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Search results

  1. adamsbro2

    New territory

    ok guys. I am in completely new territory that I never thought I would be in. I bought a 2wd. 94 xlt. I am calling out all the 2wd guys and asking for some fun ideas cause I have always been the 4wd rock crawling guy.
  2. adamsbro2

    Full Width SAS missing detail

    I am very close to starting my sas and have been searching and searching for different ideas on how to go about it. I have looked at so many different threads i could damn near do most of it with my eyes closed. The one detail i cant seem to find very many pictures/details about is how the...
  3. adamsbro2

    RTI Scores

    Hey guys wondering if anyone has had their rigs in an RTI rampant what did it score? Put mine on one today with a bunch of jeeps....I won the ifs class in the competition but it was my first time on one.....with the drivers side tire going up I scored a 601.....not great but not bad considering...
  4. adamsbro2

    New members to utah explorers

    Hey guys let's use this thread to introduce ourselves and our rigs......and give out any info you feel comfortable giving... I'll start.......I'm Bryan Anderson, I live in syracuse, utah, Anthony a.k.a. (suicide77) started the utah explorers chapter of this forum.....I currently have a 93...
  5. adamsbro2

    Electric Shift 1354 swap to Manual Shift 1354

    Ok guys I know this has been done by a few people but I thought I would share my experience. My electronic shifting transfer case quit shifting for me for the last time. I was tired of having issues with it. So I went to the scrap yard and got a BW1354 Manual shift transfer case with shift...
  6. adamsbro2

    manual hubs

    I have a question for all you super smart guys out there........I have been grenadine my warn manual hubs every time I go out ever since I put the Detroit ezlocker in the front......they work great til it there a manufacturer of these hubs that will work better with a locker...
  7. adamsbro2

    body swap

    So I have a favorite explorer body style is the 3rd gen.....I just think it's a sweet looking ride....but the drive train was a what are people's thoughts on swapping a third gen body onto a 1st gen frame? How hard do you think it would be? I think the hardest...
  8. adamsbro2


    Hi guys........I am getting ready to do a full width SAS on my 93 and i have been reading and reading getting all the info i can before i start. I have found tons of information and so far can only think of one thing i seem to be having trouble finding. When tearing down my d44 i removed the...
  9. adamsbro2

    Little moab

    Hey guys, suicide99, myself, and a few others from different groups possibly. We are planning a trip to little moab on February 27th.........would anyone be interested in meeting us there to play?
  10. adamsbro2

    Moab 2015 Planning - Setting a date

    Just wondering if anyone has talked about a date yet for Moab in 2015? (Edited by Admin) May 22-24, 2015 is now on the table. If you have another suggestion please add it to this thread.
  11. adamsbro2

    Moab 2014 May 16-18

    Any word on when the 2014 moab trip will be? We are picking our vacations for next year and i would like to try and get it off if i can. (Edit) The 2014 Moab run will take place May 16-18. For the 1st timers it is highly recommended that you purchase Charles Wells "Guide to Moab, UT...
  12. adamsbro2

    Emergency brake replacement options......

    Ok so I have been messing with this ebrake since I put the lift on.............POS.. Anyways I have been thinking of different things I could do for an ebrake instead of the stock style.......any ideas? My first and still considering thought is using a brake line lock but then I'm going to...
  13. adamsbro2

    Locker!!!!! Front or Rear?

    Ok so I am planning to put a locker in my 93 before moab in may. But i cant decide whether to put it in front or rear.... I do have the LS in the rear that appears to work as well as a factory LS can... so should i put the locker up front and do the rear later or vice versa. Those of you...
  14. adamsbro2

    97 explorer parts

    Ok I have been looking for a rear axle with disc brakes I found someone selling an entire 97 sport for 500 I was wondering if anyone on here might want parts or anything to help me pay for it. It has no compression on 2 cylinders. If I have enough help ill probably get this but if not ill just...
  15. adamsbro2

    Seating options

    Ok so in order for the family to fit in my 93 I need one extra seat. My options as I see it are 1. Add a third seat in the cargo area. (Which would work but takes up alot of cargo room for supplies). Or 2. Replace the front seat and center console with one from a ranger that has the fold...
  16. adamsbro2

    manual shift transfer case

    I know I know SEARCH.....well i really just dont want too right now but want to know!!! So if anyone is willing to discuss this please help. I am wanting to switch to a manual shift transfer case and would like to know what vehicles the borg warner 1354 manual shift came in so i can try to...
  17. adamsbro2

    For Sale parts from 93 explorer.

    To start I have knuckles and calipers all in good shape could use new ball joints and obviously pads and maybe cleaned and painted but really pretty great shape. Asking $25 per knuckle and $20 per caliper plus shipping! More parts will be posted in the next couple days but to give an idea I...
  18. adamsbro2


    I'm using the 911 feature again today! My 93 has developed a grinding noise that only seems to be there in high rpm 1st gear and low rpm second then it disappears. I have taken apart the rear end checked all bearings put new fluid. Checked all the ujoints. Took the front end apart checked...
  19. adamsbro2

    axle width

    I am looking to get a d44 for a sas and found one the hit isn't sure what it came out of. It's a high pinion 44 measures 54.5 from outer upper ball joint to outer upper ball joint. Is this the length of the eb d44? Only posting here cause its an awesome deal if its the right size and need to...
  20. adamsbro2

    Spindle Bearing

    I am trying like hell to figure out how to get these bearings and seals out of my spindle... I cant get a punch or anything in there to tap it out from the backside? PLEASE any help would be AWESOME!!!!!!
  21. adamsbro2

    93 Temperature problems???

    Ok so I have had the truck for 2 years. as long as i have had it i have thought there was no thermostat in it or it was stuck open because it NEVER got even to the N of NORMAL on the temp gauge. I recently installed new gears tires and lift kit and the first few times i drove it it appeared...
  22. adamsbro2

    93 Explorer

    I have a 93 Explorer XL.. I live in Clearfield, UT.. My email is I will try to post some pictures of the Explorer as soon as the work is done. Currently it is stock and some mods are being installed. I have a Build Thread that i am doing if anyone is interested...
  23. adamsbro2

    TTB alignment in utah

    Ok so as some know i am currently lifting my X.. my question is does anyone in northern utah have a place that they trust to do a good alignment on a modified X???? I was thinking about firestone and their lifetime alignment but i have heard really bad things about them and dont want to waste...
  24. adamsbro2

    93 Explorer project "The Hulk"

    Ok to give a starting point i want to say that i have had a 91 X that i had the Superlift 5.5" lift on back in 2001 took it to MOAB and had a blast including jumping it 5' yes FEET off the ground at the dunes. However it was unfinished and i was 19 and traded it in for another vehicle and have...
  25. adamsbro2

    Manual Transmission Plugs

    Hi all. I scored a sweet deal 400 for a 93 X that i was able to limp home. I drove it a half hour home the only NOTICEABLE problem so far is the clutch is GONE!!! So i went and bought a new clutch and pulled the tranny. which by the way i recommend a trans jack and or 2+ people that thing is...