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    Going to Conquer the timing

    Sup everyone, I have decided to replace the tensioners on my 98 SOHC next weekend. I have read the thread above and have written down all the numbers and will be buying them next week. I do have a couple of questions for those that have completed this. Did you replace the chains or...
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    Shock Recommendations

    I have 98 Sport 2wd and the things rides extremely rough. I tired the edlebrock shocks when I was stationed in Germany they weren't to bad. But I think that I am going to replace them again. Anyone have a good recommendations for shocks that will improve the ride. Thanks in advance!! Jeremy
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    Bedliner question

    Hello everyone, I am going to buy a pick-up in the near future and I am looking into having the sprayed with Rhinoliner or Linex. I am not sure which one is better. If you have any info about these two products please let me know. Thanks Jeremy
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    Where did it go?

    I thought that used to be a place on here that you could post something for sale? Can I post it in here?Thanks Jeremy
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    Brake Problem, FX4 Level 2

    Hello everyone, Hopefully you can give me som advice on what might be wrong, or has anyone ever had this problem. Vehicle: 2003 Ranger FX 4 Level 2 Problem: The rear brake seems to be over self adjusting and making the rear brakes drag. The vehicle has been dropped off at the...
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    Just want to share this you

    Today I have decided to baby Betty (my explorer). I started with the same old tire cleaning and washing, but I have just bought these two proudcts from the internet. Wolfgang sealant and Pinnacle Signature Series...
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    Question about O2 Sensor

    I have been thinking about changing my O2 sensors. I would like to get the best ones... if there is such a thing.... Has anyone had any luck with the Bosch ones??? Also I beleive that there are 4 sensors in my exhaust system. Does anyone have any ideas, or recommendations.. I have a 98 4.0 SOHC...
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    Tranny and Rear diff question

    Please forgive if this is a double post. I have a 98 4.0 SOHC 2WD, and I have ordered a trans filter kit, and also my rear dif gasket. So I thought that since I am going to have both parts drained, should I use a Synethetic when I refill the trans and diff. I have been reading about Mobil 1 LS...
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    Shocks and Swaybar reveiw

    Well I have installed the EE Swaybar, edelbrock front and rear shocks, front sway bar poly bushings, and stabilizer links.... thanks to explorerexpress... This was a fairly easy remove and replace project. The total time was about 3 hours. It was fairly easy also cause I was able to work in a...
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    Seat Covers

    I am in the market for some seat covers for my X. Since I am stationed in Germany and it makes this purchase tougher. I have been looking online for and there are so many to choose from. I would like to get some good quality ones and we all know how internet sites build up there products. I...
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    Need some advice from you guys

    I have been reading allot about the syenthetic oil, and I have decided to change to it. I am little concerned about the change, just because I don't want to screw anything up. I have a 98 Sport 4.0 SOHC engine, which doesn't have any leaks at all.... knock on wood.... Questions: 1. What...
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    Need some info about California

    Hello Everyone, I will be getting stationed at Beale AFB, Ca, in the near future. My wife and I are trying to get as much info as possiable before we get there. Does anyone know what this area is like, and what there is to do around this area. How is the housing, outside...
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    Ball Joint Press

    I am going to replace my upper and lower ball joints on my 98 Sport. I am looking at purchasing a ball joint press. I want to ensure that I get the right one for my vehicle. So what do you guys have for a press. Also how much did you pay for it, and just one more thing, is it good for other...
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    Another Ball Joint Question for 98 sport

    Please forgive me if this is a double post. I have been reading on some posts about the replacement of ball joints for the X's. I have currently ordered new bushing and stabilizer links from explorerexpress, and I am thinking about replacing my balls joints while I will be under the front of the...
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    Oh man the smell

    I have recently installed some sound deading stuff, but there seems to be a smell of tar still. Does anyone know what I can do to get rid of it...besides take it out... :D . Thanks allot Jeremy
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    What do you think

    Well I am seriously looking into getting some HID for my X. I just want to be sure that I do it the right way. I was looking to getting this kit from this site Then I thought that I would look around a...
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    What do you think about this product

    I am looking into purchasing this program to use with my laptop. I don't have any problems that I know of, but I like to be prepared incase something happens down the road. Has anyone ever used this or know of someone that has used it. Thanks allot.
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    Exhaust Help

    Hey Everyone, I sure could use some help with the problem that I am having. I am looking to replace my MAC exhaust back with the stock one. I am stationed in Germany, and traveling around with the MAC doesn't work very well. Also I just can't run down to the local parts stores and pick one up. I...
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    Could Somone PLease

    I am currently in the market for a Billet Grill. I haven't seen an X my color with one. So I guess my question is, can someone please use photoshop and put one on my X for me. I have no idea how to do this, and if this is a difficult task please don't bother doing it. The only pictures that I of...
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    Steering wheel lights??

    Hello everyone, got a question. I have noticed that on my steering wheel the light is out for the cruise control. Has anyone ever replaced these? Just curious I am going to have to remove the steering wheel for this? Thanks Laterz Rage
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    Looking for some info

    I have been doing some reading on little things that you can do to improve preformance. So my question for you, does the electric fan work good for cooling and preformace? Has anyone done this mod? Does your engine run hotter and cooler then with the belt mounted fan? Also if you have A/C is...
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    What is the Deal???

    Hello Everyone, I gotta a little venting to do, but also asking if anyone has some good sites. I have been googling accessories for Ford Explorers and I haven't had any luck, I am looking for exterior dress-up stuff. I guess that I should have bought an expedition, or a F-150.. :fire: Any...
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    DVD help Please

    Hello Everyone, This is my problem, I have been tasked to do another TDY to Iraq, and I want to bring some of my DVD's down with me, but I don't want to bring the originals. Is there a way that I can copy them onto a blank DVD cd so I can bring them down with me. Thanks Rage
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    98 Fog Lights help?

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to upgrade all of my lights. I have been looking at some sights and they all are telling my H3 for my fog lights. But there seems to be a problem, cause the H3 light bulbs don't fit my vehicle. My fog lightbulbs are kind like the headlights, they have a 2 prong...
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    how do you have yours ( lights)

    I have just ordered the diamond clear headlights and matching corners for my Ex, my question is, do I keep the orange colored lightbulbs in or replace them with clear lightbulbs? Thanks