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Search results

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    2000 XLS ABS Light Came on

    It was a speed sensor on one of the rear wheels: The sensor was $13.50, and the bill from the dealer was $200, with tax and 3 hours labor. Does it really take that long to replace a $13 speed sensor on a rear wheel?
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    '99 SOHC engine bogging...

    If it is not the TB find this thread.... Engine Stalling on 2000 XLS??? I had a similar problem, and it eventually got worse. It turned out that the crank sensor was cracked. You can follow the whole story in the above thread.
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    What's the fastest car you ever drove?

    Fastest car ever owned: 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4, with upgraded: chip, exhaust, pistons, valves, turbos, camshaft Maybe the fastest car that I have ever driven, but definitely the funnest: 1967 Cobra Replica with a modified 427 in it.
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    2000 XLS ABS Light Came on

    I topped off the brake fluid last night and disconnected the battery for the night. Plugged the battery back in, turned it on........ABS light is still on...... This weekend hopefully I can inspect my brakes and check/clean the sensors. Thanks again!
  5. F


    "You've got to earn your turns!" "Lifts!?! We don't need no stink'n lifts!" Keep on eye out for me at Tuck's in the spring.... I will probably be the only one who is 6'7" with tele skis and skins on my feet on the way up, with my snowboard on my back. I will ride my board on the face...
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    MCSE Test 70-216!!!!

    Anyone out there take the MCSE test #70-216 Win2K Network Infrastructure???? That thing was hard! I just failed it! I guess I have to study a bit more.......I thought I was doing well on it until I saw my score. Any hints? Suggestions? Should I skip it for now and take the Active...
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    2000 XLS ABS Light Came on

    Thanks to all! I made an appointment, but they can't see me until 12/14. I guess 2 ford dealers in my area closed recently and they are getting a lot of new customers. I will try resetting the computer....and check the fluid at the same time... If that doesn't do it then I will try to...
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    2000 XLS ABS Light Came on

    All, I did a search on "ABS LIGHT ON" and got many many many returns. I looked through them, and didn't find any info that seemed to help me. They mostly seemed to be for for pre-94 explorers. So please don't flame me for reposting. Yesterday, completely out of the blue my ABS light...
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    Broken Armrest

    Mine was replaced by the dealer under the 3yr/36k mile warranty.
  10. F


    Anyone hunt out there? Ducks? Pheasants? I got my first 2 ducks of the early season today in CT!!! Public land pheasants start Saturday! Anyone know of any websites for hunting that have regional bulletin boards?
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    V8 AWD offroading? am i nuts?

    Bring the fly rod is right! I fished just outside of the cut, by South Beach last Sunday in the heavy fog and caught about a dozen stripers (no keepers), all about 5 feet from shore, just before the waves crash. Then some seals came through and killed that fun. Also, the Albies were right...
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    MTV Spydergames?? Want to clue me in..

    Remember Friday Night Videos??????? These were on prior to my area getting cable (and therefore MTV).
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    Best Window Wind / Rain Deflectors?

    I wasn't sure where to post this....... Anyone have input on window wind/rain deflectors? Are the all pretty much the same? Different installations? What do you recommend? Thanks in adv.!
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    WTC: Flash movie, please watch....

    WOW........... That was by far, the best internet tribute I have seen!!! Let's keep our hopes and prayers alive!
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    Where to buy used rims (in Northeast)

    All, Does anyone know where to get used rims in the Northeast section of the U.S.? Or, online? Most junkyards want $100 or more per rim. I am looking for inexpensive rims to use off road. Thanks!
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    Just an after - 96 V8 EB

    Codewiz, I read in another thread you removed your body lift as a comprise for your wife. Is this true? If so, can you post some new pics? Thanks!
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    Goodyear Wrangler AT/S's being bad

    Mine shake also, right around 60-65 mph. I took them back 3x to a ford a dealer and they changed the balance weights on each wheel and re-aligned them every time. Still shakes. My "deathstones" never shook. I don't know what to do next.
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    Fitting 33's

    All of your trucks look awesome! But, what do you think is the minimum you would have to do to get 33s under a 2000 X? I do not do too much serious off-roading. I fly-fish a lot and hunt a lot. So, I do a lot of muddy field driving and logging road driving. So, I do not "need" to have the...
  19. F

    Fitting 33's

    All, I have an oppurtunity to pick up some black rock crawler rims with a no name AT tire on them for a real good price. What is the least inexpensive way to get them to fit on a 2000 x? I am guessing a TT&Shackles plus a 2" or 3" body lift would do it. Anyone have first hand experience...
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    30k Mile Service Package

    30k service came to $433.56 (tax included). From what I can tell on the receipt they did the following, plus I hope they inspected everything else: 1. Inspected and adjusted brakes. 2. Oil change and new filter. 3. Air filter (I took my K&N out and put the original in before dropping...
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    Engine Stalling on 2000 XLS???

    Here is the story: 1st of all, the dealer wouldn't make an appointment to see my "X" until the end of next week. So, I called AAA, had them pick up the "X" and park it right in the middle of the dealer's service garage, saying that it is disabled. I had it fixed within 24 hours..... I...
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    Shackles & TT w/Stock Tires

    Splashman, Thanks for the pics! I think I am going to do the TT and shackles (or addaleaf), and retain my stock tires (for now). Maybe after the warranty is up I will go big... I just had the deathstones replaced at the dealer, because I didn't feel like going through the reimbursement...
  23. F

    Shackles & TT w/Stock Tires

    Anyone have pics of what a shackle & tt lift look like with stock size tires (15" rims)? I tried searching, but came up with almost what I was looking for, but not quite exactly what I was looking for. I am curious if looks funny or ok? I am 6'7" and don't want to have to sit down to get...
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    30k Mile Service Package

    What do you guys think about the 30k mile service package that the Ford dealers offer? What do the costs typically run? One dealer told me around $250-$300, and little more if the brakes need work....If you were to do it yourself, how long would it take you? Thanks!
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    What did you own before your Explorer

    1. 1973 VW Bug Conv. (new heads/cylinders, bored over to 1871cc, dual weber carbs, free flow exhaust, etc.). Great high school and college project. 2. 1987 Jeep Pick Up (stock) 3. 1991 3000GT VR4 (upgraded turbos, larger fuel injectors, larger fuel pump, free flow exhaust, lowered 1.5"...