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Search results

  1. Fredness

    4R70W Upgrades for towing - Request for assistance.

    Patient: 2000 EB 5.0L AWD - Flashing O/D - 134,000 miles. [Fixing issues BEFORE it gets driveline swapped into a 2005 Sport Trac.] Indications: Flashing O/D light Clean, unburned fluid No unexpected debris in pan "Firm" shifts (as expected in "limp-home" mode) Codes: P0174: Electronic Pressure...
  2. Fredness


    As the title suggests... Not Another Explorer 5.0L To Sport Trac Swap Thread... Patient: 2005 Ford Sport Trac Adrenaline (4.0L SOHC/5R55E/4WD) Donor: 2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer (5.0L/4R70W/AWD) Rationale: 186,000 mile patient has failing 5R55E Torque Convertor, engine is in great shape...
  3. Fredness

    WTB - 6R80 4x4 Pan 2011+

    Looking to do some mods - I see lots of PML pan upgrades and I'd like to weld in a drain plug for my next filter swap. K? Thx
  4. Fredness

    Wanted 6R80 Steel Trans Pan - Factory

    Going back to stock, need a pan to replace my long-gone steel... Zip 75071 Thx
  5. Fredness

    5R55E possible issues found - Need thoughts/peer review

    Part I starts with the trans failing at 70,000 miles in August of 2010: Complete rebuild (under warranty), CVB Valve Body with SONNAX Mods and Superior Shift Kit and all was good for 80,000 miles. Part II started in December of 2017 - essentially, every time I've dropped the pan to replace the...
  6. Fredness

    2001-2003 OBX Header install on a 2005 Sport Trac 4x4 Auto

    This is work in progress, but standby... More coming soon. The first thing we need to cover is: Why? "Just by a set for the 2005 Sport Trac" you say? Sure, I could, but I bought these when they were listed as 2001-2005 over 3 years ago and life got in the way. New job, big move, new house...
  7. Fredness

    Adjuster/Follower upgrades for the SOHC.

    [Edits to follow - work in progress] Where to find the 4.0L SOHC: 1997-2010 Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer 2001-2010 Ford Sport Trac 2001-2010 Mazda B4000 2001-2011 Ford Ranger 2005-2009 Land Rover LR3 2005-2010 Ford Mustang 2006-2010 Ford Sport Trac For us, this story begins in 1997 with...
  8. Fredness

    Need pix from someone that has pulled a 2007+ Valve Cover...

    That's it, just need to see if there is a cam oiler rail... Thx!
  9. Fredness

    5R55W/S first gear in an A4LD/5R55E...

    Is it possible? I want the steeper first and second gears in my "older" trans. Thanks
  10. Fredness

    Ford Sport Trac "Adrenalin" Audio Upgrade - Success!

    We start with an upgrade to the head unit. "Easy enough" one might say, but I’m not known for doing anything “easy”… First our history lesson: The Adrenalin sound system is a Pioneer 6 disc head unit that was “cutting edge” when it was designed in 2002 - even when this unit was installed in...
  11. Fredness

    2008 4.0L MPG hunt

    This is a customer's vehicle with 32,000 miles and as long as I don't post identifying images/info they agreed to let me do testing since the vehicle was out of service until next week. Now, before anyone gets nit-picky, this is somewhat anecdotal as there is no controlled environment and no...
  12. Fredness

    Any folks in Seattle area want to G.T.G. for A/C Stuff?

    Replaced a condensor due to previous accident damage, when doing a radiator upgrade. So I figured, since the system was open, I'd replace the orifice/filter, seals and receiver/drier and flush the lines. We got any A/C Pros out there? Not like we need a reason to get together (GTG), but this...
  13. Fredness

    Calling all '05 Sport Tracs - It's Injector time!

    I did this for the 1998 - and now it's time to do the '05: Link If you have any of the following injectors, let me know: 2005 Explorer 4.0L 2005 Explorer Sport Trac 4.0L 2005-6 Mountaineer 4.0L They are marked as follows: 5L2E-D1A - printed on the injector In catalogs (or @...
  14. Fredness

    2001-'05 4.0L Cooling system "upgrayedd"

    ("…that's 2 "D's", for a double-dose of his pimping...") :D OK, the ST had electrolysis, and now winter hits with a radiator in mid-flush. Radiator flush and distilled water offer zero cooling system protection from freezing - actually worse than tap water. Even though the temps weren’t...
  15. Fredness

    Electrolysis, stray voltage, bad grounds, the "Big 3" and more...

    So, the Sport Trac is 5 years old, but we've had it for a year. After a failed left front hub, and the trans going south, I've decided to start from scratch with the maintenance/routine. So, fluids were first. The oil, trans, transfer case were recent, now the coolant. While testing, I...
  16. Fredness

    Re-use the bonded separator plate on a 5R55E?

    Once removed from the trans and left to dry, the gaskets seem to lift and stretch over the paths. Can these be reused? Or do they have to be purchased new everytime we drop the VB? Thanks!
  17. Fredness

    Shrapnel on Valve Body Separator Plate Gasket - Hosed?

    Original Thread Old VB is out - ouch. Can someone ID this shrapnel? Red circles are fallouts from what looks like the intermediate and overdrive bands: Close up of first shrapnel pile: Close up of second shrapnel pile: Close up of "gold dust" that was streaming...
  18. Fredness

    '05 Adrenalin factory SW options

    I have the large plastic SW enclosure under the Driverside quarter seat. I'd like to move it elsewhere to regain function of the folding seat! Any ideas? Pix pls.
  19. Fredness

    NA5R55E2-3FT (Not Another 5R55E 2-3 Flare Thread!)

    Well, after 3 Explorers, it's finally happened to me. The dreaded 2-3 Flare. The worst part is the total loss of overdrive (O/D Light flashing), the flare is tolerable (for now), but a 20%+ loss of fuel economy could be a show stopper. Since I have a flash tuner, I can bump the shift...
  20. Fredness

    AC Always on, unless switch is off...

    Searched and found nothing. I don't remember it always doing this, but I think it is an issue. I think it was AC was on in AC, Max AC nad defrost only. Now it is on in every setting except "Off". I've pulled the #2 relay fromn the underhood power distro box, since we aren't using AC at the...
  21. Fredness

    Calling all SOHC Experts - Differences and Headers

    I have a 1998 Explorer Sport. Anyone with an early SOHC, learns one thing quickly - if it isn't a '99-'03, there is nothing for it. But why? I presume it is because the '99 is the first year of the "improved" SOHC (timing chain cassette mods) and the year after the "death" of the OHC engine...
  22. Fredness

    The Definitive Wheel Stud Article...

    It seems the Explorer is just more prone to wheel stud failures than any other vehicle I've owned. When installing new brakes on the '98 Sport, I encountered 3 issues: 1. A sheared stud. 2. A stripped stud. 3. A spun stud. Note: While it seems simple enough, the parts are a PITA to...
  23. Fredness

    PowerSlot Cryo install gone bad - Wheel studs (searched)

    Seems wheel studs a re a major weakness on the Explorers. I had 1 rear shear, and on the same (RR) one stripped. I was able to knock them out the back and I think I can get new ones in tomorrow using the greased washer and lug nut as a press (found in search), tomorrow. The real issue is...
  24. Fredness

    NA4LSOHCBUT [Not ANOTHER 4.0L SOHC Build Up Thread!]

    Hopefully this doesn't turn in to a "Jakee" thread :D , but we'll see.... This is the wife's 1998 Explorer Sport. 85,000 miles and she's decided it's "Mod'n Time"! She's a Daily Driver with some minor mods, but the brakes were completely toasted on a trip to Cali last September. 4,000ft...
  25. Fredness

    Anything coming up?

    Just checking to see if there are any meets, get-togethers and the like in the near future?