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Search results

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    98 factory sub/amp into 97?

    A few months ago i blew the factory jbl sub in my 97 and replaced it with the JLW06 4 ohm sub which i thought sounded better. A few months after that i smelled something burning and it happened to be my factory amp. Anyway, i have been driving around with no bass and really dont feel like...
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    Engine Sputtering

    On the way home from an off road trip in the desert i noticed my car sputtering while acceleration and a also a little bit while cruising, i got home and took apart the intake to clean out the filter and noticed a small amount of dust that coated the inside of the intake. i cleaned it out and...
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    Bigdaves "desert" X registry

    Well I went elite a while back so I guess its time to make a registry. Most of the pics are just of the truck most recently and I'll update this more when I get some off road pics and if it goes under any other major changes. Anyway, here ya go Front suspension: Camburg 6.0 performance kit...
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    transmission leak

    well a few days ago i noticed a wet spot underneath the truck so i put my wiped it with a rag to see what color it was and it was red so i knew it was transmission fluid. i go back out today after wiping the transmission free of any fluid a few days ago and see that it is slowly leaking out...
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    :thumbsup: well i searched and couldnt find an already exhisting thread on drew in the feedback forum so ill start one. got an intake kit extremely cheap and shipped extremely fast. thanks again!!!!
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    Del Mar Tuff Trucks

    couldnt find a topic that this belonged under so i figured i would put it here. i went to this event called Del Mar Tuff Trucks yesterday here in san diego and snapped some pics of the two explorers that were racing it yesterday. im sure we all know whose yellow X that is and the white one is a...
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    97 XLT (lots of pics)

    So Cal 97 XLT (lots of pics) 97 Ford explorer XLT 4.0 SOHC. got pretty bored and i have a ton of pics so i figured i would post em up. please dont give me the lecture on jumpin the truck i have gotten it a million times before! :) as for the other info, i am located in san diego and my e mail...
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    Strengthening Crossmember???

    not quite sure if this thread belongs in the susp. section but anyway. i was wondering if there was any way to strengthen your front crossmember that connects to your lower control arms so this does not happen: bent crossmember i was wondering if it would be possible to plate the crossmember...
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    Lower control arm

    just wondering how hard would it be to take off the lower control arm completely. I was wondering if anybody had any advice or steps they knew on how i should go about doing this, if it helps i am 2wd.
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    help...installing new torsion bars

    I have some f rated t bars on my truck and after a day full of offroading the front of my truck sags about 1.25" and my bolts are all the way tightened too. I am going to the ford dealer now to get some B rated bars and I was wondering if anybody knew how to install them. I figure it would be a...
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    dont drink and drive

    dont drink and drive! i put all pics on my cardomain site since nothing else would host them so go here for the pics pics of accident heres the story... On halloween this year i was driving to an offroad rec park with a few of my friends and 7 in the morning. We were going around a bend...