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Search results

  1. Derrick C.

    Comment by 'Derrick C.' in media 'My infamous roll pic....'

    And after all these years..........My paint is still on the rocks.:D
  2. Derrick C.

    Anyone here live in Boise ID

    Born and raised in southern Idaho. Boise's not even 2 hours north of me. Never wheeled up there but am told theres some pretty awesome places to go. Last I heard was they actually made a OHV area but haven't looked in to it yet. As for Idaho in a whole......I love Idaho. Miles and miles of...
  3. Derrick C.

    I think i am stuck?!

    Good stuck my man!!! :thumbsup: And its funny you were all dressed up. Every single time I've been stuck is when I'm all dressed up. It never failed. Wear my good clothes.......get stuck. :D
  4. Derrick C.

    Need some help guys!!!

    You are wise beyond your years Matt Adams. :p
  5. Derrick C.

    Need some help guys!!!

    Love the joke!!! I'll use it minus the virgin part. Thanks alot guys! Great ideas and support! I have no doubts about this at all but I just don't want to look like a motard when I do it.=) But I think golfing is the way to go. Not exactly fair for me but atleast its something we both have in...
  6. Derrick C.

    Need some help guys!!!

    Believe me guys it shocked even my own family when I talked with them about it. :) My buddies keep singing "Another one bites the dust" song. But a guys day out is what I was thinkin too. Hes a golfer and I just took up golfing last summer with my brother so I was kinda thinkin about...
  7. Derrick C.

    Need some help guys!!!

    Hopefully you guys can help me out here. Need some ideas or your own personal stories. I'm headin to my girlfriends parents house in feb. to ask her father for his blessing to marry his daughter. I know of all the typical things to do but I want something alittle different and with class. Its...
  8. Derrick C.

    happy 16th birthday to me!!!

    Um who exactly "let" you back??? Cause the admin. and all the mods are confused on this. :confused:
  9. Derrick C.

    games to play in the Ex

    I'll second those type of games. We play one called dashboard shots. See how many shots between power poles you can drink while driving. ;) :D :D Kidding...only kidding kids!!!! :)
  10. Derrick C.

    Has Your 911 Thread Disappeared? Then Read This

    Since Robb stepped down and out of EF I am the only moderator of this forum. His rules that he has posted up in here still go for me. I moderate no different then Robb so keep the 911 forum going smoothly and everyone will be happy. :thumbsup: :D
  11. Derrick C.

    It's been real EF..............

    Wow Robb...alll I can say is wow. You will be missed mister. I'm still alittle pissed that you wait till I jump in to help with the 911 forum to leave us. Your sooooo lucky we don't have a flip off smilie. :D Good Luck guy and do come back when you can or want to. :)
  12. Derrick C.


    Is that DA from dezertrangers??? Gotta love google!!!! :cool:
  13. Derrick C.

    Check Out This Explorer Site!!!!

    You need lots and lots of stickers!!!! :D
  14. Derrick C.

    Brake light on after SAS

    Check the tension on the cable along the frame rail then check your pedal. The last time mine broke it acted like this for like a week before it finally snapped. Just make sure its not the pedal. Sometimes you can get a weak cable which causes the pedal to fall down enough to trip the light on.
  15. Derrick C.

    Brake light on after SAS

    Please tell me I'm just flat out too drunk to think your serious with this on??? ;) :D Some peoples kids......I swear. Do you still have your factory e-brake hooked up???
  16. Derrick C. have been kicked in the junk

    Smile, you've been kicked in the nuts!!! :D Freakin funny stuff there!!!!! :thumbsup:
  17. Derrick C.

    The 3 B's! Necessary for an Awsome Sat Night!

    I got your back James!!! Lets lead out a man hunt for comments like that. :D
  18. Derrick C.

    Help a guy out fellas......

    A new member PMed me this ? and I couldn't answer it so I'm turning to you all to help him out. His login name is BettyFord so if you want to anwser it here or PM him its up to you. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT (6 Cylinder) and therefore assume that it has a PATS II anti-theft system...
  19. Derrick C.

    Mike Tyson again?

    He must be broke again. :D
  20. Derrick C.

    Stupid computer!!!!!

    I have a simple little problem thats just flat out annoying. When I click on a link in a thread or anything that needs to be uplaoded in a new box my computer beebs so I have to right click on it and tell it to open in a new box. I remember a setting some where to change this but I'm drawing a...
  21. Derrick C.

    Drivetrain Gods????

    Nice of you guys to chime in..........a week later!!!!! :D
  22. Derrick C.

    Tricky question about 4x4 front axle removal and swap

    I got my fix mister.........83-87 Ford F-150 forged beams. Direct swap allowing 6" of lift and 18" coil-overs. The guy fixed me up with AutoFab. John over there has been a HUGE help so far.
  23. Derrick C.

    Post your April fools pranks

    I wish he would have left them on when he pulled up to the court house. My head wouldn't hurt right now. :p
  24. Derrick C.

    Post your April fools pranks

    Oh come on man. Its all in the spirit of April Fools. :D
  25. Derrick C.

    Post your April fools pranks

    Had my buddy pull my girlfriend over in her new truck and arrest her for driving a stolen truck. She balled like no other man!!!! I laughed my arse off for like an hour. Then I cried for an hour cause I never knew she could hit that hard. :D I love this day!!!! My parents are next and then...