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Search results

  1. STEVE-O

    Thinking about an SAS few ?'s.

    So, I've been thinking about doing an SAS for a while now, and just have some general questions for some people in the "know". Also, I have pretty much any possible tool I need to do this readily available to me, along with many that I wouldnt need. Anyway, first of all, are there any dana...
  2. STEVE-O

    After the 3" BL and 33s on my 99

    Everyone knows what a stock ranger looks like so uh there is no before pic. I don't know where they went so here are the afters. The side of my truck... My engine.... The front end.... My painted undercarriage... The interior showing my gauges and such. Let me...
  3. STEVE-O

    Some new BL ?s for everyone

    Ok, so heres the deal. My Dad decided that he wants to start modding his 2000 explorer after owning it since new. Well, since my old body lift from my 92 didnt exactly sell, he said he would take it off my hands if i would put it on for him. He said he would also pay for my new body lift for my...
  4. STEVE-O

    Figured I'd register mine...

    My 99 XLT, Offroad edition, all that other stuff. Me standing in front of it a week after i got it last June. The other side... The same side stuffing the rear tire. My new lightning style exhaust. Figured this might create some activity in this empty part of the...