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Search results

  1. JTX

    Weird Ignition Issue 5.0l v8

    I swapped a 98 5.0l into a 97 2wd 5.0l, I've almost got everything back together but I am having a weird ignition issue that I can't seem to trouble shoot. When I turn the key to "run" the starter turns, it will continue to turn until I turn the ignition to off. I've checked the S cable and...
  2. JTX

    JTX's Return! 1997 Mountaineer Build Thread SAS/4wd Conversion

    I've been gone for several years after losing the transmission in my 94 Ford Explorer(almost 10 years ago!:eek:). Life has changed a lot since then, I got Married, had a Child, and am having another one any day. Some of my greatest memories growing up came from my 1994 Ford Explorer. Memories...
  3. JTX

    Powerstroke Issues

    Talked with IZ about this a while back. Here's the latest cross posted from another forum. 95 Powerstroke Smoking at 2500 rpm than BOOM! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wish i had the camera, but unfortaunatly i didnt. We recently...
  4. JTX

    A4LD to 700R4 swap.

    Just a few pics for now. Will get a write up and more details later. A4LD For Sale!!!!!!!!!! A4LD For Sale!!!!!!!!!! Where im at now. Adapter 700r4 Ready to go! Its almost been a year. Hopefully soon! :salute:
  5. JTX

    Leap Second on New Years Pretty cool.. This also solves the global warming issue. The earth is slowing down and not spinning as fast. So just like my Explorers fan, it over heats when it slows down. :p: DR. JTX Harvard 09
  6. JTX

    Traxxas Jato for sale.

    Selling this so i can keep up with Froader and get a AX10. :confused:
  7. JTX

    Paging Stic-O... PG-13

    This is hilarious! :D Seeking a sexual tyrannosaur for a romp in the park I am a very career-focused, attractive, 5'9, 120lb woman who is seeking a man who is willing to fulfill my ultimate sexual fantasy. I am an executive...
  8. JTX

    New Project: 1959 Willy's Station Wagon

    My Dad has been wanting to build up a 4x4 for a while. Well here it is, a 1959 Willy's Station Wagon. He got it for $600 off ebay. More pics after we pick it up this weekend! He had one in high school and has wanted another one for a while now. Gonna be pretty sweet!
  9. JTX

    JTX's New Street Machine!

    Picked up this bad boy from a friend for a sweet deal. Sorry the Specs 2000 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 Magic Stick Cam Hardened Push Rods Ported and Polished 241 Heads Pace Setter Long Tube Headers Eipach Lowering Kit Slotted Rotors Pro 5.0...
  10. JTX

    JTX's Re-Registry

    This is my re-registry since my old one was so out of date. Current Mods Exterior: 35x12.5x15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws 15x8 Chrome Rims Custom CB mount Explorer Tribal Windw Sticker No front bumper :confused: Interior: Full 2" Roll Cage Bucket Seats CB mounted on upper...
  11. JTX

    Anyone use

    Anyone ever tried Prosper? Its an online lending and borrowing site. Lets you be a bank really. I have around 1500 invested at 22% right now. So far so good with no late loans or dqs. Check it out If you wanna try it let me know. With the referall link we both get $25...
  12. JTX

    Estimated time to swap A4ld

    Was suppose to be on my way to moab but the transmission broke in half this morning. How long does it take to swap? Need to know asap to see if its worth trying.
  13. JTX

    Jeep Stolen from New Mexico

    My friends jeep got stolen last night from behind the movie theater in Los Lunas. please if any one see's it call either Andrew 505-615-5888 or Miguel 505-610-1979. here's a few pics.
  14. JTX

    Moab Video of a Jeep on Lions Back

    This guy is scared shitless climbing lions back. pretty Funny.
  15. JTX

    Coil Bucket help SAS

    The Bronco graveyard upper coil buckets are on back ordered. So now i need something else. Anyone know another company that makes these? I couldnt really find anything.
  16. JTX

    JTX's D44 Solid Axle Swap Thread!

    Well i finally got almost all my parts gathered up so its time to start the thread. I decided to go solid mainly because the TTB couldnt take the abuse i was throwing at it. I needed something that could take a little more abuse while still being able to be road worthy. The TTB was a good axle...
  17. JTX

    Misfire after changing the CPS

    Today i changed the Camshaft position sensor to get rid of my check engine light and to hopefully improve my MPG. The old sensor was junk, when i removed it there wasnt much left of it. I installed the new one with no problems. Now i have a dead miss at idle, i didnt mess with the shaft so i...
  18. JTX

    Need info on SAS with heimed arms...

    I cant find anything on this, ive searched forever to! I know i saw somebody with a full width dana 44 and heimed arms on here somewhere. I need to see how they did it for ideas. If anyone has any pics or threads with this info that would be great.
  19. JTX

    JTX's Slightly Modded 94

    Well i figured it was about time to make my own page. Im currentyl in the process of doing the SAS but for now here's the specs: Exterior: 35x12.5x15 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws 15x8 Chrome Rims Custom CB mount on roof Interior: CB mounted on upper roll bar Gutted Rino liner...
  20. JTX

    Ford Asset program..

    Well i start Monday and so far it seems like a great program. I was just curious if anyone else has gone through this program? It seems like Ford dumps alot of money into it.
  21. JTX

    Whats needed to put a fuel cell in?

    Well the pump on my 94 left me stranded agian! This time in the middle of no where! So im thinking of adding a fuel cell and fuel pump without using the stock wiring. Theres a couple reasons why i wanna do this one being that i would have more room underneath. This would be benifical when i go 4...
  22. JTX

    5.0L wont stay cool!

    I have searched and searched and still havent found much. When i use the A/C in my 97 the temperature gauge always climbs to about the H. So far i have changed the thermostat, cap, and the fluid. I cleaned the outside of the radiator real good today but it still didnt help. Does anyone know what...
  23. JTX

    Congratulations class of 2005!

    I know there was a few of us that graduated this year and i wanted to say congrats to everyone who did. I graduated from Los Lunas High School yesterday, it was awesome! Ill get some pic for everyone to see! Weather sucked but overall it was a good ceremony!
  24. JTX

    Question about a spool...

    I did a search and couldnt really find much. My question is, will a mini spool fit in a limited slip carrier? I saw one site that had mini spools but it said for open carrier only. But on another site it didnt say much at all. I just dont wanna buy the wrong spool. TIA JTX
  25. JTX

    Need Help! Siezed 5.4L in our Expedition

    This is for all you mechanics, Do you think its a doable job for me and my Dad to pull this motor and fix it? This dam thing is huge! It a 1998 Ford Expedition, my parents never have time to get the oil change and thats what did it. The sticker says almost 30000 miles ago since last change. If...