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Search results

  1. E

    98 l/s question

    i thought about that but it really sounds like its the rear end... how would i check the t-case and front diff pull the front shaft? i could do that and avoid parking on hills at all costs (see previous no p-brake)
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    98 l/s question

    well heres the deal i had already pulled the clutch parts and buttoned it back up when i posted (havent filled with oil or driven) and the wheels spin really freely now... now that i looked at the design instead of just assuming i see how with the clutches in there it would be locked and the...
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    98 l/s question

    Well what else could it be? After it got warmed up (like 10 miles or so) it would get worse, but when i made turns, and the sharper the worse, it would make a grinding, metal on metal squeal , the tires would bark and the truck would have this kind of vibration. And like i said there was enough...
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    98 l/s question

    Lately my 98 v8 has been acting more like it has a spool in it rather than a limited slip, barking around corners etc. its actualey been bad enough that it will stop all forward momentum when i pull into my driveway. so i put it up on stands to examine and i cant even turn the wheel by hand...
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    89 2.3l intermittent power loss

    okay im omitting the egr valve. i pulled off the sensor portion and grabbed the plunger with a set of pliers and it moved quite freely. there is little to no vacuum at the green plastic vacuum line attached. the red going to the switch on the passenger side inner fender has a steady 17 but the...
  6. E

    89 2.3l intermittent power loss

    okay here goes KOEO 34 egr valve position 41 EGO always lean KOER 21 engine coolant temp not at normal op temp OR edis fault CPS circut 42 EGO always rich... wait... what? but before you said... 33 EGR valve position not opening or not seated 77 operator error during during...
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    89 2.3l intermittent power loss

    so heres the skinny ive had this ranger for about a year. got it cheap cause it didnt run, no biggie all it needed was a fuel pump, did that, cleaned out the tank, new filter, FPR etc. okay so fuel delivery shouldnt be a problem. but id say 90% of the time it just has no power, like its pulling...
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    Stupid Exhaust Leak on 5.0

    yup my 98's got the same thing. its my egr tube, started as a small crack, but not its completly severed. the noise drives me nuts, but fixing the tube looks like a pain in the ass. i told myself if/when i pull the motor i'll fix it. ive tried exhaust pipe wrap, some sort of hardening paste...
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    5.0 bad plugs

    I cant seem to keep spark plugs in my 98 5.0 I had a set of Bosch +2 platnums that lasted MAYBE 10k and now a set of autolite plat's that went maybe 20k before the electrode got so worn that it causes a misfire and the CEL to come on. Color on the insulator isnt bad, a little on the burnt...
  10. E

    Cab swap whoops...

    in the second picture the vacuum line goes to the air filter box. what would you like pics of? i have a 89 2.3, im just getting it running so i havent had a whole lot of time under the hood exploring but i'll try to help
  11. E

    lifted 2003 exploder

    as to the body lift or not... wouldnt the hitch hang below the body more if it were body???
  12. E

    headers for the 5.0....

    any input at all??
  13. E

    headers for the 5.0....

    well it seems the only headers i can find to fit my ex are about $500 >:( but i hear alot of the header fit issues are because of the angle in the plugs for the gt-40 heads. I would like to rebuild the engine soon anyway and add a bit more power, cam, heads, exhaust etc... so could I find...
  14. E

    v-8 exhaust manifold gasket

    I belive mine is leaking passenger side (which i understand is common) either that or the egr pipe. anywho is this a everyday 5.0 gasket or is it different because of the gt-40 heads. its a late 98 which i hear is the "P" heads? I was thinking of using a more $$ set of dead soft aluminum...
  15. E

    Recommendations for electric fan for a 5.0

    The stock fan in my 98 is going south, there is a terrible buzz coming from it and i would like to replace it before a blade goes through my hood. I'd like to run an electric fan or fans. So the quetstion is what size should I look for? How many CFM? its a stock truck, no HP goodies yet, but...
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    thinking of new headlights

    i've never much cared for the "bubbly/smiley" look of the second gens. I was starting to think about cutting up the grill and front fenders then glassing in some 2001+ ranger headlights and building a more squared grill. can anyone direct me to a good fiberglass how-to??
  17. E

    Towing with my Explorer

    i've towed all sorts of vehicles with my 98 the biggest was a 73 mustang and the u-haul trailer i used put too much weight on the tounge and it was tough to keep the front wheels on the ground over bumps (scary) i've since beefed up my rear springs to ex some of the sag...
  18. E

    instrument cluster lights and tail lights do not work??

    id put money on the switch too my mustang had a similar symptom and it was the headlight switch
  19. E

    factory keyless entry/alarm

    not sure if this is the proper forum for this and for that i appologize. I was wondering where the "brain" for the factory alarm and keyless entry is? is it the box with all the wires spewing out in my jack-storage compartment? What i want to do is when i unlock the doors or have the doors open...
  20. E

    5.0 Power!

    boomin? i got a stupid question for ya. you have an awd right? did you just pull the front driveshaft off?? your truck sounds awesome by the way!!
  21. E

    factory keyless entry/alarm

    not sure if this is the proper forum for this and for that i appologize. I was wondering where the "brain" for the factory alarm and keyless entry is? is it the box with all the wires spewing out in my jack-storage compartment? What i want to do is when i unlock the doors or have the doors...
  22. E

    Exhaust Resonator Removal

    what about hacking off the original muffler and placing a y in there and leaving the resonator ans the only "muffler" thats my plan for my tempporary fix (depending on tax returns :P )
  23. E

    Modifying Ford Explorer Leaf Springs for Lift using F-150 Leaf Springs

    just got mine done about midnight last night. and i missed. I was aiming for about 1.5-2.5 inches of lift and i got about 3-3.5. Intertwined the f-150 and the expo leafs in to a mega 6-leaf pack. It looks good except the nose is in the dirt and i need to realign my headlights now. ride is...
  24. E

    31x10.5 with no lift?

    my 92 rubbed the crap tastic running boards i had and the sway bar on full lock, but well worth it