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Search results

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    Battery Issues - Fuse Question

    Let me preface this post by saying that I know next to nothing about car audio. I'm just taking a stab in the dark with this post as I'm trying to troubleshoot intermittent battery issues. Here is what I'm dealing with: 2004 Ford Explorer Kinetic HC1800 battery Pioneer HU w/ Boston...
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    Question Regarding Interior Light & Battery Drain

    I have a 2004 Explorer and one of the overhead interior lights (just above the dashboard area) that you click on manually has blown out. Since it's blown out I cannot tell if the switch/button is in the ON or OFF position. My question is if the light is blown out, and the switch/button is in...
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    2004 Explorer - Beeping Noise When Opening Door - Help Please

    2004 Ford Explorer XLT 90,000 miles Within the last several months I have noticed that intermittently there will be a beeping noise / tone that occurs when opening my door to enter the vehicle. I want to say the duration is about 3 beeps long (not positive on that). I tried referencing...
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    Wheel Suggestion For Others - Panther 519 Vector

    I almost purchased these for my 2004 XLT but opted for another set of Zinik wheels... Figured I'd mention them if anyone was looking for wheel suggestions, I think they look really sharp on an Ex... They run about $220 a piece: (please note this is not my Explorer, images from cardomain)
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    Fair Asking Price For 2004 XLT Factory Alloys + Wheels?

    An associate of a friend has contacted me regarding purchasing my 2004 XLTfactory 17" alloys & factory wheels (55K miles)... What would be a fair asking price for these? I'm checking Ebay and see people selling individual factory wheels from anywhere between $100-$175 a piece... Don't want to...
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    Brake Dust - Chrome Wheels

    What types of brushes/tools are safe to use for removing brake-dust from chrome wheels? I've tried a bunch of different cleaning products and various towels/rags but I really need to get in there and scrub with some type of firm brush because the brake dust and road grime is not budging...
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    HELP - Tire Air Intake Cap Is STUCK

    My mechanic was rotating my tires during an oil change and notified me that one of the caps was stuck on my left front tire air intake..... I briefly tried it today with my bare hands and it won't budge... It's one of those aluminum/metal caps over the air intake nozzle... Any home remedies or...
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    Aftermarket Wheel Care Help

    I had quite a bit of grime and dirt on the chrome lip of my wheels. I used Armor All Triple Action wheel cleaner on them but a good hard scrubbing with a rag/towel is not enough to remove the dirt/grime... Is there any type of brush material I could use on the rims that would not damage the chrome?
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    Directional Tire Rotation

    Is it imperative that I rotate my new directional tires every 5K miles (to coincide with each oil change) or can I go every 10K? Common sense would tell me to rotate every 5k but I was just curious, never owned direcitonal tires before... I know you can only rotate front to back and didn't...
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    Post Your Pictures HERE!

    I thought it would be nice to have a single thread where everyone can display their tires/wheels. Post in this format please: Explorer Model: Wheels: Tires: I'll go first. 2004 Explorer XLT Sport 20" Zinik Z26 Vieri Black w/ Chrome Inserts Yokohama Parada Spec-X
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    New Wheels & Tires (Zinik/Yokohama)

    Ordered a tire/wheel combo on earlier this week and received them today.... Fitting them on my Explorer on Saturday...Will be replacing the factory tires/wheels @ 50,000 miles.... 20" Zinik Z26 Vieri (Black w/ Chrome Inserts) & Yokohama Parada Spec-X tires (255/50/R20) They'll...
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    Speaker Dimensions Help Please

    Can anyone direct me to where I can look up the speaker dimensions on the front door and rear panel speakers on a 2001 Toyota Tacoma Extra Cab? I am an Explorer owner and this is the only auto related forum that I belong to so I figured I'd ask here... Thanks for your help! Trying to...
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    Why Can't Anyone Help Me W/ Wheels & Tires?

    Little bit frustrated here... Twice now I've tried asking for help with wheel sizing and tires and no one has responded to either thread..... I have a 2004 Ford Explorer XLT.... I'd like to know if the following 20 inch wheels will fit on my truck: Panther Vector 519 I'm very...
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    Help With Correct Wheel Sizing (2004 EX XLT)

    I've settled on the Panther 519 Vector Wheel I need help determining which size I need to fit my 2004 Ford Explorer XLT... Can anyone help? Here's the various sizes available (note, the link displays the incorrect image for the wheel)
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    Where To Order Factory Lamps (2004 EX)

    My left rear turn signal lamp has blown out.... From the owner's manual, it says I need to order 'Trade #' 3157K.... Can anyone recommend a place to order factory Ford Parts?
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    2004 Explorer XLT: Wheel & Tire Help Please

    Let me preface this thread by saying I really don't know much of anything about trucks so please forgive me.... I have the stock wheels & tires on my 2004 Explorer XLT... Going to be time to replace the tires soon and I want to buy 20" rims and new tires at the same time... I've decided which...
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    Help Adding Concealed Compartment (2004 Explorer XLT)

    I have a 2004 XLT Explorer.... Often I will leave certain valuables (phone, Ipod, watch, sometimes my keys) in the car as I don't want to carry them on my person when I exit the truck... I was trying to think of a unique place to store valuables in the car... What I wanted to know, is...
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    Hood Lights for '04 Explorer XLT - Help Needed Please

    Hi folks... Not real experienced here but I'd like to add 2 LED lights to my hood by replacing the windshield wiper fluid dispensors... I checked the FAQ and did not find the answers to my questions.... I had purchased a set from PEP Boys but they did not fit correctly... Is there a website...
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    How Important Is Clear Coat?

    My '04 Explorer XLT didn't come with a clear coat (don't know why they don't do this)... I think it costs about $200 to have Ford put one one... I'd like to know whether or not this is absolutely vital to have done... Only problem I've had so far is that on my hood, there are a few pinhole...
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    New Wheels For '04 Explorer

    Hello all, first post =] here's my truck: I'm looking to put 20" rims on my '04 XLT Sport in about a years time... I plan on purchasing the RIMS new on Ebay (found some great dealers)... Zinik Z9 20"(having trouble finding anyone selling these on Ebay, $350 a piece on...