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Search results

  1. 9

    96 Ford Windstar

    Whats up People! hey i have a quick question about my windstar, yes my windstar lol i have a 3.8L and everytime its in park, by the way my dash is digital, it says that im going like 140MPH and its adding miles like crazy, whats wrong speed sensor maybe or pcm???? help. and also i have rear...
  2. 9

    coolant tempature switch

  3. 9

    coolant tempature switch

    does anybody know where the coolant temp switch is located. i just purchased a new one.:navajo: 1994 ford explorer v6 4wd 4.0L
  4. 9

    Engine Swap

    :navajo:i haver a 94 ford xplorer, i have a complete engine from an 05 xplorer, same 4.0L can i swap it and would it work
  5. 9

    94 Xplorer Lack Of Power v6 4wd

    :navajo: it seems that my truck is loosing hp, oil change was done just 1k miles ago, can anybody suggest any changes to it, ex, recommended spark plugs, and etc, thanks every suggestion will be very helpful.
  6. 9

    22" rims on an 02 explorer

    no just make sure you put the air sensors for the tires if eqquiped, i have an 05 and thats all i needed to do.