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Search results

  1. Derrick C.

    Need some help guys!!!

    Hopefully you guys can help me out here. Need some ideas or your own personal stories. I'm headin to my girlfriends parents house in feb. to ask her father for his blessing to marry his daughter. I know of all the typical things to do but I want something alittle different and with class. Its...
  2. Derrick C.

    Help a guy out fellas......

    A new member PMed me this ? and I couldn't answer it so I'm turning to you all to help him out. His login name is BettyFord so if you want to anwser it here or PM him its up to you. I have a 1999 Ford Explorer XLT (6 Cylinder) and therefore assume that it has a PATS II anti-theft system...
  3. Derrick C.

    Stupid computer!!!!!

    I have a simple little problem thats just flat out annoying. When I click on a link in a thread or anything that needs to be uplaoded in a new box my computer beebs so I have to right click on it and tell it to open in a new box. I remember a setting some where to change this but I'm drawing a...
  4. Derrick C.

    Drivetrain Gods????

    Some of you know that I did buy NOTAJPs old solid axle swapped Exploder awihle back. Well we'll fast forward to the first time I got it into the dirt. Took her out just to see how she handled in the dirt and I managed to nail a rock with the front diff and just kinda rolled over it unti it hit...
  5. Derrick C.


    Traded some stuff to him for a T-maxx. Great guy!!! :thumbsup: Deal was done weeks ago and hes still helping me with the truck. Real pleasure doin business with. :)
  6. Derrick C.

    Pit Bull tires???

    Any one have any REAL info on the tires them self other then thread depth and tire size??? Anyone that hasn't heard of them. Go to click here . Heres a pic of there rock crawling tire called the "Rocker".
  7. Derrick C.

    My T-Maxx....

    I traded a guy some stuff for this. I'm enjoying it so far. VERY FAST!!! :eek: Its got the .21 conversion on it but with a custom made chassis. Its running a Dynamite Mach .26 engine in it with a tuned pipe. Came with a H1 body but I just got my new body yesterday. Soon to come mods include...
  8. Derrick C.

    My dog is freakin me out!!!

    I've always takin pictures of my 2 dogs so there use to the camera. Actually they've both become little poser's for the camera. Bur my newest addition I got from my g/f for christmas is startin to cut an attitude with me and the camera. Here a few pics from the last few days with him. One he...
  9. Derrick C.

    Having a problem upgrading a messenger....

    I can't seem for the life of me up-grade to the new version of MSNs messenger. It'll download and when its done it'll start my install wizard thing then stop and say something like "run time error 1601". I can't figure it out. I've tried downloading from other sites but the same results like its...
  10. Derrick C.

    New Bilsteins???

    Has anyone found any REAL info or prices on the new Bilstein 9300 series Black Hawks??? I've found very little info on them.
  11. Derrick C.

    New look on the way!!!!!!

    Roughly 8 moths ago I set out on a mission but my dreams were killed. I wanted an update look for my tired 92 box. I wanted something different then the update Explorer look. I found a kit for 80s Rangers to update them to a 1 peice Ranger Edge clip. I did ALOT of research and alot of time on...
  12. Derrick C.

    Oh I wish I wasn't crippled!!!!!!! kinda long....

    Sittin here on the couch today which is where I've been for the last 9 days watchin TV since I had knee surgery. I'm still poppin vicodon so I'm about ready to doze off when I hear this god awful cry/yelp sound from outside my house. I roll off the couch to find a dog diein right in front of my...
  13. Derrick C.

    The king lives on!!!! WARNING gorry pics!!!!

    Well on Dec. 4th I hurt my knee playing basketball. Kinda buckled sideways and immediately swelled up. Limped on it for a week before seein the doc. Sent me in for X-rays and then a week later an MRI. X-ray showed nothing bad but the MRI showed a defict behind my knee cap and alot of fluid...
  14. Derrick C.

    Bein young & Christmas music......

    My girlfriend hates this time of year. Simply because I break-out my X-mas stuff. All this DVDs.....White Christmas(Bing Crosby), Holiday Inne(another Bing Crosby), Miracle on 34th Street(the old one), pretty much anything old time like that. She kicks me everytime I put my...
  15. Derrick C.

    Weird Spider pic.......

    Any one know what the hell is living on the side of my house????? :eek:
  16. Derrick C.

    Let the fun begin!!!!!! SAS time!!!!

    After blowin up the left front brake rotor some weeks ago I decided to rip it all out and go solid with my daily driver. Don't worry........the portaled 2 gen. is still in the works. Girlfriend is makin me spend money else where. Alright lets get dirty. The axle is a 6 lug dana 44 from an 81...
  17. Derrick C.

    Finally another good whoops to add to my belt....

    Well lets see.......Sittin around the house today and decided that my girlfriend and I would go over to our friends house for dinner. They live out in the country just 15 minutes away from me. So then heres the fun........... This gave NO steering...
  18. Derrick C.

    Happy Birthday Mattadams!!!!!!!

    Hope your havin a good day Matt!!!!! :chug: Sure are ugly for only 24. ;) :D :mattmoon: I think you need one more......... :mattmoon:
  19. Derrick C.

    So whos goin campin for Memorial Weekend???

    I know I am!!!!!!!! :mattmoon: :eek:
  20. Derrick C.

    My NEW ride!!!!!!!!

    Picked her up today. Awhole $200 and she was mine. :cool: The guy on it popin a wheelie is my buddy Jason. Just to show you the size of this monster. :rolleyes:
  21. Derrick C.

    Happy B-Day Heath!!!!!!!!!!

    :bounce: :bounce: :chug: :chug: Happy Birthday buddy!!!!!!!!! Almost the that bad number.................30!!!!!!!!! :eek: :mattmoon: :cool:
  22. Derrick C.

    Ever heard Stairway to Heaven in reverse??????

    Kinda funny and weird. :cool: Click here!!!!!
  23. Derrick C.

    Got a ? about fiberglass........

    This is for 84-92 Rangers. My ? is would this fit my 92 Explorer and if not how much of modding do you think it would take to do it??? Heres a pic of the one peice conversion.
  24. Derrick C.

    Finally got my dual battery tray done...

    I got off my butt like a month ago to do this and got like half way through before I got sick of it.:) Got some battery boxes from Schucks and made a mod to them. They come with plastic clamps to clamp the box down to what ever you mount it to. Dumbasses!!! So I threw those away and made...
  25. Derrick C.

    Happy B-Day MMPC!!!!!

    HAPPY B-DAY CHRIS!!!!!! :D :chug: :mattmoon: :chug: