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Search results

  1. T

    2" shackle and spring spacer lift question

    thanks tbars4, that is a big help
  2. T

    2" shackle and spring spacer lift question

    would i need different shocks for 2 on the rear end. the front had shock spacer adapters all ready. also does anyone have pics of this setup
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    How To Install A Flowmaster Muffler (w/Pics)

    i did the same thing only in place of the stock muffler i put a stick of straight pipe. i was lookin for a little more power with a low budget. sounds pretty good:D
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    over 250,000 mi

    yeah it feels good to tell the ford haters i have over a quater mil on my '93 explorer. i havent had anything major go wrong with the engine, all stock internals, heads, and stuff. burns about a quart every 5000mi but i just get the oil changed at that point so i have only added oil once or...
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    open headers

    im in the middle of putting a high flow cat on my 4.0 and right now im driving around with open headers and it sounds beastly. sounds like a boat at idle and like a built v8 when im on the gas. im lovin it while my buddy gets my adapter done hahaha.
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    over 250,000 mi

    on the stock 4.0! im new here and im wondering can anyone beat that?