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Search results

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    Bank 1 running rich with missfire codes

    yup, you nailed it. called my friend, he already did some digging. I guess he will be pulling the engine to get to the rear chain
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    Bank 1 running rich with missfire codes

    slightly noisy on startup but not what i would expect from a bad timing chain tensi0ner or something like that. 'slipped camshaft'? not sure what that means. slipped as in jumped the chain a tooth?
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    Bank 1 running rich with missfire codes

    hi folks.. it's been a long time since I posted. I sold my '99 explorer so I have been visiting and trying to help but not posting questions. Asking for a friend. '04 explorer V6 getting codes for random missfires, all on bank 1. also getting codes for Rich system on bank 1 and Lean running...
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    91 Ex 2wd only getting around 14mpg ... lots of new parts help !!

    here's a stupid question: are you sure your rear brakes aren't dragging? Emergency brake cable rusted and hanging up?
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    91 Ex 2wd only getting around 14mpg ... lots of new parts help !!

    OBDI Of course.. sorry. Front Seal.. for some vehicles they sell a very very thin 'bushing' to put over the groove. In other cars the Timing Cover has enough room where you can get away with not bottoming out the seal so it rides on a fresh section of the Damper.
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    91 Ex 2wd only getting around 14mpg ... lots of new parts help !!

    Not sure if this Generation has both a crank and cam sensor. If it only has the crank sensor then it is possible for the Cam to be off a tooth ( if the Chain was ever tampered with). With only the Crank sensor, there would not be an OBDII code seeing teh cam and crank relationship is off. A Cam...
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    Front wheel bearings

    To help in locating one, they are the same as is on the 1/2 ton Chevy vehicles. E-bay "1/2 ton spindle nut .. plenty to choose from
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    Front wheel bearings

    Yes support that socket, it does want to walk out. I have never found that shielded style. I was going to weld a sleeve over mine. never did
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    Some very basic 4x4 questions.

    The front Hubs/axles and driveshaft do not unlock on all 4WD vehicles anymore. in fact many Dodges went back to the 1940's where their Front diff and Driveshaft still spins/ Only the Transfer case disengages 4WD . Terrible gas mileage and lots of wear and tear on parts that aren't working...
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    Front wheel bearings

    Just tight enough so the tires do not have an up and down or side to side movement. Then the washer with the holes will lock that nut from turning. The outer nut you can hammer home pretty good since that acts as a pinch nut. Take note that the two nuts are NOT the same. The Inner nut has a...
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    Window washer not spraying on passenger side?

    While the nozzle was disconnected, Should have ran the Washer for a second to pump out whatever crapola was in the hose forced air back down teh nozzle would have been best
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    Need a little input from the pros

    The Voltmeter in the dash is a joke, you need a Multi meter at the battery
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    91 Ex 2wd only getting around 14mpg ... lots of new parts help !!

    My '91 4WD got a very consitant 20MPG. One of the last vehicles that still have fully unlocking hubs, At the Hub. unlike many that keep te half shafts spinning. I would check or replave the Fuel pressure regulator. When the diaphragm splits a bit, the engine appears to run fine but gas...
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    Strange brake light problem.....

    Nice job... Nice fast diagnosis by ARCO777 This is a typical Multi function switch issue.
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    Need a little input from the pros

    have the car turned off for about an hour. Put the muti m,eter across the battery terminals. Should read about 12.5 volts. Start teh car. If the Alternator and battery are happy the Meter should read 13.5 - 14V. It's very possible your 'new' battery lost a cell. New batteries are not as...
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    1991 Ford Explorer Eddie B 4X4

    I put 336K miles on my '91 and I didn't do half of that and it was running great when I sold it for $1500. I'd look at other things. Brake line rust ( Rear , Drivers side) Front axle and driveshaft 'U' joints, raer axle seals... stuff like that. P.S. this was my long range runner. This car...
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    HELP: Why am I having a hard time passing emissions

    Thermostat running a bit cold. that was my problem No code shown
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    Wheel wobble

    Ok there is a bit of confusion... Is your X 4WD or 2WD? It sounds liek the 2WD cars have castle nuts and cotter pins where the 4WD cars have a nut that you do not make tight ( it will bind up teh Bearing) but it will not back off if the Small 'Keeper' is in place.
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    1994 Ford Explorer randomly will not start

    If teh car wont start... have someone try to start it and punch teh bottom of teh gas tank.. Usually that will convince a dying pump to spin up
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    Wheel wobble

    Is it something simple like the small Keeper fell out of the Spindle nut and it loosened up a bit?
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    1994 Ford Explorer randomly will not start

    I bought my '99 for way cheap because of a random No Start. $16 for a new Fuel Pump relay and it has been great for many years now.
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    1992 ford explorer help

    I would go back and try this again. But do it 4 times . If the fuel bleed back into the tank, it might take a few cycles to get the fuel all the way up to the rail again
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    how to convert to a manual hub

    Yup the drivers side will want to loosen if the hardware wasn't put on correctly 9 rotation of tire).. The Passenger side will try to tighten so go to that side and check it out before you burn up a Bearing or have the front tire lock up on you. Good luck
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    how to convert to a manual hub See Figure #4 The First Nut ( with the Pin) screws onto the Spindle and holds the Hub lose. No play in the hub but lose. Then the Washer slips on, it locks into the Spindle because of the notch in the spindle It keeps the inner nut from...
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    Brakes locked up -- and fix found

    I remember stumbling over a 'ABS bypass' on this forum. I'm sure if you do a search, you'll dig up some info. I can't imagine it being anything else.