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  1. grok-tires-sport-stock.jpg


    255/50R20 clearance stock
  2. G

    For Sale Ford Explorer Roof Cross Bars - $119

    Fits 2015 and earlier. Verify your fitment. Paid $140, never installed. Ergo perfect condition. BB5Z-7855100-AA KIT - LUGGAGE RACK U502 Cross Bar Kit Part # 202837
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    Help me decide on a color for a 2019 Sport

    I had both an all black (2015 Sport Black Edition) and now a 2018 Sport Burgandy Velvet. MUCH prefer the Burgandy and get compliments on it regularly. With the black, it was just another all-black SUV.
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    Roof Rail Separating

    Mine also popped off on left side every time I went through car wash. Dealer service shop replaced under warranty. Has not happened again. Right side started a couple months later and I reported it but haven't made the appointment to get it replaced. It pops up less frequently than the left did.
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    Did a 2fer today

    Drain plug? What's this issue? New owner, would like to get ahead of any issues.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Received tune files from @Livernois and installed. Had some fun.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Meguiar's and possibly other companies have entire video series on car care. They're worth your time. Sure they discuss in terms of their own products, but the knowledge gained is the same.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Hit Youtube brother. Thinking should be the opposite -- if I don't clay my paint, I could ruin it. Dirt and other contaminants on the paint can get pushed around while you're washing and polishing, causing small scratches. The clay bar lifts those off, at no risk to your 2017 paint. Rotate the...
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    2018 Platinum Extended Cargo Cover?

    Plywood and a jigsaw? Then cover with appropriately tough/thick rubber and finally a rugged washable fabric. I'm curious what solution you come to. I have an 80 lbs American Bulldog, but only one, so he gets the entire cargo area full time. We haven't seen the 3rd-row seats since right after...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Improving exhaust flow should allow turbo to spool faster. As laggy as stock ExSport is, I'll have to keep downpipe and exhaust in mind if there's still too much throttle delay after tune.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Curious how it sounds in cabin with the Borla exhaust. My Volvo S60R had DP and exhaust replacement, resonator delete, and while I loved it, at times I wished it was quieter in the cabin. So for the ExSport, going for sleeper components that don't draw attention via noise. Why the exhaust...
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Received 5" Breast Cancer Awareness window decal from Amazon Placed order with Dave @ Livernois
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    Auto-Stop/Start at Stoplights?

    Wish there was an option that turns off the engine when coming to a stop for more than a brief time.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    Nav-in-motion? Links please.
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    Roof Rail Separating

    Bought 2018 Explorer Sport August 2nd; roof rail cap pops off at the back every time I go through car wash. Went into dealer service shop today for warranty replacement of the roof rail cap.
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    New here

    Great wheel choice. I always love brushed alloy.
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    What did you do to your 5th Gen?

    America! and roof racks before the road trip.
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    2018 Ford Explorer Sport | Burgandy Velvet | 401A

    Just the 2018. Previously had the 2015 Sport Black Edition, loved it, kept it for a year, sold due to travelling.
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    My Platinum Explorer

    Haha, yeh registered when I bought a 2015 Explorer Sport. Sold it a year later due to travel. Missed it so bought a 2018 a few weeks back.
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    My Platinum Explorer

    Enjoyed the turbo sound spooling up and down.
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    2018 Ford Explorer Sport | Burgandy Velvet | 401A

    Hi folks, glad to find a very active Explorer forum! Just bought a 2018 Explorer Sport 401A in Burgandy and loving it! I hope to have some good conversations about our rides, modding and making them "ours". Already added window tint (I'm in Florida), side step rails, wind visors, rubber floor...