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Search results

  1. MustangP51

    Replacing an 01 5R55E with an 04-11 5R55E

    Hi All, I have spent the last few days searching online and almost have the answer. I have a 2001 Ranger 4.0 SOHC with the 5R55E 4x4. The transmission is on its last leg an want to swap it out. I know mechanically, the 5R55E from a newer Ranger will bolt up fine, but will the 5R55E in the...
  2. MustangP51

    Transmission failure out of nowhere!?

    Fluid level was fine. So I reved the engine slightly higher to get it moving. It moves and the trans appears to shift between all the gears but it is not engaging , then jolts the car forward, and slips once the vehicle is rolling? There is also a whining noise that was not there the night...
  3. MustangP51

    Transmission failure out of nowhere!?

    Well I got in my Explorer this morning to go to work, engine started fine, but when I put the transmission into drive it never went into gear. R D 3 2 1 all do not engage. I'm getting two codes: P0731 P0735 Now the most bizarre part is that it has not shown any symptoms of failure...
  4. MustangP51

    Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck

    Was able to find the part for $160 shipped. Here is the culprit. Will provide an update when I do the work since I found zero help on this on the interwebs.:salute:
  5. MustangP51

    Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck

    Hello All, I have 2 codes thrown on my 2009 4.6 3V P2006 Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed (Bank 1) P2007 Intake Manifold Runner Control Stuck Closed (Bank 2) I'm assuming the actuator has failed on the back of the intake plenum. I spoke with my local Ford Dealer and they want an...
  6. MustangP51

    P51's HID Headlight (Projector) and Fog Conversion (PICS)

    They have held up miraculously well. The projectors still produce a crisp cutoff, and the high beam shutters work, but the left now opens ever so slightly slower than the right. The housings have weathered but held up well over 110,000 miles and still leak free. Bulbs were replaced once, not due...
  7. MustangP51

    Tiny Interior Light Bulbs

    The LED equivalent is the NEOx, I was never able to determine the OEM part number...
  8. MustangP51

    How to: Interior Dome Light LED Conversion (PICs)

    Best thing to do is go by a cheap 20 to 40 watt soldering iron, a spool of solder, and practice soldering some scrap wire together. I'm sure there are dozens of tutorials on soldering on google/youtube.
  9. MustangP51

    DDM HID problem

    Run a pair of jumper wires from the ballast to the battery and see if the HID fires up every time. If it functions correctly you will need to add a heavy duty wiring harness. If it doesn't there is a problem with the ballast.
  10. MustangP51

    LED PCM monitored status lights?

    If you replace the indicator bulbs with LEDs the PCM will detect them as failed. I would think that if you added a load resistor to the circuit you could dupe the PCM into thinking there is a bulb there. Have not tried it myself so ill only say there is a possibility of it working.
  11. MustangP51

    New Idea For LED Signal Mirrors On Explorer

    Nice work, very clean looking.:thumbsup:
  12. MustangP51

    Brake Lights barely visible - without engaging brake pedal?

    It sounds like its just stray voltage. Since LEDs require very small amounts of current to run its likely that there is a component in the circuit that allows a small amount of current past in its open state. When the incandescent bulbs were in the circuit they created enough load to eat the...
  13. MustangP51

    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    Here is my write up on it. everything but the 4x4 since mine was AWD.
  14. MustangP51

    How to: 2nd Gen Gauge Cluster Removal and LED Conversion V2

    6 Bulbs in the cluster. As long as you buy good LEDs they will last much longer than the incandescent bulbs.
  15. MustangP51

    PML 6R80 trans pan installed

    Want this! when will they be available?! Also what are you using to get your temps?
  16. MustangP51

    Steering wheel click/rattle noise

    I also have come to the same conclusion after checking EVERYTHING in the front end and the steering column, and still was unable to find the source of the click. The only thing left is the rack and pinion steering unit.
  17. MustangP51

    fogs on with Highbeam mod? Post # 3 is how I did it.
  18. MustangP51

    Parts Cleaner in engine????

    Why not do a borescope to check for engine sludge before doing something as drastic as this?
  19. MustangP51

    Steering wheel click/rattle noise

    Thanks for the info guys... I checked the entire front end, everything was tight. I only get this clicking after it has been driven for a half hour or so. When I turn the wheel back and forth it feels perfectly fine, no play or clicks. It only happens over small bumps and ruts in the road...
  20. MustangP51

    Steering wheel click/rattle noise

    Going to bring this thread back to life... Having the same click noise and extremely small clunk feeling in the steering wheel on my 09. Maybe someone has figured out what is causing this and can give some insight before I start tearing this thing apart...
  21. MustangP51

    LED Mirror Light Conversion (Pics)

    This is exactly what I did in the 2nd row dome light, it is still working to this day!... I agree buying bulb bases is a great choice if you are going to do these projects without splicing into the harnesses. I have amassed such a large collection of plug and play bulbs that have failed...
  22. MustangP51

    P51's HID Headlight (Projector) and Fog Conversion (PICS)

    I would definitely recommend getting the 4300k bulbs, I noticed an improvement in visibility when the road is wet. The darker pavement seemed to eat up the bluer light. Plus the 4300k will make it look like it came from the factory that way.
  23. MustangP51

    P51's HID Headlight (Projector) and Fog Conversion (PICS)

    What bulb socket did the 5th gen have?
  24. MustangP51

    P51's HID Headlight (Projector) and Fog Conversion (PICS)

    That looks sharp! Those halogen projectors have a pretty decent cutoff with the HIDs inside them.
  25. MustangP51

    8000k or 10000k Hids?

    diesel_s All the light you see in that picture is visible to the human eye. The first part of your second point I will agree with, you can get sufficient light out of reflector housing, however it is absolutely and...