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Search results

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    MCSE Test 70-216!!!!

    Anyone out there take the MCSE test #70-216 Win2K Network Infrastructure???? That thing was hard! I just failed it! I guess I have to study a bit more.......I thought I was doing well on it until I saw my score. Any hints? Suggestions? Should I skip it for now and take the Active...
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    2000 XLS ABS Light Came on

    All, I did a search on "ABS LIGHT ON" and got many many many returns. I looked through them, and didn't find any info that seemed to help me. They mostly seemed to be for for pre-94 explorers. So please don't flame me for reposting. Yesterday, completely out of the blue my ABS light...
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    Anyone hunt out there? Ducks? Pheasants? I got my first 2 ducks of the early season today in CT!!! Public land pheasants start Saturday! Anyone know of any websites for hunting that have regional bulletin boards?
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    Best Window Wind / Rain Deflectors?

    I wasn't sure where to post this....... Anyone have input on window wind/rain deflectors? Are the all pretty much the same? Different installations? What do you recommend? Thanks in adv.!
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    Where to buy used rims (in Northeast)

    All, Does anyone know where to get used rims in the Northeast section of the U.S.? Or, online? Most junkyards want $100 or more per rim. I am looking for inexpensive rims to use off road. Thanks!
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    Fitting 33's

    All, I have an oppurtunity to pick up some black rock crawler rims with a no name AT tire on them for a real good price. What is the least inexpensive way to get them to fit on a 2000 x? I am guessing a TT&Shackles plus a 2" or 3" body lift would do it. Anyone have first hand experience...
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    Shackles & TT w/Stock Tires

    Anyone have pics of what a shackle & tt lift look like with stock size tires (15" rims)? I tried searching, but came up with almost what I was looking for, but not quite exactly what I was looking for. I am curious if looks funny or ok? I am 6'7" and don't want to have to sit down to get...
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    30k Mile Service Package

    What do you guys think about the 30k mile service package that the Ford dealers offer? What do the costs typically run? One dealer told me around $250-$300, and little more if the brakes need work....If you were to do it yourself, how long would it take you? Thanks!
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    Engine Stalling on 2000 XLS???

    All, I need some please!?!?!?! I will keep this as short as possible. I have a 2000 XLS OHV "X", with 29,600 miles. After leaving the x outside, all night, in thunderstorms (this happened 2x so far), I will get up and drive about 2 miles and the engine sputters and then stalls. The check...
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    Blackberry Device and!!!

    I am sitting at the Ford dealer waiting for my new tires to be installed, and I found out I can surf from my Blackberry device!!! And post/read messages!!! That means i can lurk in the shadows while traveling! This is a great site! With great people!
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    Boat Question - Removing Sneaker Scuffs?

    Well, My boat was in the water for 3 days, did hours of cleaning and polishing, then I take a buddy fishing. He wore tennis shoes with black soles and said they were non-skid. He slide his foot along my deck, no mark, so I said OK. By the end of the day we found out that they were almost...
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    Warning:Brake Lines Rubbing!?!?!?

    All, When rotating my tires this weekend, I noticed a potential problem developing in my driver's side rear tire well. The emergency brake line and normal brake line are rubbing, and literally wearing each other out where they touch. The plastic coating is gone on both lines. Also, there...
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    Arm-rest replacement?

    Anyone know how difficult is it to replace an arm rest? I have the XLS w/sport package, so I have the arm rest that has the removable bag unbderneath it. I leaned on the arm rest with 90% of my 250 pounds trying to reach something on the passenger floor and then CRACK! uh..oh... Anyone know...
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    Towing 4200#s 2x/year, shackles or addaleafs?

    All, Please give me your opinion on how I should lift my explorer 1.5"+/- if I tow a 4200lb. boat twice a year. Once in the spring from home to the marina, second time in the late fall from the marina to home. Should I be concerned with leaf flattening if I use shackles? Or, should I just...
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    Have Jet Chips become any better?

    Does anyone know if Jet Chips have become any better than they were a year ot two ago? All posts I have found talked negatively about them, but I have an oppurtunity to pick one up for my '00 OHV for about $100, from a newspaper add. They guy bought it and by time he recieved it he had already...
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    Will K&N FIPK for '97 OHV fit a '00 OHV?

    Hi, Does anyone know if the K&N FIPK (57-2513-1) for a 1997 Ford Explorer V6 4.0L OHV engine will fit a 2000 Ford Explorer XLS 4x4 with a 4.0L OHV engine? Or any reason why it shouldn't? Thanks in advance! What about an AirRAID system? Thanks again!
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    Diff. between 4.0L OHV in XLT and in XLS?

    Hi All, This may be a dumb question but here goes: Does anyone know of any difference in the 4.0L OHV motor that goes in the XLT versus the one that goes into the XLS? Or is it literally the same? I have a '00 XLS 4x4 with 4.0L OHV, and have been watching the boards (and trying to learn...
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    Anyone lift the XLS yet?

    Hi All, Has anyone lifted the XLS 4x4 model yet? I have a '00 XLS 4x4, and have been watching the boards (and trying to learn some of the wealth of info here) and am considering at least shackles, a twist, and maybe a 1-2" body lift. But has anyone done it on the XLS? Or, does anyone know...
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    Any Pics of Clears or Altezzas on a Dark Explorer?

    Hi All, Anyone have pics of clears or Altezzas on a dark colored Explorer? Like deep wedgewood blue or black? I have seen pics of these on white or light colored explorers, but no dark ones. Thanks!
  20. F

    Any before/after pics of shackle/twist lift (w/o any other lift)?

    Does anyone have before/after pics of their rig with shackle/add-a-leaf and torsion twist done along with larger than oem tires? I have seen pics which had the shackle/twist and body lifts. But I can't find just the shackle/twist lift. I am curious what my truck will look like with just a...