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Search results

  1. StryctNy9e

    For Sale A few 1st gen parts for sale

    All parts are going for junk yard prices, you pay shipping, and everything works.All parts except the power steering pump were on the engine I bought with 75,000 miles. The power steering pump has 141,000 miles on it but works good. I perfer local pickup but willing to off if you pay shipping...
  2. StryctNy9e

    New engine, now wont go over 25MPH

    1993 ford explorer XLT 4x4 atomatic. I did a engine swap the last two days. Engine went in smooth and I took it out for the first test drive last night and the truck didnt want to go over 25 mph. I didnt get a exact rpm reading I just know it wasent right because I could hear the engine reving...
  3. StryctNy9e

    Recommendations while swapping engine

    I am going to do a engine swap and Im making a list of what I should replace while the engine is out. I plan on repacing the oil pump, cleaning the engine bay and repainting(nothing special just rattle can). Was thinking wether or not I should replace the flexplate. I will also relpace the motor...
  4. StryctNy9e

    Wanted cherry picker

    Does any one in the portland OR area have a cherry picker I can rent or use? If no one has any can you please provide me with a source of where I can rent one. I fould 2 local places so far and one place wants $35 per day and the other $25 per day and both of these places are located on the...
  5. StryctNy9e

    Stryctny9e's 1993 XLT

    Hey guys, thoght I would make a registry for my explorer. I bought my EX for $1800 about a year ago with 132,000 miles on it. Strong motor, she ran smooth, and a bunch of little issues. That is when I was searching to resolve them and found this site. It all started with the drivers side door...
  6. StryctNy9e

    Learning the hard way

    If you guys didnt see from my other post I recently got my EX stuck bigtime. I planned to go out with my friends target shooting in the forest and got in over my head. I was cruising down the trails smashing throught puddles and none were that deep. Small enough that my 4x4 XLT would go right...
  7. StryctNy9e

    Rod Knock? what do you think

    Recently I got my truck stuck in a deep mudhole/puddle. I have a 1993 XLT 140,000 miles and it runs strong. When I hit the hole the truck died, the water was not as high as the intake and when I restarted the ex it had a knock. I have not noticed any difference in preformance. I changed the oil...
  8. StryctNy9e

    got my truck stuck bigtime NEED HELP!!!!

    Went out wheelin today in the scapoose forest near portland Oregon and got my truck high centered bigtime. I was driving through puddles and made it through several fine and went to go through the last one which looked to be the same as the others, but nope high centered the shi* out of her...
  9. StryctNy9e

    no 4 wheel low range

    just found out that my 4 wheel low range is not working. I have used the high plenty of times and it works great, but I just went to pop it in low because I want to do some wheeling tommarow and nothing but a loud thud when changing from high to low. I can hear the relays working and im going to...
  10. StryctNy9e

    wheel & tire questions

    I have a 1993 XLT that I will soon be doing a coil seat and add a leaf lift. I would like to to know what size tires i will be able to run. I would like to go with 31x12.50x16 (285/75/16). I was wondering if i need any backspacing on the rim. I would like to get these cragars from summit. I want...
  11. StryctNy9e

    new member

    hows it going? I have been reading your guys forums for about a month and gained plenty of great information and decided to pay my dues and join. 1 year ago i moved up to oregon from cali and bought a 1993 ford explorer XLT 4x4 with 130,000 on it for $1800. I had talked the guy down from $2000...