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  5. M

    Chinese/Japanese symbols?

    Anyone here know where to find Chinese/Japanese animal symbols or know how to draw one? I am looking for the turtle symbol but I can't seem to find it through google
  6. M


    STILL no response from PleaseBeLikeMe through PM's or PayPal. He still has a buyer complaint against me for 74$ and until it is cancelled xplorerdude96 won't get any money. Just updating everyone to show that this time it's not my fault he isn't gettting his money.
  7. M


    PleaseBeLikeMe has RECEIVED his items that he purchased from me as of today. Aug. 14th. I have PM'd him a few times since the last time he PM'd me and I haven't received anything in return but I did give him tracking info and everything after I shipped. The problem is that he still has a...
  8. M

    What is your favorite cologne?

    I wear curve!!!
  9. M

    Photoshop help?

    Can someone take either of these pictures or both and make it so the turtle is flipping the bird?
  10. u_lkuj1_psd


  11. M

    PleaseBeLikeMe and xplorerdude96

    The money for the tires has been sent back. I don't ever remember Paypal sending me any kind of reciept but I can e-mail them and see if they can find something out for me. Like Soundguy01tx said.....not everything always goes smoothly. They could have had a problem but I can show you a...
  12. M

    PleaseBeLikeMe and xplorerdude96

    I can't remember which of you bought what off of me. But whoever bought the tires your money SHOULD have been returned to you through Paypal. I sent it about a week ago when I decided I would be better off just sending the tires back to the company I bought them from and just taking the...
  13. M

    4wd grinding noise!!!

    Just got the truck from the body shop for repairs after my wreck. Everything on the front passenger side suspension was replaced. When I first got it I lowered the front end about 2.5" when I got it back from the body shop that passenger side was raised back to stock height. I was driving it...
  14. M

    E-Brake Problem?

    I just got my truck back from the body shop from my wreck and my e-brake light is stuck on but the brake is totally off. What might be the problem?
  15. M

    OH great... Three moderators, DRUNK, all at the same time and in the same place...

    *hears a pin drop* guess you're alone here Heath 'nuff said :bounce:
  16. M

    New use for Chevy Pickup

    They probably watch Monster Garage.....remember they did that same thing with the school bus that turned into a pontoon party boat, they put the prop on the drive shaft but they used some sort of foam to make it float
  17. M

    Got XM?

    Kenny Chesney :rolleyes: he ROCKS!
  18. M

    XM Connectivity?

    How can I go about hooking up an XM system to my current cd player when it's not XM ready? It is a Blaupunkt uncle has a Pioneer unit with his stock stereo and it sounded awesome and very clear...and he only pays 9.99 a month so I was thinking of buying it soon
  19. M

    Creating Sound System?

    If you don't want to spend a whole lot of money then you could just try the Infinity Reference/Kappa speakers that go in the doors. They have pretty good bass response and I believe that one or the other have built in crossovers. My friends Dodge Stratus R/T has a set in there and they sound...
  20. M

    Battery/Alt. question....

    I'm guessing it's what came with the truck when it was new. But it was working just fine til I wrecked.
  21. M

    Battery/Alt. question....

    No, it hasn't rained here real good in weeks
  22. M

    Another e-bay classic

    already been posted before.......maybe not selling the same thing but the same civic "rant" went right after whatever the guy was trying to sell
  23. M

    Where is this membrane in the firewall?

    I usually run my power wire through the front fenders then through the rubber grommet where all the wires for the power windows/locks/mirrors and under the carpet from dont necessarily have to take anything out but it makes it easier to use a LONG very strong straight pole or...
  24. M

    Battery/Alt. question....

    When I had my wreck earlier this week my cousin came out to pick me up after so I could get home and get a tow truck out there to pick it up, well he turned on my flashers to make it easier for the guy to see it and it took the guy quite awhile to make it out there and by the time he did make it...