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Search results

  1. Graduation 2005

    Graduation 2005

  2. JTX

    Wanted: Advance adapters ford 4.0l adapter kit to gm 700r4

    I have a kit and rebuilt, 0 mile transmission/convertor. PM me and we will work something out.
  3. JTX

    Led Setup in my 97 Mountaineer

    Looks cool! Which LEDs did you use?
  4. JTX

    delexploder's "Vader" 97 v8 sport

    I understand your frustration with this. I used an early 97 motor harness with a 2000 tranny and had nothing but trouble. I finally just went to the junk yard and found an early 97 Transmission harness and it solved all of my problems so far. Good luck, if you need pictures of my harnesses let...
  5. JTX

    about to lose it....

    Did you check the Cam Sensor?
  6. JTX

    Weird Ignition Issue 5.0l v8

    Found my issue, the newer Transmission harness isn't even close to the 97 engine harness. I am going to check the U Pull it today and see if I can find a 97 AWD harness.
  7. JTX

    Weird Ignition Issue 5.0l v8

    I used the 97 since the 98 was all hacked up from the junkyard. I am going to start with the TRS and see what happens. In the TRS there is a circuit that is Hot in "run". It may be bad and completing the wrong circuit. We will see.
  8. JTX

    Weird Ignition Issue 5.0l v8

    I swapped a 98 5.0l into a 97 2wd 5.0l, I've almost got everything back together but I am having a weird ignition issue that I can't seem to trouble shoot. When I turn the key to "run" the starter turns, it will continue to turn until I turn the ignition to off. I've checked the S cable and...
  9. JTX

    JTX's Return! 1997 Mountaineer Build Thread SAS/4wd Conversion

    Thanks, your build gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas for this project. I love the look of your Explorer and what you have done with it. The FOA shocks aren't looking good at this point. It's just sitting right now and I noticed a small amount of oil running out of both of them. I wont...
  10. JTX

    JTX's Return! 1997 Mountaineer Build Thread SAS/4wd Conversion

    I've been gone for several years after losing the transmission in my 94 Ford Explorer(almost 10 years ago!:eek:). Life has changed a lot since then, I got Married, had a Child, and am having another one any day. Some of my greatest memories growing up came from my 1994 Ford Explorer. Memories...
  11. JTX

    BMXking's Axle Swap 1st gen. Coils/Radius Arms!!!

    Just logged in and saw this. RIP Bryan, like Burns i am a similar age and we all built our Explorers around the same time. I really enjoyed watching his builds and talking to him. :(
  12. JTX

    What do y'all want?

    FIND made some great points. I would work your day job until the business is profitable. You wont be able to get a loan until the business has a track record of profits. I would take that off the table from the start. If you want it you gotta work hard for it, save up and get the equipment and...
  13. JTX

    Parting out 97 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD with Gray leather interior

    Passenger side Coil pack? Busted mine pulling the engine.
  14. JTX

    Just in case any one ever wants to see...

    I thought that was the new style? It will look sweet with the MT's.
  15. JTX

    Parting out 97 Mountaineer 5.0 AWD with Gray leather interior

    Do you have the 3 AC/Fan knobs?
  16. JTX

    For Sale Parting Out 97 Explorer Limited V8 + Extras!!

    Do you have the 3 AC/Climate knobs?
  17. JTX

    For Sale Parting Out 97 Explorer Limited V8 + Extras!!

    I will take the wires, do you have plugs to? What other engine parts? To many pages to read through. Oh and a tranny with free shipping! haha
  18. JTX

    ExplorerForum "Serious Explorations" Hitch Cover give away

    I nominate Brian1, he's always helping me.
  19. JTX

    ExplorerForum "Serious Explorations" Hitch Cover give away

    I nominate JTX. Can we do that?
  20. JTX


    Headed there for lunch!
  21. JTX

    Something w/ rabbits. 72.5 pages of BS

    I've been gone for 4 years and this thing still isn't done?
  22. JTX

    looking for new mexico wheelers

    I will be back to wheeling soon hopefully. Planning a few things, starting to get some time to get things going again.
  23. JTX

    Anyone use

    The companies do full credit checks and verify employment. It basically the same process a bank uses now. Heath, I checked out Prosper and it looks like New Mexico isn't allowed to lend right now. How's it been going?
  24. JTX

    Moab 2013 - May 10-12

    Married with a Son. That's where most of my time is spent now an days. I will try hard to make this! A year seems like plenty of time. lol
  25. JTX

    Anyone use

    Heath, I ended up breaking even after 3 years of having my money on Prosper (partially my fault for high risk loans). When they went through there quite period for the SEC everyone stopped paying there loans. I would recommend LendingClub. I haven't had one loan go bad on there and if you look...