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Search results

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    F/S: OE All-Weather floor mats

    I am selling the OEM all-weather floor mats I have from my Explorer. They will fit '95-'01 4-door and '95+ Sport models. Post or PM if interested. I accept paypal. $70 shipped obo
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    Symptoms of a dieing amp

    Ok so I've had my JBL PowerValve BP300.1 for about a year and a half now. It's pushing my single Image Dynamics ID10 10" 250w sub as it as been the whole time. This past year, the amp sometimes wouldn't turn on with the system but if I turned the truck off and then back on the amp would then...
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    Need help with electric motor care

    Ok so I'm relatively new to the world of R/C vehicles. I own a Duratrax Evader BX that I got for Christmas this last year. Well after six months of use, the motor in it died. I had some issues with it about 3 months ago are replaced the brushes and cleaned it out with electric motor spray...
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    Fog light aiming help

    Last night I took the X for a bit of offroading and well, long story short, I hit the front end decently hard and it bent the foglights back a bit. How can I put them back to how they were? Thanks.
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    Facelifted Explorer spyshots

    Yes here are some spy shots of the face lifted Explorer. It looks as though only the front, rear, and side mirros are being changed as nothing else is covered.
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    Fun game

    My friend sent me this game. I found it fun and funny. (sorry if this is a repost) Dead Link Removed
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    Dash surround part number. . .

    Does anyone know how I can find out the part number for the dash/stereo/Air controls sourround without ripping the dash apart? It's sad but whatever Ford used to make the surround piece the nice aluminum color, it's dings and get's marked up very easily. Mine isn't too bad yet but when it gets...
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    Diamond cut headlights for 2nd gen. Explorer from

    Yes they are finally making these for you 2nd gen. guys. Here is their description of the lights: FORD EXPLORER 1995-2001 EURO CLEAR DIAMOND CUT HEADLIGHTS FORD EXPLORER 1995-2001 EURO CLEAR DIAMOND CUT HEADLIGHTS - Free-Form headlights feature computer designed reflector surfaces...
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    Couple A/C questions

    Whenever I have the A/C running and take off from a stop light or sign with around 1/2 throttle the air from the A/C becomes warmer and when I take away some throttle it goes back to cold. Is this normal? Second question: When the truck is idleing with the A/C on there is a hum from the...
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    03 Explorer Sport

    Since Image Station started not allowing remote linking anymore I needed to make a new page with updated pics. So here is the new page. Received on 4/30/03: 2003 Explorer Sport XLT Premium, 4x2, Silver Birch Standard Options: Convenience Group Comfort Group Premium Sport Package...
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    New Pioneer DEH-P7600MP

    So I put this new HU in my X this past week. It's f'in awesome!!!! I love it! MP3 CDs are great! The built in high-pass crossover and the non-fading sub pre-amp out are great features!! This was definitely money well spent. Here are a couple pics:
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    Chekc out this auction
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    Got my sub installed today

    Yeah I got my sub in today and it sounds great!!! I have an Image Dynamics ID10 V.3 Dual 4 ohm sub powered by a JBL BP300.1. this is what it looks like when it's dark: Originally the sub had this black plastic cover over it too: But, the cover was touching the cone and making...
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    2003 Sport seat question

    Does anyone know, if the cloth seats on the 2003 Sports/SportTracs are pre-wired for the seat heaters? They come with the leather package and I really want to add them to my cloth seats and I was hoping it would just be a plug-in if it's pre-wired. Is there a plug I should look for somewhere...
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    Would it hurt the amp if I. . .

    Would it hurt the amp if I mounted it right in front of the sub? I was hopeing to mount it in front of the sub because that is where it would take up the least amount of space and I would still be able to access the controls on it. It is a JBL BP300.1. So do you think it will damage the amp if...
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    Need help with my comp

    Ok for some reason, everytime I shut down my comp or restart it, it says: Ending Program - Win Min Now I've searched all over my comp for this Win Min to delete it. I can't find it anywhere. What can a I do? Also, I now have all these damn extra links in my Favorites now and they come back...
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    MP3 Headunit vs. CD Changer

    OK I have a slight dilemma. Currently I have a Pioneer DEH-P6400. This unit does not play MP3 encoded CDs. I was thinking of buying a CD changer so I wouldn't have to worry about switching CDs by hand while driving. The problem with this is that the changer would have to be located in my...
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    Guys get out and help stop breast cancer!

    My friend sent me this study: I think it is wonderful. I will help stop breast cancer!! Will you? :D
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    Couple Qs regarding

    First off, has anyone purchased through them? I'm looking at getting a JBL BP300.1 or JBL BP600.1. Second, at the top of the screen it says "Please note that we are NOT authorized JBL internet dealers. The warranty on any item purchased at is ONLY through" Does...
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    Passenger seat unsafe?

    Ok while out driving today, I was following this long line of cars. I was following this company's F-150 when all the sudden everyone slams on their brakes. I hit mine as well and stopped well short of the F-150. I did almost get rearended by a 2003 Chevy Silverado since the woman driving...
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    Anyone bought from Pure Car Audio?

    I'm looking to get a Phoenix Gold Octane R 2.5:2 amp from them . I need to know if they are a respectable place to buy from. Thanks.
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    Water dripping from muffler

    Ok I noticed again today that when ever I park on a slant, such as my driveway, water drips out of the muffler. It isn't just a little it's a lot. It doesn't matter if the car has been driven for 100 miles or less that a tenth of a mile. I can put it in the driveway after sitting all day and...
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    JD Power and Associates

    For those of you that have 2003 vehicles...Did you get a survey from JD Power & Associates? I did. I gave my vehicle almost all top marks. I didn't put below an 8 (on a scale of 1-10) for anything. Infact I think I only used an 8 twice. Once for fuel tank size, and the other for ground...
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    Have you had problems with your factory moonroof?

    Recently I've been reading some posts on this site and others that people are having problems with their factory moonroofs. Mostly it's been from Explorer and Expedition owners. I'm curious to see if I can expect problems with mine in about 3-4 years after the warranty is gone. So, have...
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    Took my 4.0L SOHC above 5k RPM

    Let me tell you, it was awsome! I really love the sound of it up there. It shifted at about 5300 RPM but I don't think I had my foot down all the way since I believe redline is closer to 6000 RPM. The truck really moves when you put your foot into it. I have a whole new reason to love my new...