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Search results

  1. asull85

    Anyone know what this goes to?

    Radar/Lidar display cable
  2. asull85

    A11 navigation maps is out

    I got one off Amazon with no far
  3. asull85

    19E02 - Powertrain Control Module Reprogramming ???

    Mine was done the other day when it went in for a warranty battery replacement. So far I haven't noticed a difference other than shifting is a little more smoother.
  4. asull85

    Setina PB 400 Push Bar installation help 2012 Explorer

    Hate it when that happens. At least you figured it out before stuffing the bumper back on.
  5. asull85

    PTU Problems

    Mid-2016 Ford modified the PTU...again Mine is a March/April '16 build. The PTU's were modified again around June '16 so yours probably has the updated PTU. Yes from the sounds of it. My city's police department had three of their five '16 Interceptors have their PTU's go bad. Theirs were...
  6. asull85

    PTU Problems

    A few departments in my area have had the same issue. It does have the watercooled version. I haven't beaten on it to cause it to fail, just regular driving.
  7. asull85

    PTU Problems

    Just a quick update. The dealer called this afternoon and as expected, the PTU needs to be replaced. Thankfully it is covered under the ESP.
  8. asull85

    PTU Problems

    Yes I ordered it brand new. It has never been assigned to anyone except for me.
  9. asull85

    PTU Problems

    The Interceptors come with a 5yr/100,000mi powertrain warranty. I bought it new.
  10. asull85

    PTU Problems

    Add my 2016 PIU to the list of Explorers/PIU’s with PTU issues. The propane/natural gas smell started about two weeks ago with just under 64,000mi. So far no drivability issues. The stealership will be taking it tomorrow. Hopefully it will be covered under the 100,000 mi powertrain warranty.
  11. asull85

    Police Interceptor Utility Photo Thread

    Awesome! How difficult was the install? I've been thinking about doing this myself.
  12. asull85

    Switchback LED's installed

    No I didn't modify anything.
  13. asull85

    Switchback LED's installed

    I turned them on using the switch. The resisters never got hot enough to melt anything as they only were used when the turn signals were on. I think you are correct in assuming it is the yellow wire. I remember finding a wiring diagram online, maybe even here, to determine which wires to use. I...
  14. asull85

    Switchback LED's installed

    I never added a constant power wire to make them DRL's. The white lights would come on as my parking lights and switch to amber with the turn signal. You may be able to activate DRL's with Forscan.
  15. asull85

    My rear brakes look like they are wearing funny.

    I just replaced the pads and rotors on my 16 PIU. Both rear calipers were bad and needed to be replaced. My rotors looked similar and I could hear the brakes sticking.
  16. asull85

    Alt siren speaker locations

    The bumper stays on. You just take the screws out of the wheel well and you should be able to access it.
  17. asull85

    Alt siren speaker locations

    Whelen makes mounts that place the speaker just forward for the front wheels behind the bumper. I had it there for a little while but the sound didn't carry far. But if you were behind me you could hear the siren/horn just fine.
  18. asull85

    Rear Differential Oil Leak? - 2013 XLT 4WD 3.5L

    It may be your rear differential. That is where I would start looking.
  19. asull85

    Noise from engine when HVAC kicks on

    My first guess would be the fan.
  20. asull85

    Explorer PIU Overhead Cut Out Question

    Looks like a large hole for a Cencom control head. I'd figure out a way to stuff a GPS in that hole.
  21. asull85

    Anyone had Customer Satisfaction #17B22 fixed?

    I've had it done and haven't noticed any difference.
  22. asull85

    Exhaust recall question

    Have any of you had your PIU at the dealer for the exhaust recall? Other than modifying the tailpipes, what else did they do? I scheduled mine to go in on January 2. I was also informed they wouldn't be giving me a loaner while the work is done. Nice right?
  23. asull85

    Vibration like "washboard road" between 62-67mph

    My first guess would be a failing wheel bearing. Has the vibration been there since you bought the truck? Another idea could be a bad CV joint.
  24. asull85

    What are these two items? 2013 PIU.

    The red box is a positive battery terminal. I'm not sure what the connector is for.