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    Can a backup camera be wired into factory GPS ?

    They cost $325 brand new. Also apparently you no longer have to modify the nav unit on the Explorer's. They make them plug and play now. So it wouldnt be worth me selling it. I will hold on to it and mayby use it in a future car.
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    Can a backup camera be wired into factory GPS ?

    Im not sure. I will have to check first how much they go for new because the price probably came down since i bought it in 06. I paid like $500-$600 for it back then. Not including the back-up camera. I will check with the manufacturer and base my price of that. Here is the link for the unit...
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    Can a backup camera be wired into factory GPS ?

    yes see my post here: I dont have my explorer anymore but i pulled the interface unit out and would be willing to sell it if your interested.
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    K & N cold air intake & Maganflow exhaust

    I had a KKM intake and a Magnaflow exhaust on my 06. Never had a problem with a warranty issue. In fact the service manger would compliment me on the sound.
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    Wider tires on Ex?

    It's pretty good in the rain but could be a little better. Not even close to rubbing. In fact there looks to be enough room to go one size bigger.
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    Wider tires on Ex?

    here are some pics:
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    Wider tires on Ex?

    no i don't but i could take some tomorrow
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    Wider tires on Ex?

    I put 275/60/17 on the stock rims. I personaly like the look. It gives it a nicer stance
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    Adrenalin/Ironman or Smoked Headlights

    Ford's part #'s are 7L2Z13008CA & 7L2Z13008DA (right and left side) You could try
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    2006 Navigation CD

    You can buy them direct from Navteq here:;pgid=_BxisX22rutSR0oNne.g1O6A00001cUcHYrQ?CatalogCategoryID=33gKCggQ4cAAAAET0NkMZvjr&ShowAllProducts=YES or you can find...
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    Problem or design flaw with auto climate control ?

    Yeah i think its a design flaw. My 06 does the same thing. It seems like if the cabin temp goes above the set temp then it automatically blows cooler air to cool it off.
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    2008 Ford Explorer America review

    It's Fugly. Already discussed in a previous post here:
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    anyone have dual exhaust?

    I looked into it when i was upgrading my exhaust. You have to lose the spare to fit the duals.
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    Fire Dept Radio Installation (Need Help/Suggestions)

    I used one of these for my X. It worked Great. Here is the link for the bracket for your Dodge Ram...
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    New Explorer Concept revealed

    Lots more pictures here: The exterior is just hideous.
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    New Explorer Concept revealed "The most radical change: The Explorer America concept is built on a more car-like unibody frame" :(
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    New Tires?

    My OEM's didn't made it to 40k. I replaced them with a set of Toyo Proxes S/T. 275/60/17. They look nice and handle well. Dont have any complaints.
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    Cat, muffler, and piping replacement

    I just cut out the stock resonator and muffler, welded in a magnaflow Muffler. Sorry I don’t know which one. My exhaust guy supplied it. Then just cut about 12 inches off the end and welded a new tip on. I posted some pics in this post...
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    Cat, muffler, and piping replacement

    Here is what the magnaflow sounds like without the resonator on my 06
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    Test Drive Gone Wrong
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    Fuel Economy 220 miles on tank??

    Your mileage is definitely low. I average 300 miles to the tank and I drive at least 70% of the time in the city. Cruising on the highway I easily get 400+ to the tank.
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    DVD Install

    i dont remember exactly but it's very pricey. It was around $500-600. Plus you have to have the Nav unit modified to accept the inputs from the interface.
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    DVD Install

    This will do the trick. I have it and it works great
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    No headlights on 98 Mountaineer

    I had the exact same problem a few years back with my 98 sport. Like budwich said... it's your Multi Function Switch.
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    Mobile Ease / Sync

    I have the Mobile Ease installed in my X. I love it. I bought it on ebay and it was alot cheaper then the dealer’s price. I like how it integrates with the stock radio. It automatically mutes the sound, controls the volume with the steering wheel controls, and even pauses the CD & DVD player if...