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Search results

  1. KPT

    Champion- never again

    So my explorer was running a little rough. I maybe drive it 3K miles a year so I thought the injectors or something got dirty and tried some cleaners. Decided to pull all the spark plugs and found this. I don't remember exactly when I put these plugs in but it can't have been more than 10k...
  2. KPT

    2000 blend door

    Was the blend door still an issue in 2000? My brothers AC was low on refrigerant. Changed orifice tube, accumulator, seals. Pressures are 30 and 175 but it still blows warm. I checked all the vacuum lines and couldn't find anything broken.
  3. KPT


    Went and tried out the locker tonight. Yeah, it doesn't help at all when the frame is sitting on the ground. No issues other than that. I was in 2Low most of the time with the locker. Except for this off camber hill. The stories I've read of a rear locker being sketchy there...
  4. KPT

    Almost destroyed my rear end

    So my brother and I head over to the shop today. He has to put some new shocks on his Heep and I have to put my Aussie locker in. Putting the locker in is simple until it comes to getting the cross pin in. The damn left spacer won't slide over enough to get the cross pin in. I fight with it a...
  5. KPT

    Post your shop dog

    Ok well he is not purely a shop dog but he seems to enjoy garages. Pre lift: Under the lift:
  6. KPT

    How to: M5R1 Rebuild thread

    AKA M5OD and I've also seen it called Toyo Kogyo. My tranny had been hard to shift for the last 60k. The entire hydraulic system had been replaced twice and the clutch itself had been replaced one. I finally pulled the damn thing and took it apart. This is what I found: The syncro...
  7. KPT

    What a good Ford forum?

    That is not so "noobish"? The help on this forum is great but I seem to have outgrown it. No offense to anyone but there are only 5-10 people on here that really know their stuff. Otherwise its the same questions over, and over, and over. Yes, like all of us I was there once. Yet with as...
  8. KPT

    Extended shocks and brakelines?

    Ok I tried searching for extended shocks and brake lines but didn't turn up a lot, mostly 1st gen stuff. I've known my stock height RSX's were the limiting factor in my suspension but I didn't realize how much. Took them off today as the lower bushings are shot with 8 years of use. With the...
  9. KPT

    Idiot repair shops and flywheel bolts

    So I all of a sudden one day got the creeps, the bleeps, and the sweeps from under my truck. I thought it was a pilot or throwout bearing. Not so much. The truck was in a shop 3 or 4 years ago to have the rear main and slave cylinder replaced. Took everything apart today and found this:
  10. KPT

    WTF is this

    Pulled my t-case and this was sitting in the tranny tail housing right under the output shaft. Its some kind of spring but I have no idea where it came from? M5R1 and 4405
  11. KPT

    Bike won't start after using NOS fuel additive I didn't make it through all the pages but wow, just wow. Who knows if he is kidding though, didn't seem like it.
  12. KPT

    Pics of fuel filter with >100K

    So I've never changed my fuel filter before, had no reason to. I finally got around to it. Truck had 59K when I got it and apparently this isn't the OE filter, its a "Service 1" brand. Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Oh and for those that haven't changed yours yet...
  13. KPT

    Women Drivers

    So I was watching tv around 9:30 last Friday night. The volume on the HT is up so I don't hear anything but the dogs let me know something is going on out front. I look out a window and see headlights pointed at a house. Said headlights should not be able to be at the angle they are...
  14. KPT

    Official snow fun thread

    I got around 6" of snow today. Truck hasn't been out of the garage. Boring I know.
  15. KPT

    Posting slow

    Is it just me or is posting going slow today? Seems like when I click submit reply it takes forever. Everything else is working fine.
  16. KPT

    Insulating fire place

    Well not exactly insulating. I have a vented gas fireplace. The top metal piece vibrates like the dickens. It can't be completely insulated as there is a blower that moves air around the fireplace. I believe most of the heat comes out of that top panel. My idea is to space little squares of...
  17. KPT

    Why it takes me so long to finish a writeup

    So theres a writeup on here I've been meaning to finish for many many months. I swear the pics are in this catastrophe somewhere but I can't find them: :confused:
  18. KPT

    4405- people with the Omega Machine shift fork

    Has anyone with the Omega Machine shift fork in there 4405 noticed the 4 Low light go out when switching back to high but the case is still in low? I had my t-case in low for a short drive yesterday. Switched it back to high, dash lights went out. I let the clutch out and notice its still in...
  19. KPT

    How to: Flush, R&R compressor, accumulator, and orfice tube 95

    So my truck sat for a year with a bad t-case until I got unlazy enough to fix it. During that time a leak developed and the compressor seized. To fix it I flushed the system, replaced the compressor, orifice tube, accumulator and all seals. This was my first ac repair. If any refrigerant is...
  20. KPT

    AC compressor won't turn by hand

    How easy should an AC compressor turn by hand? Compressor is a new remanufactured unit. It is not installed, so no pressure and I can not get it to turn at all by hand. Even put a socket on the hub nut and it won't turn with a ratchet.
  21. KPT

    Compressor siezed while not in use

    So my truck wasn't driven for almost a year. Compressor clutch would not engage when I tried to use the AC after sitting for a year. I put some gauges on it, had 11 psi at maybe 70 degrees ambient. There was a puddle of oil under the compressor but it appeared to be ATF (there is Mobile...
  22. KPT

    Offending the neighbors (post your seafoam pics)

    So my truck hadn't run in the better part of a year. I changed the M1 in it, jumped it, let it get up to operating temp and put half a can of seafoam through the brake booster vacuum line. A neighbor downwind was washing her car and had to go into her garage. Another neighbor came over and asked...
  23. KPT

    4405 Rear output flange

    So I knew this wasn't right putting it together. Thats with getting the flange nut as tight as I could, engine was turning over. I'm stumped as to why there is not enough room for the flange to slide on the main shaft in the tcase. Speedo doesn't work. The speedo drive gear, upper tone...
  24. KPT

    4405 Rear output shaft play

    Well I've just gotten my 4405 bolted back together. The rear/main outputshaft will move 1/8" downwards (and only downwards, toward the ground if the tcase was on a vehicle). The bearing was tight when I pressed it in. Will having the flange and nut on and torqued to spec tighten everything...
  25. KPT

    Just say no to D35s

    So went out in the woods today to my favorite view thats around 14 miles from my house: Was coming down a trail and saw this: You can't really tell in the pic but hes winching in a spot that doesn't require winching. I quickly saw why: Turns out some guys from Raleigh...