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Search results

  1. DemonMudder

    Happy Thanksgiving 2022!!

    Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Just a reminder of all the help I've received from everyone in this forum, even for things that ain't an explorer!! Appreciate everything, especially @Rick and the others for making this site what it is! Could post some things yall appreciate as well, but let's also see...
  2. DemonMudder

    '99 Explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC

    Really hate that I'm posting this, hated listing it on marketplace too. But Deathrow is still trying to be sold, 227k miles, as said, couple things could use being done, main thing being the timing chains, the idler pulley is showing its age, and the passenger side chain tensioner leaks oil...
  3. DemonMudder

    The Jade Pearl

    Some of ya already know, but meet The Jade Pearl, aka Jade (still a little unsure of the name, but it is sticking pretty well, keeps my theme too since she was the first demon and such as that lol). '95 C1500 Extended Cab, 3" bodylift with 33x12.50r15s. Just changed out the lights front and...
  4. DemonMudder

    Stuck With An OBS Chevy

    Well, just replaced my '99 Exploder with a '95 C1500 on a 3" bodylift and 33x12.5s. Not a bad rig, loving it actually, just making this here as sort of an introduction; as soon as I have a name for her, I'll start another thread where I update log. Looking forward to this, just as I did my...
  5. DemonMudder

    Solved 4.0 SOHC Ticking Hunt

    Okay, know this has probably been covered, done several searches already and just want y'alls opinion on this. Had an engine tick for several months now, always ticks until I'm up to a decent speed, or it's just not loud enough to hear at that point. It speeds up with the rpms, if I hit the gas...
  6. DemonMudder

    Deathrow Update Log (Discontinued Till Further Notice)

    The previous logs I have that I'd rather just make into one to be more organized. I'll continue my projects and questions in here without being a million update threads, partially for my own sanity. Update #1: Deathrow Update Update #2: Deathrow Update #2 Update #3: Deathrow Update #3...
  7. DemonMudder

    Fog Light LED Conversion Question

    Anyone know of an easy way to get the inner section out of the fog light assembly? Just those four screws, don't want to have to take the bumper and brush guard off again just reach the top screw and take the whole dang assembly out. I think I could just take the bumper corner that used to be...
  8. DemonMudder

    Fun Halloween Suggestions

    So, decorating Deathrow for Halloween, didn't do much last year except for chains from the mirror and a severed hand on the dash (both of which are still there). But I want to hear some things y'all think would do nicely, or things y'all have done to yours before. Just added these chains to the...
  9. DemonMudder

    Deathrow Update #3

    So, taking her in on Monday to have the front dif looked at and get an estimate. Hopefully have them go ahead and start on it. But in the meantime, ordering bulbs for the interior. For the most part I know what i need but I found the ones behind the: rear wiper, fog light, etc.. have a bulb I...
  10. DemonMudder

    Solved Maybe not so Urgent Issue

    My '99 Ford explorer and it drove just fine yesterday. Went to start it this morning and....nothing. Just, nothing. I can turn things like the visor on, the battery reads just fine. Replaced the alt a few months ago. The ignition fuse is good, could be a starter? I put the key in, there is like...
  11. DemonMudder

    Project Moonvisor: Success

    And well, well, well...I love when you manage to wire something on your own when no one thinks you can. Sat out there for a whole day testing and being sure and by the next morning, bought the right amount of wire, a new switch, etc. And had it up in an hour. Did also replace the bulbs with...
  12. DemonMudder

    Deathrow Update #2

    Still need to take her in and have the front differential rebuilt, probably will in a week or so, depends on funds. She's up and running again, brush guard included! Just a couple other little projects to sort out, like replacing the third brake light at some point when I'm bored. But dang is...
  13. DemonMudder

    Deathrow Update

    Well, shes officially painted a new Satin Black with a green pinstripe. Put smoked lenses on the moonvisor, need to hook it up still; need to put the brush guard back on as well. But she still has the issue of I've tried every fix for theft mode but nothing works. So I'm talking to some...
  14. DemonMudder

    Solved Theft Mode Issues

    Okay, I know this has been discussed plenty, even on Google. But I took the truck in to be painted and they somehow threw it in theft mode. Would like some suggestions for getting it out if it without having to bring it back to ford. I tried a few quick methods before I had to work the other day...
  15. DemonMudder

    DemonMudder's 1999 Explorer 4.0 XLT 4X4

    I've only been an "elite" for like a day, been a member for a couple months, but I've been here reading for about half a year. I'm from northern Florida and this is my explorer. Still working on a name for her and have limitless plans for her! She's almost running like new again and I'm getting...
  16. DemonMudder

    Solved Clunks While Turning Left?

    So my '99 Explorer XLT 4x4 ever since I got her back in 2019 has made a clunking on left turns now and then, usually not so much at lower speeds. I've replaced the cv axles which was believed to be the issue but it still does it. It's just a clunk, it's not affecting the steering or anything...
  17. DemonMudder

    '99 Explorer XLT Update & Odd Questions

    Finally got my light bar in and placed, looking great so far. Switched all of the exterior lights but the headlights and high beams with LED's. Next step is fixing a leak in the intake gasket manifold which is on it's way. As well as some warrior 153 shackles on the way to get a simpler lift for...
  18. DemonMudder

    My WIP '99 Explorer

    Working my way towards making her all blacked out, first the headlights and taillights, now the grille and brush guard. Working towards full offroader!