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Search results

  1. KPT

    96 explorer transmission trouble

    Its your transfer case. Try low range. I bet it doesn't make the noise.
  2. KPT

    BW4405 Transfer Case H,L,N???

    Your shift rail bores are worn. Its a very common problem with these transfer cases.
  3. KPT

    Ignition issues? CHECK YOUR COIL PACK FOR RUST!!

    I'm not convinced cleaning the rust under the coil pack does anything. I'd be more likely to believe there was a bad connection on one of the spark plug wires and moving the coil pack helped. Its a waste spark ignition system. Notice how there are only three coils on the bottom of the coil...
  4. KPT

    BW4405 Rebuild: Clutch Pack (disc) Orientation

    It sounds like you have the worn shift rail bore problem.
  5. KPT


    I have netflix streaming mainly to watch tv shows at work on down time. Causes me to usually run up 14 gigs a month on my cell plan. Glad I still have unlimited.
  6. KPT

    Champion- never again

    So my explorer was running a little rough. I maybe drive it 3K miles a year so I thought the injectors or something got dirty and tried some cleaners. Decided to pull all the spark plugs and found this. I don't remember exactly when I put these plugs in but it can't have been more than 10k...
  7. KPT


    Actively chose not to vote. I did not agree with either candidate. Looking at the results for my state, me voting or not would have made zero difference.
  8. KPT

    M5OD-R1 Low Gear Swap Questions

    Just something to think about if you are doing a rebuild- gears aren't cheap. Figure close to $100 per gear. Might be possible to find a junk M5R1 with the gearing you want and pull the gears if they are ok.
  9. KPT

    The Perfect storm

    There are fuses on transformers. I don't know enough about them to know why they didn't work though. That thing parallel with the insulator is a fuse.
  10. KPT

    The Perfect storm

    My dad sent me these pictures today. There's normally 15-20' of sand before the seawall.
  11. KPT


    I'm thinking it won't work. Its not an issue of 2 vs 4 door but OHV vs SOHC. I think the bellhousings changed.
  12. KPT

    Y-pipe in the way

    I read your post perfectly. I'm just trying to figure out what is different between first and second gen. On a second gen you don't have to pivot the engine at all to reach the top bolts with an extension. Maybe the firewalls are different between bodies. I did. In my first post.
  13. KPT

    Y-pipe in the way

    The top two transmission bolts? I just use a couple long extensions and get them from around the back of the transmission.
  14. KPT

    Y-pipe in the way

    No, it doesn't have to come out. At least not a second gen explorer. I'd imagine its much easier if you do take it off though.
  15. KPT

    Rebuilding M5OD - What bearings to replace?

    If you look at my rebuild thread the needle bearings caused my tranny to fail. There's no way I wouldn't replace them.
  16. KPT

    98 Eddie Bauer Rear Diff Leak

    My bell housing wasn't sealed to the engine either time I've pulled it? If it is indeed the rear diff cover you should follow the RTV instructions. I've had one leak when I just RTV'd it and bolted it right up. If you read the instructions it says something like get all the bolts finger...
  17. KPT

    Where is the horn? 1999 Ford Explorer Sport

    The link that was posted to my old post was a 2001 Explorer/Mountaineer. Those are going to be exactly the same as a 99....
  18. KPT

    Rebuilding M5OD - special tools

    You won't damage it as long as you only hammer on the inner race and keep it as straight as you can. I would use a piece of pipe with a 2x4 block on top. I don't remember how I got the output shaft bearing off, its been so long. I do have one of these but that won't give you enough reach...
  19. KPT

    Spilled Beer On Keyboard

    I'm not sure if I would do it with that keyboard but I have had great success putting basic keyboards in the dishwasher. You have to take it apart first, leave all the electronics out and put just the top half in the dishwasher. Comes out like new.
  20. KPT

    Any way to inspect 4405 before install?

    Yes, you'll get nothing but grinding.
  21. KPT

    Stupid is as stupid does..................

    I just had a moment fitting for this thread. My job recently transferred me. I had to get my F250 and my Corolla back to NC. I haven't bought a car hauler yet so I rented a tow dolly since it doesn't really matter vs a trailer on a FWD car. I get to my destination at midnight and say screw it...
  22. KPT

    Any way to inspect 4405 before install?

    You're always using the transfer case, even if you're in 2WD. The worn shift rail bores can happen to a t-case that has never been in 4WD. The wear comes from decelerating. The design of the case doesn't hold the rear output shaft all that well and over time it will push up on deceleration...
  23. KPT

    No 4th gear in my 5spd trans!?

    The output/main shaft are one and the same. You might as well rebuild the tranny if you swap the main shaft. Mmerlinn is incorrect also as to the output shaft being the only difference. The back half of the cases is different. You could probably swap them but you are also into rebuild...
  24. KPT

    How is manual 4th gear supposed to work on Ranger (M5R1)?

    That shaft is one piece. Nothing should spin independent of the shaft.
  25. KPT

    No 4th gear in my 5spd trans!?

    As I amtodd said they are very easy to rebuild. I'm just trying to think of how you could lose fourth. It is one shift fork for 3/4 and also one slider for 3/4. I'm doubting the slider would work for third and not fourth. Those "nubs" for for lack of a better word touching my thumb...