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Search results

  1. jrford

    2007 mountaineer AWD Problems, questions?

    I tried the same thing but it didn't like it, the traction control was active and it freaked out. Pull the ABS fuse as suggested or relay
  2. jrford

    2008 XLT Service RSC light & chime w/ABS

    Fixed, mine. Had the Left Front Wheel bearing replaced over the summer. Wire had worn out or was rubbing on the rotor or something. Copper showing. Replaced sensor and all was fine. Note it did snow which broken, RSC is a good thing. We only had 4" of snow slide all over the place reminded...
  3. jrford

    2008 XLT Service RSC light & chime w/ABS

    I've got the same thing on a 2010 Mounty. SERVICE RSC Soon. Then next time it switched to SERVICE RSC NOW and ABS warning light. After restarting the error cleared itself, ABS works fine, Traction Control seem to work OK. But it will come back soon after (intermittent) when you start the...
  4. jrford

    Should I update Sync?

    I just updated my ST to the latest v4.6. Other that 'BlueTooth Audio' sounding better not 'Bluetuth', the biggest added option is to 'ReBoot Sync'. At v4.3, one point Sync wasn't working at all, no BT, no USB, but I just pulled the fuse which fixed that. I've upgraded to all 3 versions...
  5. jrford

    6R transmission - lock out 6th??

    I too would like to lock out 6th, i've got a bunch of miles towing 4k lbs always running with O/D off @3,000rpm's which puts me at 60-65mph, and i've been getting 11mpg. There has to be a way ???? . . . i did notice the 6r has full manual shift capability if there was a way to enable it?
  6. jrford

    2010 Wind noise

    i can't post a pic, but the note above is it. Its the rubber channel the window glass goes up/down in.
  7. jrford

    2010 Wind noise

    i get the same wind noise passenger side. It turns out to be the rubber seal the glass sits in, it pulls away from the door channel. Temp fix is I'll roll down the window and if i push it back with the palm of my hand its stops for a while. I just might break out the silicon. . .
  8. jrford

    Keep or trade my 2004?

    i went from a '04 to '10 ST and a '10 Mounty. Everything said above i would agree with totally. With a lot of safety stuff added as well. The '04 i still have is at 115k mi, ST at 90k, Mounty at 40k, All V8's and none of them have issues. My '04 had a Alum block, the '10 had cast iron, and the...
  9. jrford

    Bluetooth - "Pairing Fail"

    Thanks all for the suggestions. I did try them all. My phone is iPhone 5s, fully updated. Tried connecting my iPad also over bluetooth. but still didn't work. What did work was, I pulled fuse F41 at the Battery Junction Box under the hood, with the car on and radio on. Then turn the...
  10. jrford

    Bluetooth - "Pairing Fail"

    Thank you Rebecca for your suggestions, I did try that and no change. I did a master reset on the radio. I turned off all apps, then did a hard restart on the iphone, logged in went to the bluetooth screen. But when trying to pair, at the point where it 'says hit ok to begin pairing' even...
  11. jrford

    Bluetooth - "Pairing Fail"

    I hate to revive an old post but this is exactly my problem too. 2010 Sporttrac, Running an iphone 5s, worked for 2 years no problem. Sync updated to the latest firmware released about a year ago. Worked on the drive in, stopped when i went to drive home. Deleted Bluetooth device and tried...
  12. jrford

    2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer Keyless entry code

    As i found out with my '10's there is no such number anywhere. Only place was on the card that came with the vehicle. Having bought the truck from this Dealer, they looked it up in Ford database. Took like 5min to get the number for no charge, but it didn't work. The odd thing was the number...
  13. jrford

    2007 Mountaineer towing travel trailer

    To OP, i've got something similar; its a Heartland MPG at 3,600lbs (similar to an rPod), 400lb TW. I've got Pic's Page 10 of the trailers, if you search for my user name. Rig setup is great for this range. On a side note it tows my 1,000lb boat with ease; don't know its back there. Isn't...
  14. jrford

    Loud Thump under 2010 Explorer Eddie Bauer

    I've always had the same noise / thump. Like the guy says, it only happens after i start the truck while still in Park. Its seems random. My guess it was the 4WD system engaging for a split second, sorta like a self test. But i was never 100% sure. Both trucks do it too and its a different...
  15. jrford

    2008 Mounty Premier (V8)

    I got two a 2010 V8 Mounty and a 2010 v8 ST. Like he said above best combo that i've had so far. I tow a boat and camper.
  16. jrford

    Never have to change the transmission oil? Fact or fiction???

    i have a 2010 ST V8 with a 6r60. My trans guy said that model (6r60) is more like the old transmissions, not like the sealed 02-05's. Its easy to drop the pan change the filter, and add 'expensive' trans fluid. I did mine at 50k. It sprung a little leak where the wiring harness goes into...
  17. jrford

    rear wiper cover thingy....

    It might be better to check around some local junk yards. other than that Wiper Motor Cover would be my guess.
  18. jrford

    Brake caliper problem?

    Another thing to check are the parking brakes. Sometimes the pad material on the parking brake will come loose.
  19. jrford

    Wheel Bearings for 2006 Ford Explorer.

    I wouldn't be so fast on wheel bearings, my '04 i thought the same thing. But it turns out it wasn't them at all. I'd pull codes first, when i did it was only a $20 part that failed, the sensor that sits on the master cyl had failed; common issue. Another time it came on it was the Rear...
  20. jrford

    Sync v4.4

    Glad i found this thread. . .my update went well non-nav, Mounty 2010. I started the update and left it in the garage with the key on engine off. Came back 15min later the the display said 'complete'. Only notes so far: I had to re-pair my iphone 5s; hooked my old iPod Touch 32gb 4th gen, to...
  21. jrford

    install reverse sensing system in 04 Eddie Bauer

    I did this with my '04. I might have had a write up, but it was long ago. Dash, lower bezel with the switch in it. The wiring is behind the dash so the switch is plug and play. Rear: the parking sensor module is all-in-one, with speaker; you will also need the harness that plugs into the rear...
  22. jrford

    Shopping for an Explore..

    I own two 2010's, Sport Trac 80k miles and a Mounty 35k miles. Both are the 4.6 and 6 speeds and tow package. With the tow package there is an extra Trans cooler that sits in front of the radiator. I also have a 4,000lb Camper at about 8' high. Both trucks tow real nice, i usually do about...
  23. jrford

    Factory sub enclosure

    from the looks of it any '03-10 should work. You can keep your panel if you want. I went factory OEM panel but added a 10" sub. Grill opening was only 6", wound up cutting it out. I had a post 'upgrading an audiophile sub' one of the last pic is of a stock grill replaced with speaker cloth.
  24. jrford


    Originally with the Trac i had a iPhone 4 upgraded to an iPhone 5 which i could never get to connect reliably to Sync. I had to delete all BT devices/phones from Sync before i could get to work. At first I thought is was the phone, but Sync seems reliable if the phone is set to primary.
  25. jrford

    Factory Subwoofer question

    check behind the radio for 3 connectors. One is the 8 pin for the sub. With my '04 no, no extra wires. But i ran my own, which was easy. I have a tread upgrading an audiophile sub in the audio section, where i documented it. Essentially i had a basic radio with RSE, added a 10" sub, and the...