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Search results

  1. Dumple


    Zanesville area for me. Working on picking up a new ex now
  2. Dumple

    289 np435

    Ok the 289 is a 6 bolt so I can use either one. I know the m5od-r2 is a better option but I'm specifically asking about the new process right now.
  3. Dumple

    289 np435

    OK i know that a 302 and 5 speed is going to be a better option but im getting my hands on a 289 for $free.99 and i can find an np435 for cheap too. My question is does anyone currently run a small block in the 1st gen b2/ranger? Im sure i could figure out getting the 289 in there just fine but...
  4. Dumple

    Bronco ii 4.0 tach

    Ok after a week owning it the tach is where it needs to be. This morning it was off. Now at lunch it's on. Weird.
  5. Dumple

    Bronco ii 4.0 tach

    I recently picked up an 88 bronco ii that the P.O. swapped a 4.0 into. It was a pretty clean swap and everything is working like it should, except for the tach. It reads about 1300 at idle. It is idling at a normal spot it's just the tach is off. The tach rises and falls with the engine just...
  6. Dumple

    Auto trans not shifting when cold

    How often to do a tranny flush? I'd say probably every 50,000 miles or so. If it's higher miles you might do it more frequently.
  7. Dumple

    Auto trans not shifting when cold

    Id say flush it, new filter and new fluid should do it. I spent some time in AK and the dudes up there would kick the tcase into neutral and leave the tranny in gear for a few minutes while their trucks warmed up to get all of the tranny fluid warm and running through everything. Just a thought.
  8. Dumple

    '93 Sport Expo/ trail rig build

    Thats looking good! What kind of tires are you planning on running?
  9. Dumple

    dana 44 hp

    I just picked up 2 dana 44 High pinions and ive got a question. They both need some parts rebuilt on it. The one has a problem with the pinion not engaging on the ring and the other is missing the passenger side axle shaft and has drum brakes. So my question is can I take D44 ttb parts and slap...
  10. Dumple

    EB dana 30

    Sp I picked up a 66-77 bronco dana 30 for $free.99 and it's got most of the goodies there. Radius arms, coils, steering... but it needs an axle shaft and everything from the steering knuckles out. My biggest question is can I use xj d30 parts and slap them on my EB d30? This will be going under...
  11. Dumple

    drop pitman arm

    Ok. I'll have to get a precise measurement of it tonight. Like I said I'm almost positive that the steering linkage is moving in the pitman arm hole.
  12. Dumple

    drop pitman arm

    So I went and bought a rough country 4 inch lift for a ranger knowing that I'd be doing a SOA in the rear. Well everything turned out great, except for one thing. The pitman arm. The one that came in the kit rear f150/bronco on the side so I was skeptical. But being just ready to wheel I slapped...
  13. Dumple

    4 inch lift?

    I've got a rough country 4" up front and an soa in the rear. It does perfectly fine for me. I'm currently running 33x10.5x15 super swamper tsl tires and I've got plenty of flex room.
  14. Dumple

    Explorer Lift

    If i hunting is what youre doing then id say do a 4 inch. I live up here in Alaska and just slapped Rough Country's 4" lift on my explorer and did a spring over swap and could not be happier. Im currently runn 33x10.5x15s and i have a ton of wheel travel. It lets the explorer set just high...
  15. Dumple

    auto to manual hub question

    yep, they are both off of 92 xl trucks. Thanks for the help!
  16. Dumple's 92 explorer

    Dumple's 92 explorer

  17. Dumple

    auto to manual hub question

    After finishing my lift I made a mistake. So my origional axles came with an open rear diff and 3.27 gears. Lame. So I bought a parts truck for a song and it came with 3.73s and a limited slip rear end. So I swapped them over while lifting the truck and did a pretty nice soa swap. Well me...
  18. Dumple

    Rhino lined floor plan questions

    Hey, guys, so ive been doing some pipe dreaming. Who here has rhino lined the entire floor plan of their daily driver? Is there a big difference in noise? How does it fair in the winter, does it make it a lot colder in the cab now? And also how much does it cost for front to back? If youve got...
  19. Dumple

    99 5.0 questions

    Do you think that an m5od-r2 out of a bronco or f150 would do the trick? And also will the shifter line up where the current m5od-r1 is?
  20. Dumple

    99 5.0 questions

    Hey, Gurus, I might have an opportunity to pick up a 99 ex with a 5.0 in it for cheap. Are these 5.0s roller motors? and is this a pretty straight foward(for the most part) swap into a first gen explorer? And what manual trans/t-case would you recommend for the swap? Thanks in advance.
  21. Dumple

    jeep xj bumpers on a real suv

    So I recently joined the explorer fan club and bought my first x 3 months ago. First off its a 92, xl, 4.0 ohv, 5 speed, 4 door and 4x4. This truck has the option of power nothing and I love it. When I bought it the ladies said that the tires needed replaced and they just didn't have the time or...