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Search results

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    James Duff Radius Arm Pics

    For years I have searched and searched to find good pics of the JD radius arms to only find one or two under body shots. I finally droped some dime and got my very own set. I'm hoping to get the other suspension components off and have them all coated black. My undercarrage needs a littel TLC...
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    broken center pin bolt

    Went to remove my broken rear locker and the rear center pin bolt has broken out at the threads. I am having a hell of a time getting it out. Until I remove the bolt, I can't get the pin out to remove the locker. Anyone have any usefull info that wil help me out? I have tried to drill it...
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    No 4wd

    I finally got home from the desert and went wheeling with some friends. After trying to climb a hill I have conqured before, being muddy, I couldn't make it. Before leaving, I was "dared" to try it backwards. After goosing it a bit in reverse (knowing I wasn't going to make it) I heard a very...
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    My newest Explorer accessory

    I was going to go about this a totally different way until AlaskanJack spoiled it! See how here! post #34 This is our new baby! He was born on 9 August 2004 weighing 5 lbs & 8 oz, and measuring in at 20 inches. He is truly amazing! I never thought I could love something as much as I do...
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    Get well wish for NAK4AF

    Hello everyone, this is Casa the "better half" :) I would like to let everyone know that Chris underwent a major ear surgery yesterday, of which everything went GREAT!!! He was in surgery for a little over 4 hours and came through with no problems. I was posting a Get Well Wish for him on here...
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    Able to use my QD's again

    After the combination spring and spacer lift on my Ex, the swaybars wouldn't fit anymore. I cut the old sway bar mounts off, grinded them down smooth and relocated them to line up properly. I had a friend do a quick weld to hold them in place. Now the bumpsteer is virtually gone when...
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    Today was a great photo opportunity!

    The weather here in Anchorage was perfect today! Not a cloud in site so the wife and I decided to go for a short drive and get some pics. Here is my favorite from today (not including the ones of my gorgeous wife)! If you want to see more...just ask and I'll post.
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    What do you think of Omaha, Nebraska?

    I just found out I'm going to be moving to Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska and wanted to get some insite to the area. Please tell me what you guys think. Pictures of the area and outdoor activities would help. Particurlarly off-roading!
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    My Mug

    This is me!
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    vent lines are important

    A while back in mid Fall, AlaskanJack and I did a little wheeling up at Jims Creek near Knick Glacier. While going down the trail to the 4wheeling, I remembered I didn't ever put a vent line on my front diff. Of corse I realized this after going through some puddles that were over my hubs...
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    35's with 8 inches of lift

    I have noticed a few people asking for pics of a 6" lift with 35's. Well I have the 6" Skyjacker with F-150 spacers and SOA with 4 leaf pack with Warriors and a 1" BL. Totaling 8 inches all together! Also I have the 35X12.5/15 TRXUS MT's. Enjoy!
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    My custom axe mount

    O.K. everyone! AlaskanJack and I were brain storming over this and this is what I did to mount my axe in my cargo area. The parts! I made this to secure the axe handle to the wall. Finished product. This is with the axe removed from the mount. It was fairly simple...
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    2 - 4dr driveshaft differences

    Had to ask! Couldn't find the answer by doing a search! I have done the rear SOA to my '93 2 door and the driveshaft is near seperating. Will the 4 door driveshaft of the same year model be the right length to make up the difference. It will only cost $75 for it compared to $350 for a...
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    Rear wiper won't shut off!

    Since I went wheeling the otherday, the rear wiper will come on by itself with the switch turned off. When I was down-jacking the rear after getting unstuck with my hi-lift, the jack pushed the wiper arm up but didn't break it. It just cycled through and came back on the rest stop. Since...
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    Ring and pinion gears

    I just called Randy's Ring & Pinion about ordering some 4.56 gears for my X. Jason said that with a 4.56 gears I would have to get a 7/8" cross pin so it would clear the ring gear. Has anyone heard of this? Is this ligit? I checked localy at two shops yesterday and they never mentioned...
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    Need list of factory gears

    I changed my gears from 3.27 to 3.73 L/S for under $200 curticy of local junk yard. I want to go to 4.10 and invest the same $$$. Does anyone have a list of factory offered gears for the X? I don't even know if4.10 was ever offered as an option or not. I'm thinking of swapping in a rear...
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    4.0 Horsepower Rebuild?

    I have searched this topic profusely and have found vanirtech to be the only supplier of performence parts. Unfortunatly, their website states they will no longer be supplying parts for the 4.0L. Can anyone tell me where I can get performance parts for an engine rebuild? I know Chevy offers...
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    seating possibilities

    I found some nice leather seats in the salvage yard from a 1996 2DR Sport. Will these bolt right in to a 1993 2DR Sport. I want to do front and rear. Both rear seats are 50/50 split. They looked close enough to me. maybe someone has enough experience with Explorer seats to know. Also...
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    For those who have GM tow hooks

    When I bought my front gears, the salvage yard threw in a set of GM tow hooks. I just went to install them but I found out it wouldn't be as easy as I thought. It seems that the front bumper will be in the way. Will I have to make some notches for these to work properly? I can see a good...
  20. N

    Front end clunking

    This noise started after I installed and removed the F150 spacers. When I hit the brake really hard, and sometimes when starting I hear the front end bang or clunk (really loud). I made sure the radius arms were tightened and they were. I think the bushings might be worn though. Will...
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    Best price for Powertrax

    Any suggestions for best price for a Powertrax locker. Also, will it work in the front axle as well?
  22. N

    How are factory lockers?

    I have came across a great deal at the salvage yard and it seems too good to pass by. I currently have 3.27:1 gears with 31X10.5. VERY SLUGGISH! I am going to get a whole, complete rear axle with 3.73:1 with a locker (possibly a limited slip) for $170 with exchange. I can get the front third...
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    Alignment after coil spacers

    :frustrate O.K.! After installing my F150 spacers I go and talk with the guy at the alignment shop and he tells me that I'll need bushings to correct the angle and such. The total for the alignment comes to $139 plus the cost of the bushings. The price is the same at other shops as well...
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    F150 spacers...What to cut?

    I finally received my F150 coil seats and I want to know if the two tabs on each spacer need to be cut off or not? Or will they slip on without interference? My search efforts have been uneventfull! I have seen a post stating you have to cut off the tabs when installing the F150 coil seats...
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    F-150 coil spacer part # change

    I just called Ford and gave them the part #' for the F-150 coil seats (F2TZ5A307A and F2TZ5A307B). When the guy typed them in these part #'s came up; (F2TZ5A307E and F2TZ5A307F). It still listed as the same thing! Has Ford changed this part # or is this the wrong part? Any help would be...