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Search results

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    Shock Bushings

    What's the correct bushing-washer-nut sequence for the upper mount on the front shocks, assuming there's two bushings, two washers, and one nut. Is it: bushing->washer->shock mount->washer->bushing->nut or washer->bushing->shock mount->bushing->washer->nut or something else? I would think...
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    Auto Hub Problem?

    On my '94 with auto hubs I'll push the 4x4 button and about half the time they will lock in (well, atleast the light on the dash stays on) the others times it just clicks a few times. When trying to engage Low, most of the time it just clicks, doesn't work, and then Hi turns off. On the 4x4...
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    Puff of smoke under hood on startup

    I went to start the Ex today and it failed on the first try (probably related to this problem from two months ago) which has been common lately but this time I heard a pop and a puff of blue smoke billowed out from under the hood. It started right up on the second try with no smoke, but it idled...
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    Won't start on first try

    If I try to start the truck cold it's now always failing on the first try. It cranks fine but just isn't firing. On the second try it starts right up with no hesitation. This problem has been slowing creeping up on me, it's gone from happening every month to every week to every time. If I go...
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    Name this roof wind deflector

    I came out to find half of my wind deflector missing. It cracked in the middle and I assume the other half is on the side of the highway. I now have five holes in my hatch and would like to find a replacement deflector... anyone know the make/model?
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    Gmail invites

    Anyone want an free invitation to Gmail? Gmail is Google's new web based email service. Right now you can only sign up if someone invites you, or if you already signed up to their blog program I think. Anyway, I have three to hand out, send a PM if you want one, I'll need a working email address...
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    Better sport truck, F-150 or Ranger

    I'm thinking my next vehicle will be a sport truck, probably an F-150 or Ranger. For the F-150 I'm looking at the '97-'03 with the 5.4L V8 235hp/335torque (260/350 '99-'03), 2wd, regular cab, flareside, short bed... basically how the Lightnings are configured without the supercharged engine and...
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    brake squeal and ABS light

    I replaced the front pads last month and everything has been good with the brake system until today. It's probably not related, but before I got the abs light I had just done the whole Seafoam treatment and tapped into the brake booster line to do so. Yes, I had the liquid go into the intake...
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    1st gen auto tranny fluid

    I've searched, but I'm seeing conflicting information. I'm looking for the correct fluid for my '94. Ford just says Mercon Auto Trans Fluid, and the Haynes manual says Mercon V, but from what I've read Ford started recommending "V" around '97. I picked up some "Dexron III/Mercon" from Napa which...
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    Oh Ian!

    Apologies if this is a repost, but you got to see (and hear) this jeep video...
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    Exhaust sound clips of mine

    I finally got around to creating a few sound clips of my exhaust. They're mp3s about 100-400kb in size. Your best bet to listen to them is probably to right click the links and save locally. When I play them through the web browser (IE) the quicktime player mutes the audio when it gets loud...
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    Auto maker changes name of Check Engine Light?

    A local radio program on car repair mentioned that an auto maker had to rename their "Check Engine" light to "Service Engine Soon" or something similar because someone was driving around, saw the light, pulled over, popped the hood with the engine still on, and promptly stuck their hand in there...
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    Rancho 9000 settings

    What's setting is everyone running on their Rancho 9000 shocks? On the 9 way adjustable model, not the older 5 ways, I started out at 3 on all four but was hoping to absorb road imperfections better so I put them at 2 which made the ride pretty bouncy so I'm at 4 now and it seems better. Maybe...
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    '94 wheel bearings and hubs

    This is a followup to an earlier post, it was suggested that I should check out the wheel bearings. Today I took everything off down to the big adjusting nut, then I went to get the parts, no one had the special tool for securing the nut for auto hubs, but I did get the new bearings, seals, and...
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    whirring sound from front wheel

    '94 with auto hubs... Okay, my brakes are squeaking pretty badly now so I decide it's time for new pads. I've never done this before so I take the left front wheel off to see what's involved. I used a C clamp to push the piston back a bit so the caliper can slide off better, and I have one of...
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    Bronco II - worst car of all time? has an article on the worst cars of all time as they see it. Here's what they say: I guess they figured the Bronco was "close enough" to the BII.
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    winter's coming: checking 4x4

    I've had my car for 5 months and I haven't touched the 4x4 system since I bought it. It has the auto hubs and everything seemed to work then. What checks can I do now? I don't want to find out I don't have 4x4 when I need it.
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    Correct spark plugs for '94

    Manual and underhood sticker say Motorcraft AWSF-42-PP double platinum plugs, so I order 6 at Today 6 AGSF-42-FM (single platinum) arrive with a note on the invoice saying these replace the former plugs. says the AGSF are the standard service plug while the...
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    Codes 112 and 511

    My CEL has started to come on for 5 seconds every 10 mins or so after the truck has warmed up. It has only come on when cruising normally, not at a stop light yet. I scanned for codes, and if I'm reading it right I'm getting 511 and 112. I hear 511 is normal for the Apten chip and 112 indicates...
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    BBK TB adjust screw

    I installed the BBK TB yesterday and it says to unplug the IAC and set the idle at 500 by adjusting the screw. It wouldn't start with it disconnected. When it was connected without any adjustments it idled at the right rpm, just a little rough. So I adjusted the screw to open the TB a little and...
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    brake indicators, parking brake

    It seems like when I first got my truck a couple months ago one brake indicator on the dash, either the "P" or "!" would light when the parking brake was set and the other would light when the transmission was in Park. Now neither comes on when shifted into Park and both come on when the parking...
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    Larger MAF and TB

    How does this plan sound: I got the exhaust done (will probably get a different muffler tomorrow) so now it's time to bring more air into the engine. I'm thinking a Pro-Flow MAF and high-flow cone filter. Then get an Apten chip calibrated for the MAF. BTW, there's a group buy for these chips in...
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    Wrong muffler

    It turns out my new cat-back system has a Flowmaster Delta 60 muffler instead of Delta 50. I went to this place a couple weeks ago that seems like a nice shop. They have 7 locations around here and call themselves exhaust experts. I go in and tell the manager I want a Flowmaster 50 Delta...
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    portable gas tank above spare tire

    Am I asking for trouble with this setup? It fits under there pretty well and with the spare tire up it should further keep it from popping out. It's plastic and empty, I figure if I run out of gas I can think about what I did (or didn't) do when I'm walking to the gas station :) Maybe I could...
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    Apten chip programs

    A custom chip is likely in my future, probably from Apten. They have three programs: single, single w/ factory setting, and dual with factory setting. I like the idea of the factory switch, but am curious about how much of an "improvement" over factory the 87 octane setting on the chip would...