the door speakers out a while ago it highlighted how "average" the factory subwoofer is in my STA. I'd already changed out the factory subs in my CS6 so knew exactly where I could get a shallow mount 8" sub that sounded great. The new subs (they come in pairs from the Shelby...
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    Detailed the engine bay today

    Spent a couple of hours today cleaning up my STA & my gf's Escape. Biggest job on the STA was the engine bay - I still need to clean the valve covers but everything else came up nicely with detailing spray or vinyl & rubber care (both Autoglym products).
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    Summer Boots Are On

    I was able to have my summer tires mounted up today which of course means it'll snow tomorrow, lol. I'll take better pics tomorrow, the light was fading fast when I got home.
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    Fuel economy question

    My new to me Adrenalin did 18mpg on a highway run today. 110 km/h, no real wind to speak of. Is this normal? What are you guys getting from your 4.6 L's?
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    Thinking of changing up the rims for summer

    I just bought an '08 Adrenalin which currently has a set of Blizzak tires mounted on the factory rims. The vehicle came with the OEM summer tires but no rims for them. Doing a bit of online research I've discovered that a past purchasing error might work out for this. A while back I bought a...
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    New here, 2008 Adrenalin

    Hi folks, I've been looking around the boards here for the past few days & thought I should sign up & introduce myself :) I used to have a 2002 Sport Trac which I had a sort of love-hate relationship was sold in favour of an '08 Escape V6 AWD which did almost everything I...