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    I want to part of a this badly

    I am a poor man, i despretly want to be part of this website i just don't have the funds and i want to post pics of my truck and let you all look at it and i want full access to all the spots on this website,,,,,please oh please if some one could pay the one year membership for me i would be...
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    Catalytic Converter Value??

    I installed a 40 series flowmaster. I removed the everthing from the y back and i must say it sounds great. I wanted to take the catalytic converter to a local salvage yard here in London, Ky and was wondering what it would bring. ___________________________________________________ 1991 ford...
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    4x4 shiftin issue

    I own a 1991 4x4 4dr. xlt. It has a 4.0 and a 5 speed manual trans. I went 4 wheelin the other day and got stuck in a mud whole. so i am sittin there at a dead stop with the vehicle running and i reach up and hit the push button 4x4 and the light comes on, however my back tires are the only...
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    1991 Ford XLT Brake Problems

    first off my brake pedal would have a lot of pressure when I would go to stop and I would actually not be able to stop my vehicle. So i decided to change my booster. My brake master cylinder is fine. I bleed the back right, front left, and front right, because the back left i am not able to get...
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    No Clutch Pedal Pressure HELP

    I have a 1991 xlt 4 door 5 speed with a 4.0 mfi. I replaced the clutch last febuary. I am easy on my vehicle I do not do any off roading. I was at a traffic light this evening and I had a noise anyway when i engaged the clutch. been haveing this noise for about 3 days. I have been having to add...
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    just wonderin???

    :roll: Will a 1991 4x4 with a 5 speed trany and a 4.0 and auto hubs work in four wheel drive with only one hub on?? Wouldn't that be a 4x3 lol
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    Auto 4x4 hubs to Manual 4x4 hubs

    its the conversion hard to do ?? and does anyone have a TUT on how to do it??:salute:
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    These brakes are Pissin me off

    Ok, I got the new brakes on the rear and on the passenger side i left the ebrake unhooked because the hub would not go on. are these brakes self adjusting or do i need to adjust these brakes cause after i bled them i still had to do some pumping action to get them to stop. and my abs light is...
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    1991 ford xlt 4x4 explorer BRAKE JOB???

    Some Have a few pics of what the rear breaks are supposed to look like on this model. I just did the job and my rear passenger is locking up when i go forward but not when i go in reverse. HElp?!! thanks :exp:
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    fuel filter under driver side

    How do you get these lines loose from the old filter I have never delt with this type before. The fuel pump came with two little white doohickies but i am still needing help.:exp:
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    Gapping for spark Plugs

    Does anyone know the proper gapping width for a 4.0 set of motorcraft spark plugs.
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    Battery Light On!! Why??!!

    I have a new battery(two days old) new terminals with clean wire running to them freshley rebuilt altinator new sylenoid beside the battery. Please help 1991 ford xlt 4door 4.0 5speed 4x4:(