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Search results

  1. shadowless127

    Explorer/Mounty short block vs. Aviator short block

    Yup, I remember that thread. I had both heads rebuilt and one of the cams replaced in February due to the never ending misfire game which wound up being a failed cam which lead to low compression in one of the cylinders.. I've had it with this engine. I found a 2005 long block with 78K mi for...
  2. shadowless127

    Explorer/Mounty short block vs. Aviator short block

    Welp, that thread did confirm my fears about my current Aviator engine. Same symptoms, i'm now petrified if my crank is shot. Will find out from the shop later.
  3. shadowless127

    Explorer/Mounty short block vs. Aviator short block

    Does anyone know what the differences are between the Explorer/Mountaineer short block vs the Aviator short block? Is it just the forged crank?
  4. shadowless127

    Bad misfire at idle...

    Picked it up last night, put about 80mi on it, 25% city 75% highway. I honestly don't remember the last time this thing idled so smooth and drove so good. Saw an instant gain in MPG as well.
  5. shadowless127

    Bad misfire at idle...

    Took it to Mechanic A Monday night as I didn't need a car yesterday because it was my company's Christmas party so I was planning on getting loaded and not driving so it worked out well. He said the coil is a dud. He also said he doesnt feel it's an internal engine issue. I only ever run top...
  6. shadowless127

    Bad misfire at idle...

    Was this miss on a single cylinder or random?
  7. shadowless127

    Is my transmission fried?

    I would just get a rebuild with a warranty, honestly. I think on the Aviator a rebuild 5r55 was 3100$ with a 2yr/24K warranty. 25K miles later it still shifts like a champ.
  8. shadowless127

    Bad misfire at idle...

    This pertains to my 04 Aviator... So for about the past year every 6-8 weeks Cylinder 6 would miss once then never do it again. Mechanic A confirmed what I was thinking and said the coil was most likely dying and that as long as it's not doing it very often to just leave it till it worsens...
  9. shadowless127

    Right-side door speakers don't work

    04 Aviator, Navigation w/ non-THX system (same as the high end system in the 3rd gen Explorer/Mountaineer). About 2 years ago both front and rear right door speakers just stopped working. I'm assuming the wiring/speaker setup is the same as the Explorer/Mountaineer where the speakers are wired...
  10. shadowless127

    Cigarette Lighter Stays On

    Most Fords have always-on outlets, at least from my experience. I suspect your '14 is no different.
  11. shadowless127

    04 Aviator - No sound from right side

    So my mom has an 04 Aviator with the audiophile (non-THX) system and the Factory Navigation unit. A couple years ago for no reason, both the FR and RR speakers just quit working. FL, RL, and Sub still work fine. Now, my question is, is the amp that powers the door speakers built into the...
  12. shadowless127

    03 Explorer is glitching out!!

    I suspect either the ECU or there's a wire loom somewhere that has been compromised.
  13. shadowless127

    Transmission started slipping then boom transmission oil all over engine.

    On my 01 I had tons of issues with leaks between the transmission and the cooler. Nice to see they didn't fix the issue with the 3rd gens.
  14. shadowless127

    Burning Smell After Steep Incline

    What did it smell like? Was it a rubbery smell, chemical smell, metallic smell? 2500rpm uphill climbs shouldn't overheat your transmission. I have the same 5spd in my 03 V8 and two weeks ago just did a trip up to the mountains that was constant 2500-3000rpm inclines and didnt have any issues...
  15. shadowless127

    03 lincoln aviator

    Maybe it's Advance Auto, since every Advance Auto brand product I put on my 01 failed prematurely. Got two of their u joints for the rear prop shaft, and the front one let go after ~!500mi leaving my driveshaft dragging on a road a mile from my house -_-
  16. shadowless127

    4.6 Engine Whine

    If a PS Pump is so far gone you can hear it at idle, you will surely hear it when making the slightest of turns. My mom had a similar issue where it almost sounded like a low rpm supercharger whine. New pulleys, tensioners, and belt solved that problem.
  17. shadowless127

    rear end hum?

    if it's a hum, it's typical of these 3rd gens. Had it on my Silver 03 when I purchased it at 60K miles, never had an issue. My mom has had it in her Aviator since 65K miles, and she's at almost 130K. Now, if it's GRINDING, then it needs to be rebuilt.
  18. shadowless127

    False overheating

    I would go ahead and replace the sensor. The fact the truck sat and the computer is reporting 124 screams faulty sensor.
  19. shadowless127

    03 lincoln aviator

    I just looked it up. Seems at some point during late 2010 or early 2011 they started slowly transitioning to offshore garbage, but through early 2014 people were still getting USA made units. I'm pretty pissed now. Guess the Mountaineer is going to get Moogs moving forward. Prior to getting...
  20. shadowless127

    Odd behavior when starting

    Search. I just did it a few weeks ago. The info is somewhere on this forum, i just forget where.
  21. shadowless127

    04 Explorer EB- 4.6 l Multiple panel Lights on-ABS,4x4 high/low,a/c blows warm

    I'm going with dying alternator. My 01's instrument cluster looked like it was haunted right before my alternator died.
  22. shadowless127

    03 lincoln aviator

    My mom was recently getting a miss on cylinder 7. Replaced COP and Plug, but she hasnt really put any miles on it since the repair (She's been out of town) so we're not 100% sure if that will fix her issues with rough idle. Had to replace cylinder 6 COP and Plug a few years back, otherwise the...
  23. shadowless127

    OD FLashing....

    You're in a tough spot. On my old 03 I had issues with solenoids at 60K. Dealer repaired under warranty, but 25K miles later the problem appeared again. However, I had my issue resolved PRIOR to any trouble codes/warning lights coming on; I just noticed the 2-3 shift flare and immediately...
  24. shadowless127

    First time poster and ford owner ..coolant leak at only high rpm

    I would go take a look at the water pump. I had a similar issue with my 2001 when the water pump was failing.