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Search results

  1. SwaintaN

    lower cell bill? Framily plan... lol...

    Ok so wife said post to ppl on here cause i love this for forum when i had explorer and still that i dont have one.. i still like forum... we started a framily plan on sprint. anyone from the forum wanna join let me know ill throw you the framily code. weve already got 3/10. so im only paying...
  2. SwaintaN

    1st Gen Headers on 2n Gens.. can you??

    Topic was brought up to me about exhaust.. Can you use headers from a First Gen onto a 2nd gen along with cat convt? If so what goes into that kind of work.. :-P
  3. SwaintaN

    Chevy high reving?

    Ok 2001 Chevy Venture.. It is always high reving, really high, even with foot off of gas, when in gear the rev will calm down a little bit, however back in park and n it will rev high like your holding it down. what should i start looking at? has new battery cause it sat over winter and...
  4. SwaintaN

    For Sale 4.0 ohv dress up kit

    Dress up plus recondition. Intake, Valve covers. Water neck. Arm for coil box. Throttle cable bracket. All powder coated. Green has gold flake in it. Selling it as a set not wanting to break it up. 175.00 you pay shipping these are ready to be shipped. Powder coating was done by a member on...
  5. SwaintaN

    anyone redone their basements?

    I have a basement that we need to redo, not liveable.. but storage.. want to seal the concrete walls and floors, any ideas and suggestions?
  6. SwaintaN

    anyone have Wells Fargo or know someone who does????

    Ok so Wife and I are posting this everywhere so ppl know. Wells Fargo Mortgage company is currently under another class action law suit for forced insurance... NY already won their case... now its Ohios turn.. our turn! they have put us in a hard ship... wanting ppl to be aware cause its not...
  7. SwaintaN

    For Sale 1st Gen Part Out. Some performance, some aftermarket.

    Ok here I go. She didnt sell as a whole so Im going to part it out. You will pay shipping or do local pick up or for small price can meet. Shipping from Carey Ohio 43316. This will go to a verified paypal account from yours. Unless picking up the items. Then exact change please. I will try to...
  8. SwaintaN

    rear axle housing stuck... yikes

    ok went to go redoe the seal on the rear axle housing, and yikes, got the cover off, all drained and cleaned. changed the breather hose. but yikes i cant get the fill plug out!!! anyone have an tips and tricks on this!?! wasnt that bad when i did it years ago but already broke Kobalt and...
  9. SwaintaN

    Be leaving the explorer soon but not the ex family

    Ok so the time has come. I want to move on get a next toy, something newer, plus i just need a truck. So ill be listing the Ex up for sale soon. i love this forum, i dont help much but i try, so ill stick around even after gone to try and help.
  10. SwaintaN

    For Sale 1st gen 91-94 Front Axle 4.10 Gears

    I have a front axle 4.10 gears. fits first gen, stock housing just regeared to be a 4.10 also has manual warn lock out hubs installed. 300.00 Ohio.
  11. SwaintaN

    Calibrating Speed-O.. How to??

    After recent install of reverse glow lights on dash and replacing all the bulbs that blew out.. It was brought to my attention that the speed was off. How do i go about Calibrating the speed? to make sure its correct etc? Thanks. 93 EX 33s 3.73ls
  12. SwaintaN

    Wanted 2nd gen 8.8 4.10 gears axle

    Im willing to drive a couple hours one way, nothing crazy.. looking for rear axle from 2nd gen 8.8 set up w/ 4.10 gears. good condition not bent and cut.
  13. SwaintaN

    rear axle problem, damn really...

    so long story short, van broke, got ex up an running. as van is fixed and ex has sat for 4 days!!!! it magically breaks! walked out and saw black under the rear axle pumpkin, crawl under see axle has leaked its fluid.. look over and there is black fluid all over inside of driver tire as well...
  14. SwaintaN

    Turn signal mirrors?

    has anyone ever installed or found or know of mirrors that fit with the amber light built into it that blinks w/ the blinker?
  15. SwaintaN

    speaker replacement.. what dont fit, is made to fit :-D

    Ok so i had stock speakers in the rear doors, i replaced the speakers in front doors a while back.. a LONG while back... theyve been blown a while.. got me a good deal on (4) 6.5 Jensen speakers 280 watt per pair. This worked out nice.. So now 4 of the 8 speakers are replaced. Front Doors...
  16. SwaintaN

    hvac controls or motor?

    so ive noticed my heater blower motor really only has two options. either off or full blast. so i figured i would start to diagnosis this problem with the help of yall. Ive checked connections. It did this before the non a/c conversion. HVAC control unit still lights up when on. What...
  17. SwaintaN

    hey quick few questions about our dash gauges

    hey quick few questions about our dash gauges.. DONE w/ Pics Ok so my gauges went out, just the light part of the gauges them self... the lights across bottom.. 4x4, abs etc work but none of the gauges. so im looking at doing reverse glow gauges.. anyone done them? are they just lay over or...
  18. SwaintaN

    Bought an Old House

    Ashley my wife decided to move back to an old town I lived in, Carey Ohio. So we did, bought us an old house that was built supposedly in 1910 but finding out more and more it was closer to 1850. Oh and it was a ***** House. We got it cheaply because it was UGLY and i mean UUGGLLLY...
  19. SwaintaN

    The smell of GAS, where would you start?

    Ok, so nothing new added or taking away that has to do with any of the gas line. Smell started about 3 days ago. You dont smell it while its sitting off *~example: After its been parked for the night, go out to start it to take kids to school, no gas. Now go back out after 5-10 mins after its...
  20. SwaintaN

    Pulley Pulling? Need some Tips and advice.

    Ok looking at changing over to an under drive pulley when i yank the fan. how do you pull the main pulley out and replace? looking for tools and tips on how to do this.. thanks!
  21. SwaintaN

    floor shifter anyone?

    So Im on page 55 of 250, has anyone converted a stock auto trans to a floor shifter instead of a column mount? Just wondering.. trying to get rid of the wire system and fab something up more like a plate... no more shifting wire, so i dont run into the problems i have now.
  22. SwaintaN

    Shifting Problems.. Need help quickly..

    Shifting Problems.. Need help quickly.. (shift linkage) FIXED.. FOR GOOD.. w/ Pics Ok 93 this stuff is stock around the steering.. Driving and Shifting just fine.. Put it into park just fine.. Go in to Iforce, come out an hour later, starts right up. Press in brake and Shifter goes all the way...
  23. SwaintaN

    Not sure what it is.. Ill describe..

    Ok the linkage system where your steering wheel is... before your steering box.. what is it called and is there a better then stock system to use? mine is RUSTED.. thanks OHIO... so im looking to replace it.. how hard, right up? ill get a pic tomorrow as well.. thanks guys!!
  24. SwaintaN

    Two Alternators

    Ok random thing ever.. Has anyone ever done two alternators?
  25. SwaintaN

    Grounding Out/Electrical Question.

    Ok sooooo im redoing some wires in the Ex... I was wondering if there is any other bolts besides the one under my headers, that can be used for a ground to the battery... Any bolt on the motor work as long as its from motor to battery? or can we only use the one i cant get to because of...