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Search results

  1. james t

    Women storing junk (rant)

    What is it about females and wanting to keep their crap out in the garage? You give them an inch, and next thing you know half the space is gone! I only have a 2 car garage as my shop so space is at a premium. The GF moved in a few months ago an demanded that she be able to park her car in...
  2. james t

    project cheapRAM- the beater tow rig gets a makeover

    Truck is a 2004 ram 2500 4x4, hemi auto and 4:10 gears with a bajillion miles on it. Mechanically its in like new condition. Physically its beat to hell... there isnt a single inch on it that isnt dented or scratched. It was an old farmer's truck and he ran over every thing he owned with it. :p...
  3. james t

    skool me on PAR led bulbs

    Okay, here's the deal- My house is kinda weird. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are all one giant room. I have 5 recessed lights along the drop down portion of the ceiling around the kitchen that lights up the entire room. I run 50w in these, PAR30. These lights are the only...
  4. james t

    jamest builds a millwright tool box

    Okay, this is for my garage but it will be patterned after the millwrights' tool boxes ive seen at work. The basic idea is to build the Crapsman boxes into a portable workbench with casters. Why? Twofold- 1- I do a lot of grinding and cutting (with cutoff wheels). My current table is at...
  5. james t

    so i bought a Dodge 2500...

    Well, i got a "new" truck last week. 04 Ram 2500 4x4, hemi/whatever the 5spd. auto is, all stock, 150k miles. It was a ranch truck and is beat all to hell. There isnt a body panel on it that doesnt have a ding or scratch. Mechanically it's perfect other than needing tie rod ends and shocks...
  6. james t

    Moab run 2010

    Well, lets get some dates tossed out. Im good for anytime, as long as i know by end of Dec. this year so i can put in for vacation. Official date is May 22-23
  7. james t

    Labor Day goodness

    So what's everyone doing for labor day? I bet a dollar i can make your mouth water- short ribs and an el pollo de corral
  8. james t

    motorcyclist killed by woman painting her nails,painting-nails-driver-fatal-crash-050509.article Folks, please please PLEASE pay attention to what you're doing out there on the road. Im not going to make a joke about women drivers because i see guys on the phone looking the other way, reading...
  9. james t

    dummy shocks

    I know this has been done before, but ive never seen it so here it is. If you've ever fabbed your own shockmounts you know it can be a PITA getting everything lined up perfect before you finish weld it. The idea is to build a fake shock out of cheap hardware store pipe. Figure out what...
  10. james t

    1st gen cowl removal?

    I feel retarded. I cant find screws to take the cowl off. Are they under the trim at the base of the windshield? Does this pop off without damage? How do i remove this damn thing? :scratch:
  11. james t

    Katemcy TX memorial weekend run

    If you havent heard, Katemcy is closing down in June never to be wheeled again. :( Barring some disaster, im making the memorial weekend run May 23-25. Come wheel with me and lets run this awesome place one last time.
  12. james t

    V8 swap data- CHECK IT OUT

    So you want to do a V8 swap in your Explorer, Ranger, or Bronco II? Well here is a compilation of V8 swap threads- old general tech thread by Gofast 5 liter and 4R70W into a 1st gen. by seth2472006 5 liter and 4R70W into an 03 Ranger by rwenzing 5 liter and T5 into a 1st gen. by Chief34 4...
  13. james t

    Offroad projects forum rules- PLEASE READ

    Starting a project? Well here is the forum for it! As a reminder here is what this forum is all about... Stolen from the description- This forum is for following along with big projects... Lifts, Swaps, etc... IMPORTANT As the subject use your name, or the name of your truck, and the name of...
  14. james t

    Want to do a solid axle swap? READ HERE!

    So you want to do a SAS on your Explorer/Ranger/BII? Dont really know were to start? To much info to sort through? We can help. :) This thread is the be all- end all of Explorer, Ranger, and BII solid axle swap tech info. Solid front axle data thread by FROADER Bolt in D44 swap The...
  15. james t

    band adjustment issues

    94 A4LD... im puzzled. A few days ago, i did a proper band adjust which cured my 1-2 shift flare. Obviously my problem was a loose intermediate band. The truck drove like a brand new one for one day. Day two 1-2 shift flare is back. I let the truck cool down and did a second band adjustment...
  16. james t

    jamest's "RE-SAS"

    ... or SAS pt.II, or SAS redeux, or axle remix thread. :p: As some of you know, ive recently got a 94 sport that is the typical fullwidth HP44 with coils/arms, fullwidth 9" type swap. Its currently on radial 36" Iroks. Right now im lowering it down 4" and extending the wheelbase a couple...
  17. james t

    shock valving for coils/radius arms?

    I just ordered a set of Bilstein 7100 remote rezzy with 360/80 valving for the front. I will be running these single per wheel, behind the coil, long radius arm and coils (typical fullwidth HP44/9" SAS). Does this seem about right? Plans are to have sortof a dual-sport fullwidth Sport...
  18. james t

    A4LD shift flare/slipping

    Rig is a 94 4x4 w/ A4LD The tranny slips horribly on the 1-2 upshift. This is the only time it slips. It does the same no matter if the truck is hot or cold. Truck will hold OD all day and never slips once in any gear, only when going from 1st to 2nd gear. It has a massive cooler, temp gauge...
  19. james t


    Brandy(wife) often doesnt get my sense of humor. Story- Sat. night, we were talking about the fact that i was going to help a friend move Sun. morning. She said i should go get some doughnuts for us (uh, really her) before i leave since i will be gone before she gets up. I woke up that...
  20. james t

    The Happening

    Meh, wait and rent it. Discuss. :)
  21. james t

    product review- HF cheapo drill bits

    Alright, a few weeks ago i bought the really cheap "large sized" drill bit set from Harbor Freight- Sizes range from 9/16" to 1". I got them on sale for $22, which is only a few more dollars than a typical single bit in...
  22. james t

    My doll 8th grader down the road gets suspended from school FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR for having Midol. :rolleyes:
  23. james t

    nothing better than...

    ... beer in an ice chest (NOT in the fridge), dogs in the garage, and Jar of Flies in the player-
  24. james t

    early Bronco music video

    The vid has been out a while, just thought id post here now thats its on the interweb
  25. james t

    redneck home theater sub

    I built this a few weeks ago while i was off work for Christmas/New Years but im bored so i figured i would post this here. My old home theater sub was an Advent Granit that is about 12 years old. It has served well, but last year the amp in it died. So, i bought a 300W Bash digital amp from...